Common Negative Effects of Stress on Health

Being stressed from time to time for a specific reason, such as a job interview, is not harmful to the body. It becomes so if it is repeated and causes health disorders.


Dull skin

Stress has biological repercussions that affect the skin. It is responsible for the dull complexion and accelerates skin aging. In case of prolonged stress, the essential nutrients for the body go first to the vital organs. The skin is not as vital and immediately suffers from this temporary weakening.

Digestive problems

Diarrhea or constipation, intestinal or abdominal pain, stress often primarily affects the digestive system. It is not surprising that you know that the intestine contains several million nerve cells and can therefore receive messages from the brain. The emotional state can therefore affect the functioning of the intestine and cause stomachaches and other discomforts.


An ulcer is characterized by a change in the surface layers of the skin or mucous membranes, which are particularly difficult to treat. It mainly affects the stomach and intestines, but can also affect the skin. Stress does not actually cause an ulcer, but causes stomach pains, which worsens the situation.

An over stressed liver

Stress causes a significant production of cortisol, the stress hormone, by the adrenal gland of the adrenal cortex.

This has consequences for the liver, which in reaction produces glucose that the body does not need physiologically. The liver gets tired unnecessarily without devoting itself to its primary functions, which are elimination and purification.

A poor immune system

In the event of prolonged stress, the body produces large amounts of cortisol, the stress hormone, which can cause a weakening of the immune system. The body becomes more vulnerable to infectious agents, bacteria and fungi, as well as different types of cancer.

Stressed people are more often ill than others and recover less quickly because they continuously deplete their bodies.

Hair loss

Hair is at the forefront of intense or prolonged stress. If the stress is acute, hair loss can be severe.

Prolonged stress causes a more discreet but equally uncomfortable hair loss.

The appearance of chronic diseases

Stress, when it becomes chronic, can contribute significantly to life’s disease, to the weakening of the immune system and to the development of various disorders and diseases.

In addition, chronically ill people suffer more stress than most individuals due to sometimes heavy treatments and repeated health checks for the medical conditions for which they are being monitored.

Weight gain

Stress can make you fat.  Because of the high levels of cortisol it causes, it can slow down your metabolism, causing you to gain more weight than normal. Prolonged stress can also alter blood sugar levels, causing mood swings, fatigue and possible development of high blood sugar levels.

It also encourages uncontrolled snacking with an increase in the consumption of sweet and high-fat foods.

Weight loss

Stress, particularly in a depressive context, can lead to significant weight loss due to two main factors: decreased or decreased appetite and accelerated metabolism.

A stressed individual will burn more calories than a more relaxed individual because the stress he experiences consumes more energy and keeps his body alert. In addition, the eating behavior can be changed: lack of appetite due to tight throat, nausea and/or other stress-related symptoms.

Promotes addiction

The harmful effects of stress are felt both physically and psychologically. Too much stress can be difficult to control and can lead to dangerous dependencies along the way. The calming effect of some substances is immediate but illusory.

Also, once the addiction takes hold, it becomes difficult to get rid of and can lead to more health problems.

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