Growth Factor Plus Reviews: Benefits, Cost, Risks and Can It Increase Height?


Growth Factor Plus Ingredients and How They Work

It is interesting to know that there is a variety of supplements available for increasing height as an adult. This is so because growing taller in adulthood is commonly thought impossible.

Growth Factor PlusBut the products vary in terms of efficacy as a result of differences in ingredient selections and measures, among other factors. Growth Factor Plus is one that seems to have things going for it.

You may have observed that this is one of the more popular offerings. It is also probable that you are wondering what ingredients are in the formula and what they do? You are in the right place, if that is the case.

Growth Factor Plus and Ingredients

Growth Factor Plus, or GFP, is a natural height enhancer. It is a product that somewhat seeks to disprove the long-held belief that you cannot grow taller as an adult. In fact, it is specifically for use by individuals older than 18 years.

This is basically a supplement that combines natural ingredients, including amino acids, which are thought possibly helpful in increasing height. You do not have to worry about some harmful chemicals or synthetics with this one.

Growth Factor Plus is actually a growth hormone (HGH) supplement. It just happens to be one that focuses mainly on height increase. The maker, Purity Select Inc., says it is an alternative to prescription HGH for adults who desire growing taller.

Growth Factor Plus Ingredients
Growth Factor Plus Ingredients

Talking about ingredients, the key ones in the GFP formula are:

  • Proprietary blend – 900 mg

– L-Ornithine

– L-Arginine

– L-Lysine

– L-Tyrosine

– L-Glutamine

– L-Glycine

– Pituitary (anterior) powder

– Phosphatidyl choline complex

– Soy protein isolate

  • Colostrum – 50 mg
  • Phosphotidyl choline – 50 mcg
  • Chromium GTF – 50 mcg

According to the Growth Factor Plus manufacturer, these ingredients provide building block for cartilage, bones, and joints. They may help to lengthen the cartilage discs between vertebrae in the spinal column. This can increase the length of the spine and, thus, possibly increase height.

How the Growth Factor Plus Ingredients Help?

Growth Factor Plus BenefitsNow that you have an idea of what’s in the formula and how Growth Factor Plus may increase height, you might still be interested in knowing what each ingredient does. Let’s examine some of the key ingredients.


Here is a very popular amino acid -highly revered for its ability to promote significant boost in growth hormone production. Arginine stimulates the pituitary gland to release more HGH.

In addition to being vital for height increase, it helps with fitness and weight loss. It promotes faster repair and growth of connective tissue.


This amino acid is crucial for healthy growth. It helps with calcium absorption and collagen formation. This makes it an important nutrient for connective tissues and bones.

Research shows that the efficacy of Lysine is amplified when combined with Arginine – just as you have it in GFP.


Boasting the highest availability of practically all amino acids in the bloodstream, L-Glutamine is known for its ability to rejuvenate the body and help it fight stress. Its greatest concentration is in the skeletal muscle. The ingredient promotes greater HGH production.


You have in this amino acid another powerful growth hormone releaser. L-Ornithine performs several functions, including bone growth and lean muscle mass increase. It encourages increase in bone length and, as a result, may help you grow taller.


An essential amino acid, L-Glycine also helps to improve natural growth hormone production. It benefits the skeletal muscles and tissues by promoting development, enhancing quality, and boosting structural integrity.

L-Glycine can be seen on the label of many fitness supplements. It not only promotes bone growth, but also boosts muscle recovery and guards against muscle breakdown.


One may not be wrong to say any grow taller supplement that doesn’t contain this ingredient is not good enough. Chromium GTF, or GTF chromium, is vital for promoting efficient bone growth. You may not attain your full height potential without it.

The ingredient can also increase natural production, indirectly. It helps to reduce sugar levels in the blood. As you may be aware, when blood glucose levels drop, HGH production gathers momentum.

Anterior pituitary powder

The anterior portion of the pituitary gland is responsible for the production of growth hormone. Based on this, you can rather easily explain the inclusion of this ingredient.

The pituitary powder used in Growth Factor Plus is probably of bovine origin. It takes a more direct approach to increasing HGH levels for growth. Its benefits also include improvement in muscle tone.


This ingredient, which is also probably of bovine origin, helps you grow stronger bones. Colostrum is rich in growth factors, most notably insulin-like growth factors. It essentially offers you rather more directly benefits you’d usually expect from improvement in growth hormone levels.

The growth factors in colostrum help to promote faster wound and skin healing. They speed up recovery times following workouts.

Soy protein isolate

If you are a vegetarian, this ingredient may offer a great reason to try out GFP. Soy protein isolate compares very well to animal proteins, most notably cow’s milk, which have been shown to promote height.

In a study of 2-6 year-olds, it was found that children fed with cow’s milk were taller than those who were not. But research has shown that both soy and cow’s milk contain comparable high quality proteins.

The focal point or the secret of the Growth Factor Plus is arguably the proprietary blend. This contains majority of the key ingredients in undisclosed amounts. You cannot find the exact blend anywhere else.

How Much Will Growth Factor Plus Add to Your Height?

It is no secret that supplement manufacturers often exaggerate what their products can realistically do. What does Purity Select promise you with this one?

You may be disappointed to learn this is not a product that will add 6 inches or more to your height overnight. There are products whose makers claim can do that. Growth Factor Plus is not one of such.

You are not likely to find such claims on its official website. It doesn’t even seem as if the manufacturer is making any claim that the supplement will certainly make you taller.

This approach by the company making GFP is a good one. What’s the essence of raising buyer’s hope too high? Yet, the fact that no claims were made doesn’t seem to make the product less effective or less popular.

The ingredients that Growth Factor Plus contains are what you will find in a top all-natural height increasing supplements. Most rivals don’t even have as many ingredients. The formula, more specifically the proprietary blend, is exclusive., the company that sells the supplement, offers money back guarantee. You may not need to worry about losing your money when you order a supply because of this.

Try Growth Factor Plus Risk Free!



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