Vigrx Plus Review – Benefits, Side Effects And Where to Buy It Safely?


Genuine VigRX Plus

Are you planning to buy VigRX Plus? That looks like a decision you are less likely to regret. This is based on its top position among supplements for male enhancement. If you search around a bit, you may also find it is king among these offerings. It helps men deal with the embarrassing situation of not being able to achieve sufficiently firm erections for intimacy. The product has even been compared to popular prescription drugs that are used for treating erectile dysfunction.

Vigrx Plus

However, the likelihood of you enjoying the promised benefits of the supplement depends on getting your purchase right. Continue reading to find out more about where and how to buy VigRX Plus that delivers results.

Why Vigrx Plus may benefit you the most?

Your doctor is likely to recommend a prescription ED drug when it comes to dealing with erection problems. Notable examples are Viagra and Cialis. But VigRX Plus can achieve similar results as these medications, and at a lower price as well.

The supplement also promises more than what you get with ED drugs. It not only improves erections, but also boosts sexual desire. This means you get extra benefit if you are battling with low libido. Of what use is erection if interest in intimacy is not there? VigRX Plus is arguably the only male enhancement supplement with clinical study backing its efficacy.

Another quality that will appeal to you is safety. The product is made with natural ingredients, not synthetics. These include proven herbal extracts from Muira Pauma bark, epimedium leaf, gingko leaf, and Asian red ginseng, among others. The risk of side effects is obviously lower due to the choice of ingredients.

Which online retailers or stores are best for buying VigRX Plus?

You can easily get nutritional supplements from retailers, both online and offline. Popular names include Wal-Mart, GNC, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon and eBay. GNC, in particular, is well known for selling health supplements. It is probably the biggest among retailers of such products in America, with more than 6,000 locations across the country.

So from which of these is best to buy VigRX Plus? The answer is none! You are not even likely to find the product at some of these retailers. The best way to get the supplement is directly from the official website set up by its manufacturer.

Why VigRX Plus sells directly

It can be argued that it is more convenient being able to get a supplement at your local store. So why does Leading Edge Health, the company making VigRX Plus, prefer to sell directly to consumers? A number of reasons come to mind.

Protection against Vigrx Plus counterfeits

One reason the company wants you to buy VigRX Plus directly from it is obviously to guard against counterfeits. This is a major problem that can be expected when a product is this popular. Leading Edge Health wishes to protect its customers from ineffective and potentially harmful supplements. Starting from 2012, all boxes of VigRX Plus now feature an authentication code. You use the code to verify online the authenticity of the supplement you buy.

In addition to protecting your health and preserving your money, the company may also be said to be interested in protecting its reputation. It has several popular supplements in its portfolio. Reports of ineffective products can do damage to its name.

Potency guarantee

When you buy VigRX Plus directly from the manufacturer, you may expect such to be more effective. Supplements you buy from third party retailers might have been lying on the shelves for a long time. Efficacy reduces over time. You might even find that the supplement you get from such is close to its expiry date. Potency is better guaranteed by buying direct.

Lower prices

Manufacturers are usually able to sell at lower prices – and probably make higher profits – by selling direct to consumers. The same is the case here. This enables Leading Edge Health to sell its male enhancement supplement at probably the best price. It is therefore impracticable finding it at a lower price elsewhere, unless you are getting a fake product.

The company also offers you a chance to get lower prices when you buy in bulk. You get the best per-unit offer with the 12-month supply package.

Vigrx Plus Money back guarantee

Here is an important aspect to supplement purchase. You never know which is effective and which isn’t. When you buy VigRX Plus directly, you get the assurance of enjoying money back guarantee. You have 60 days (two months) to make up your mind whether you need a refund. Such guarantee may not be available at third party retailers. If it is, the processed involved could be time consuming or rather convoluted.

How to buy VigRX Plus

Just head on over to the official website for the supplement to get it. A month supply of 60 pills goes for $76.99, giving a saving of $13 on the regular price. That’s less than $1.5 a pill.

You can enjoy discounts when you order for more than one bottle. Leading Edge Health says you save $35.99 on 2-month supply and roughly $64 on 3-month supply. You enjoy free shipping on the latter package as well. There is opportunity for a whopping $589.89 saving when you order for a year supply!

As is commonly the case when buying online, you make payment for your purchase using a credit or debit card. This happens to be the method Leading Edge Health prefers you use, but it is not the only one. You can pay with PayPal by selecting the option under “Your Payment Info” on the order page.

It is also possible to buy VigRX Plus with a check, bank draft or money order. To do this, ignore “Your Payment Info” section, check all relevant boxes, especially that for terms and conditions, and click on the “Preview Mail Order Form.” Select your preferred payment option and print the order form. Make payment to the entity whose details are given on the order form.

The alternative payment options may be ideal if you are very cautious about sharing your credit card information online. But the use of a card, and maybe PayPal, offers the fastest way of getting your order to your door.

VigRX Plus is a class apart among numerous male enhancement supplements on the market. Besides its high quality ingredients, it has a clinical study that shows it can help men boost their sexual health and performance. It also has many positive reviews. You can improve the chances of you getting the real thing by buying directly from the manufacturer. Some concessions, including on quality or money back guarantee, may be involved if you find lower prices elsewhere.


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