In Winter a Penis Can Shrink by as Much as 50%


In winter, the length of the penis can decrease by as much as 50% and lose up to 30% of its girth. This biological reaction dates back to the time when man still lived outside in nature.

Hidden Penis

In the winter months, the length of the penis can decrease in size by as much as half and lose up to 30% of its girth. The testicles also tend to hide from view. “When it’s cold outside, your body does its best to maintain its inner warmth, and the organs can contract. The blood vessels also contract,” explains Amin Brahmbhatt an American urologist.

This biological reaction dates back to the time when man still lived outdoors, at the mercy of the climate. To fight low temperatures, our body is programmed to store heat as soon as the thermometer falls below 50 degrees. The body then uses all its resources to maintain the blood flow in the center of the body, where the vital organs are located.

It does this by reducing the blood flow to peripheral limbs such as the fingers, toes and penis (which explains why the hands and feet are the first to freeze at very low temperatures). At the same time, the testicles can retract into the body and move upwards to stay warm.

In contrast, the penis is longer and wider in summer. “The warmer it gets, the more the blood vessels dilate and blood flow increases. The erectile tissue becomes larger and the penis becomes larger,” explains Dudley Danoff, urologist and author of a guide to male sexual health. The result is that a penis that has become very small and is exposed to high temperatures, like a good shower, will return to its normal size within minutes.

In summer and winter, erections will also be of normal size. On the other hand, the colder it gets, the harder it is for men to keep an erection. For those who laugh, they should know that there are also “winter vaginas”. “The dry fall and winter air takes moisture from our bodies and makes our skin dry and cracked,” says Sun Mary Burke, a former midwife and nurse. “And although few women talk about it, our vaginas can go into dry mode during this time, especially if we are in heated rooms and therefore very dry,” she adds.

In a recent study, the authors concluded that the average length of an erect penis is between 4.72 and 6.3 Inches. At rest, its length would be between 2.75 to 3.9 inches.



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