Privacy Policy is dedicated to protect your privacy. The following notice will explain in detail the privacy policy of our website. The privacy policy is applicable to all data collected by our website. This notice will help you understand:

  • About the personal data we collect from you, what we do with the collected data and the extent to which your data will be shared to any third party
  • How you may choose your data to be utilized
  • Methods to warrant the accuracy of your data
  • What we at do to safeguard your data against any wrongful use

The way we Accumulate, Use and Share Your Information

Any and all data collected by our website is owned by the website. The data collected is only the information made available by you, our users. The collected data incorporates all information provided by our users via email, or any other contact made by the users themselves. This information is neither sold nor rented to any third party.

Information provided by you facilitates us to respond to all your queries. Your data will be available strictly to our organization only. Exceptions may occur regarding the privacy of your information in certain situations such as while providing shipment information to deliver your order. 

In case we need to inform you of any new alterations made to our privacy policy, we may use your personal information in order to contact you. We may also contact you to inform you regarding any new merchandise, special offers or services. However, you can unsubscribe us if you wish not to be contacted.

Our website may contain cookies, place by our associates including our advertisers. These cookies are out of our control and inaccessible to us.

Cookies are essentially information made by a website that will be saved on your computer each time you visit the website. Cookies may be stored for a short session or may be stored permanently on your hard disk. Cookies occupy less than 4 KB and are stored in the form of a text file. Cookies facilitate the website to detect and supervise individual user’s preferences.

There may be some links to other sites on our website. Please ensure the safety of your personal data when you do visit these links. Any security breach that occurs while visiting these links shall not be held accountable by our website. We suggest you understand the privacy policy of each website you visit prior to providing any personal information.

How you can choose your data to be utilized

All information you provide will be accessible and controllable by you. In case you do not wish to be contacted by us, you are free to unsubscribe any time. You can unsubscribe simply by contacting us via either email or by calling us in the available contact number at our website.

What you can do at our website with your information:

  • You can recheck any personal information our website collects any time you want
  • Change or correct your data
  • Delete any personal information we collect
  • You may voice any opinions you have regarding the ways we use your information

Safety of Your Personal Information

All required measures are taken by our website to ensure your personal information stays secure. You can rest assured that your data is protected at all times, whether online or offline.

While providing sensitive data such as your bankcard details, your data will be encrypted for security purposes. The “https” in the address bar and the lock sign indicate the encryption of your data.

While your data is kept secure online, all necessary steps are also taken to ensure your data stays secure offline. Our employees access your information only when it is absolutely necessary, such as to provide billing information or other services.

All your personal information is stored at a secure location on our servers and computers.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us promptly in the event that you feel we are not dedicated to our privacy policy. You can reach us here for more information!

Feel free to contact us immediately if you feel we are not committed to this privacy policy. You can reach us here for more information!