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Huge Career Opportunities in Blockchain for Those Willing to Learn

Cryptocurrency Transfer Rules
Did you know that Blockchain expertise is the fastest growing skill and is now one of the most popular in the job market? Did you see this technological evolution coming? Less than a decade ago, few people were interested in this technology, which has...

Pre-Built E-commerce Websites vs Custom-Built: Pros and Cons of Each

Online shopping has now become a firm habit among Americans. To take advantage of these benefits, even physical shops can create websites to be present on the Internet and expand their customer base. But sometimes you face a dilemma: Should you have your own...

Only 1 Percent Read Terms and Conditions According to Report

Terms and Conditions
Have you ever wondered how many people have actually read the Terms and Conditions? Most of us could be signing away our kidneys and not knowing it. A new study by ProPrivacy.com shows how few people read the fine print and what the consequences...

London to Allow Huawei to Play a Limited Role in the Implementation of 5G

The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave permission to Huawei on Tuesday to play a limited role in the development of the fifth generation mobile network (5G), despite pressure from Washington, which suspects the Chinese telecommunications giant of spying for Beijing. Johnson had to take...

United Nations Officials Are Urged Not to Use WhatsApp

UN officials should not communicate through WhatsApp for security reasons, a UN spokesman said on Thursday, as UN experts suspect Saudi Arabia has hacked into Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone through the online messaging system. According to a report released Wednesday by two UN experts,...