John Crestani’s Internet Jetset Review– Is It the Key to Success in Affiliate Marketing?


This article is all about John Crestani’s Internet Jetset. I know some people will be wondering what Internet Jetset really stands for, right? Sure, you all want to know!

What is Internet Jetset??

Internet Jetset With John Crestani
Internet Jetset With John Crestani

Internet Jetset is a basic affiliate marketing program whose sole purpose is to inform beginners about the principles involved in starting an online business through affiliate marketing. Internet Jetset is usually lead by the founder of the program, John Crestani. It is important to note that this program is not demography-specific; It is a program for everyone, particularly the newbies in the affiliate marketing sector. His program offers practical lessons which includes: Practical world experiences, the methodology of setting a website, how to skyrocket traffic, and how to gain an ample profit through affiliate marketing.

What are the sub-courses that will be outlined in the Internet Jetset??

The Internet Jetset usually lasts for twelve (12) weeks, and twelve (12) main topics will be treated throughout the course of this program. Each week elucidates a specific topic, so as to ensure that such topic is deeply understood by all. These packages are as stated: Introduction to the internet Jetset, Choosing your Niche, Your Website, Copy writing basics, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Facebook Ads for affiliates, The Online business blueprint, Authority Review sites, Launch Jacking, and the 12-Week Super Affiliate system.

  1. Introduction to the Internet Jetset: This is the first module that will be undertaken in the program. This module gives a detailed outline of what to expect during the program. Members are also encouraged to develop the right mindset which will guarantee success in their affiliate marketing journey.
  2. Choosing your Niche: This module will help the individuals, who signed up for the program, to choose the niche that will be perfect for them, and it will also help to inform their decisions when they are ready to pick the affiliate products in their chosen niche.
  3. Your Website: Basically, this sub-course will explain the processes of setting up your personal website using the WordPress.
  4. Copywriting Basics: Copywriting Basics teaches the methods of creating an intriguing sales copy targeted at skyrocketing the rate of conversion and ROI.
  5. Google: The Google module instructs on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Google.
  6. YouTube: In this module, the rudiments of YouTube marketing, and the valid means of gaining traffic for your website will be thoroughly examined.
  7. Facebook: Here, you’ll learn how to promote your affiliate products by leveraging on Facebook’s free traffic.
  8. Facebook Ads for Affiliates: This module teaches members on how to gradually move from the free traffic methods to the paid traffic methods, as well as, teaching members how to set up their own Facebook Ads campaign.
  9. The Online Business Blueprint: The Online Business Blueprint gives a raw expository on the rudiments of affiliate marketing, including: the description of acquiring more traffic, and the ways of automating your business.
  10. Authority Review Sites: This module elucidates the process of becoming an authority on a specific niche. Also, it teaches the principles of making profit as a result of becoming the authority of your niche.
  11. Launch Jacking: The Launch Jacking module teaches members the techniques of making good use of the forthcoming traffic due to a newly launched product, in order to earn affiliate commissions on that product.
  12. The 12-Week Super Affiliate System: The $997 Super affiliate system is the advanced course of the Internet Jetset; and so, this module is basically targeted at convincing members to apply for the advanced course by showcasing the benefits of the advance course.

The above courses are what should be expected to be treated throughout the run of the program, although, the program is not limited to the outline shown above. To top the 12-Modules up, a LIVE webinar, the JetsetLIVE is done weekly; This is the opportunity for members to get direct responses, from John Crestani, to their questions.

Are there any bonus packages attached to the purchase of the Internet Jetset??

It is okay to want to ask if there are any other bonuses attached to undertaking this affiliate marketing program. Well, I’m happy to inform you that there are extra modules attached to this program as bonuses for purchasing this program package, and they are:

  1. Internet Jetset Forum: The Internet Jetset forum is a medium that affords the opportunity of creating and establishing connections with aspiring affiliate marketers. This Forum helps to enhance future partnerships or collaborations, which serves as a recipe for a successful affiliate marketing career.
  2. Support Portal: The Support portal ensures that everyone that signed up for the Internet Jetset is entitled to a great customer support.

How much does the Internet Jetset cost?

The Internet Jetset Costs $47 per month. The cost of this program might seem okay for starters, but there are other upsells that have been included in this package.

What are the Upsell offers?

Basically, the 12-Week Internet Jetset is a sales pitch to attract members to buy the advance programs, such as: Jetset Xtreme Case Study and Super Affiliate System.

  1. Jetset Xtreme Case Study: This is a collection of interesting interviews of highly rated internet marketers. It is an upgrade, one-time offer of $187.
  2. Super Affiliate System: This is the advance program of the Internet Jetset, and it has a span of six (6) weeks with a collection of almost 50+ hours of video training. It is a continuation of the Internet Jetset program which offers inestimable information and relevant resources. This advance program cost $997.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet Jetset?

The Internet Jetset is a highly recommended program for beginners in affiliate marketing; and it offers numerous advantages which include:

  1. Availability of Support Systems: The Internet Jetset affords members of awesome support systems through the Support portal, the Forum, and the Official Facebook Group. This advantage ensures that members get answers to their questions, and they can also connect with other upcoming affiliate marketers in the same program.
  2. Informative Training: The Internet Jetset offers an informative, Step-by-step training which is known to have produced successful online marketers.
  3. Legitimacy: John Crestani is a legitimate person that delivers excellent result from his programs. Although he has a lot of critics, he uses these criticisms to upgrade his program, and this has made him one of the most successful online marketers.

How To Make Money With The John Crestani Super Affiliate SystemDespite all of these advantages listed above, the Internet Jetset is not void of flaws; and they include:

  1. Out-of-date Contents: Some of the modules in the online affiliate marketing program are not usually updated.
  2. Hidden Expense: John Crestani doesn’t state the other costs that will be incurred, aside the monthly cost of $47, during the course of the program. These costs include the cost of purchasing some online tools, website hosting Ads and some paid Ads.

Conclusively, the Internet Jetset is a great program that will equip the beginners in affiliate marketing; hence, it is a highly recommended program for upcoming online affiliate marketers.


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