FTC Full Disclosure

The purpose of this disclosure is to completely conform to the FTC requirements. The FTC policy requires total clarity of all the website products and affiliations. Our customers and website visitors can assume that links provided on our site are affiliate links. When you click on any provided links and open the linked to website, our website will set up cookies in your web browser which enables us to gain commissions upon purchase of any service or product from the linked website. The commissions received from these affiliated websites are a method to keep our website functional. You can reach us for more details regarding the nature of our affiliate relationships.

All hyperlinks available on our website are in short forms to limit the length of the links and thereby facilitate tracking and functioning. The purpose of the shortened hyperlink is not to hide any information from our customers and users as all affiliate relationships are completely legitimate. Use of shortened or cloaked hyperlinks is a practice followed by all websites.

Our website is not a recipient of any physical gifts or money for the reviews or posts published on our website. Neither do we receive compensation in any form for reviewing products or writing posts. Although our reviews may be more oriented towards promoting some affiliates, this cannot be considered a conflict of interest as our users and customers are free to make a decision on purchase of any service on their own. As is normal practice, our website was built with the purpose of guiding our visitors purchase products and services that we review and post. Needless to say, we put in full efforts to ensure the honest nature of our reviews with scientifically verified findings.

Other than the reviews, our website may also contain paid advertisements. Although we are not accountable for any claims in such paid advertisement, we put our best efforts to ensure the high quality of the advertised products.

A legally binding document describing the exact statements above in a more lawfully worded English has been written below.

Compensation & Affiliate Disclaimer policy, valid from 06/06/2019

As instructed by the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION, (see 16 CFR Part 255) Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, the motive of this policy is to set up any compensatory alliance between the site proprietor and the affiliate networks and any individual merchants they denote and that the site proprietor has set up an affiliate relationship.

This website is run by clicksure.com. For any queries regarding this website, please contact us!

Clicksure.com may receive compensation from affiliate partners in the form of cash, sponsorship or paid insertions.

Our website articles, topic or contents could be impacted by the compensation received. The written content may or may not be publicized as a paid or advertised content. Some of the content in our website may not be posted with a purpose to receive compensation from affiliate partners.

Although the website proprietor may receive affiliate income for reviews, posts or advertisement, this does not impact the honest nature of the opinions, beliefs and scientific findings of the written topics or posts. All opinions and reviews posted on the website are solely based on the writer’s honest views. Any statistical values or claims regarding the products or services should be confirmed with the product manufacturer or provider.

Some of the content on this website could present with a conflict of interest that was not immediately detected because of the variability in the posting techniques. However, all attempts will be promptly made to distinguish between advertising and non-advertising posts.

How do affiliates get their income?

The income of the affiliates depends on the commission decided by the merchants when they form an affiliation.

The most widely used form of commission is the Commission per sale, also known as CPS. Depending upon the competitive nature of the market, the rate of commission varies.

The affiliate market is not a quick road to richness; it requires a minimum of 20 months of dedication and hard work in order to make affiliate marketing the primary income source.

How do I know if it is an affiliate site?

Merchants provide specific links to the affiliate in order to visit their websites.

If you find a URL when you place your mouse over a link or banner, clicking the link will refer you to an affiliate website.

What will happen when I visit an affiliate website?

Upon clicking the affiliate website’s link, you will be directed to the merchant’s official website. The results will be the same whether you open the merchant’s website via the affiliate link or directly open it.

There will be no difference in the costs of the products or services whether you visited the website directly or through the affiliate link.

If you feel that any affiliate website has mislead you, please don’t hesitate to contact us