The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs You Should Consider


Affiliate programs are not created equal—some pay higher than the other. If you have no idea where to find the highest paying affiliate programs, you’re at the right place. Relax; you’ll get all the information you need on this website.

The Essence of Promoting Affiliate offers with High Commissions

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs.
Highest Paying Affiliate Programs.

People are of the notion that you’ll always hit a brick wall when you try to promote high ticket products or services. But is that true? It is a complete fallacy. If you must know, the same amount of energy invested in promoting small ticket product is applied to the big one. And another truth is, there is less competition selling high ticket products and services owing to this wrong ideology

More so, there is so much money in the hands of affluent buyers—right now. Buying high ticket items is something they’re used to when they shop on the internet. Getting commission for these kinds of products is an opportunity to earn so much in returns.

How then do you leverage this untapped goldmine? Hangout with right people—I mean people with the MONEY.

How would you feel to be constantly hitting $3, 000 per sale—rather than $30?

Are you excited or depleted? I’m sure you’ll go for the former. But then, the ball is in your court.

Don’t put all your energy into running after tiny commissions—which is what most internet marketers do. Go to the less competitive space, where the people with the money are. The programs below are great to start with:

High-paying Affiliate Programs for 2019—The Best High Ticket Programs

Internet Profit Partners

You’re guaranteed access to the best funnel of products with a commission of up to $3, 000 per each sale.

Affiliate Program Description

Internet Profit Partners is quite different from any other program out there.  Come on board as I’m a member alongside my mentor, Dean Holland, and several other people on this program.

Internet Profit is charged with the task of training, provision of tools, and support so the common man can be successful with this internet-based business. This is a flagship program from Dean Holland and Internet Profits Ltd

The selling process is taken off you; the Internet Profits team has a well-optimized sales funnel, following up your leads and also closes the sale if the conditions are right.

On your part, you’ll have to drive quality—not just traffic, but targeted traffic to the sales funnel. You can send direct traffic. However, it is better to capture leads and have them on your email list, and you can subsequently follow up, building up trust in the process.


Affiliate Commission

You’re guaranteed 40% recurring commission every month for the user. More so, you stand a chance to win your dream car provided by the affiliate network.

Affiliate Program Description:

ClickFunnels is a leading sales funnel product. It is the brainchild of Russell Brunson and a couple of elite affiliate marketers. Affiliates have the potentials of earning big commissions, and you can have them buy you your dream car—no jokes. Earn 5% of their production (2nd tier) when you refer other affiliates into the program. They have made a name for themselves and it might be what you need right now.

It feels like a breeze becoming a member of ClickFunnels. Being a member grants you access to Affiliate Bootcamp logo images and affiliate marketing training course that is worth $997. With that in the kitty, you’re on the right path to carving out a niche for yourself in affiliate marketing and hit it big over time. You’ll understand the process of selling ClickFunnels, and you’ll be taken through the process of how the Dream car bonus works.

You can make so much money in commission.

WP Engine

Affiliate Commissions

Earn up to $7, 500 per referral, as well as a bonus.

Affiliate Program Description:

WP Engine is a leading hosting service when it comes to WordPress sites. They use affiliate to make more sales while earning commissions.

When it comes to providing support, so many hosting companies claim they offer the best. But imagine having a WordPress expert at the helm of affairs—you’ll have all your pressing questions answered

MasterMind: Knowledge Business Blueprint

 Affiliate Commissions:

You’re guaranteed $900 per sale, as well as various prizes.

  • 5 Sales: T-Shirt & Hat
  • 10 sales: You’ll get an official invite to rock a party with Dean, Tony, and Russell (before July 15th)—all in Vegas!
  • 20 sales will get you a Backpack
  • 30 sales entitle you to $500 Cash Bonus
  • 50 sales avail you with a 65” 4k Curved Smart TV
  • 100 sales grants you $1,000 Cash Bonus
  • 250 sales get you a Podcast Appearance or LIVE With Dean to Your Audience
  • 500 sales offer you a Macbook Pro with Touch Bar
  • 1,000 sales grant you a Mastermind Rolex

Affiliate Program Description:

The following marketers put hands together to launch this program—it is now regarded as an evergreen product. The following names come to mind:

  • Tony Robbins
  • Dean Graziosi
  • Russell Brunson

This is a HIGH RATED course and software which takes you through the process of running high impact and profit masterminds, workshops, groups, and communities. Imagine a launch in April that raked in 25-30 million dollars—that is huge. You can never shove the potential of this great product.


Affiliate Commissions

You’re guaranteed up to $2,000 in referral commissions

Affiliate Program Description:

We wanted to go a different route—own our brand and established long-lasting relationships with customers, including selling of our products. Unfortunately, that is not feasible—no such tool allow us to do that. So what did we do? Built it! With in-depth research, we soon realized the gap in the retail business as it relates to marketing your product from a platform you can call your own. That was how Shopify came into existence.

We focus on making commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products. Today, merchants use our platform to manage every aspect of their business — from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, etc. 

Liquid Web

Affiliate Commissions

You’re guaranteed $5,000 in commission per sale

Affiliate Program Description:

Liquid Web is a company in the hosting market, meeting the needs of web and cloud customers—like growing businesses, designers, developers, etc. We’re highly focused, which leads to quality products, services, and support that are designed for certain specifics—for stores, sites, and applications. We have under our belt, administrators, engineers, and technicians with over 250 years of experience. They’re dedicated and result-oriented to get the job done for you, so you can focus on other pressing issues that matter to your business.

As an affiliate, you chose the program to go with when it comes to tracking your referrals. Each referral has the opportunity to cash in $5,000 per sale. However, commissions depend on the product.

Regal Assets

Affiliate Commissions:

A 3% commission on each transaction regardless if the deal was closed over the phone. When your referral invests $100, 000, you’re entitled to $3,000 in commission.

Affiliate Program Description:

Regal Asset is known for trustworthiness and always plays by the rules. Little wonder they have an A+ rating with BBB alongside our 5star customer satisfaction rating from TrustLink. It rests assured that Regal Asset has got you covered. You can buy and sell Gold Bullion and Rare Gold. We provide the right advice for long term tax-deferred retirement plan (aka Gold IRA), etc.

Our priority is to put the client’s interest first while educating new investors on the potentials of the precious metal industry. Orders are guaranteed and arrive within one week of purchase. We are your premier precious metal company, and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, watertight security, and ample knowledge about the industry.


Affiliate Commissions:

You’re guaranteed 40% each month per referral for life (active referrals), which is equal to $39.98 to 156.90 for each customer that signs up and is active every month.

Affiliate Program Description:

SEMrush launched out in 2008 and were known to specialize in SEO and IT. Their mission is to make online space competitive, fair and transparent for everyone; it was meant to provide a level-playing field. With over ten years of experimenting and advancements, we have become a world-class research solution provider when it comes to online marketing.

We have grown to be a big company of international repute, adhering to the core values and changes that have occurred with a strict plan. We put our customers first over every other thing.

NAB Edge

Affiliate Commissions:

You guaranteed $200 for every sign up with an extra $50 coming from the 2nd tier—which is your sub-affiliate signups.

 Affiliate Program Description:

Regardless of the size of your business, North American Bancard is there for you. From the time you start, and as you progress, we will provide the much-needed assistance so you can succeed. We go beyond credit card processing and merchant service provision. The merchants we serve can attest to our service delivery, as we leverage on cutting edge technologies to stay ahead and provide a solution that meets customers’ needs.

Digital Agency Builders

Affiliate Commissions:

$1,000 awaits you in commission for every referral that becomes a DAB founder—a great opportunity that comes to the Founders Club.

Affiliate Program Description:

Digital Agency Builders is an online business platform. This program allows beginners to earn with ease.

You’ll have the opportunity to know about our “Founders Club” offer that brings several goodies to your doorstep only when you become a member today.


Affiliate Commissions

You can earn 300% one-time commission—or 25% recurring

Affiliate Program Description:

3dcart came to existence in 1997 as a robust eCommerce platform created to assist online store owners—to stand out in a competitive environment. Opening an online  store is easy with several in-built-features—even operating and maintaining it is a walk in the park.

We have grown in leaps and bounds—being an Inc. 5000 company is not child’s play. We have going for us our Visa PCI certification, including being a pioneer in mobile commerce and a digital marketing company.

Six-Figure Mentors

Affiliate Commissions

$8,000 in commission awaits you per sale.

Don’t promote this! The stories as regards this platform are not palatable. Your best bet is to do your research; then you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether joining SFM is worth it or not.

You might be wondering why I included it when there are sad tales about them. Well, I felt the need to do the needful since it will pop up in other similar lists.

Affiliate Program Description:

Allegedly, the Six Figure Mentors is a high-end internet marketing training platform. You’ll have at your disposal tools, training, resources, and community supports to get you started as a beginner marketer and succeed. You earn commissions as an affiliate when you promote memberships, products, as well as services.

The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs: Pros and Cons

Selling high ticket products comes with several benefits—more than the cost. However, it is not a smooth ride. Here are the pros and cons

Pros of  High Ticket Products Promotion:

  • High ROI in Relation to Time and Money: Regardless of the commission on the product–$10 or $1,000—you spend the same amount of effort selling it.
  • High-Profit Margin Allows you to Shell out More on Advertising: With a high payout, you can decide to shell out more on advertising yet make a high return on profit.
  • The competition Less Stiff: The bottom rung of the ladder is where the traffic jam is—the high end of the market has less competition. The bunch of marketers out there is busy selling low ticket products; you get instant gratification with less work
  • Your Target Market has the Money to Shell out: Regardless of how you look at it, the truth remains that there is so much money to be made at the top. If you’re experienced selling low ticket products, you’ll understand everything about price objections. It’s better to carve a niche where the money is readily available with consideration for problem-solving—rather than price.
  • Plenty of Money at the Backend: Most of the low ticket creators make the large chunk of their money at the backend where they have to upsells, cross-sells, with enhancements and add-ons. This fact is not any different from high ticket products. If a high ticket is brought from the front end, people will always want to spend more as time goes on.

Cons of High Ticket Product Promotion:

  • The Conversion Rates are not encouraging: It is a challenge finding potential buyers for your product
  • Longer sales cycle with more Expertise to Master it: With high ticket products, you’ll need to have answers to the entire questions asked by your customers. For you to do that efficiently, you have to research the product or service you’re selling. You’ll have to go extra mile to make a sale.
  • Promoting illegitimate Programs: Do your background check by researching any program before jumping on it. Find out what people are saying about the program. Check out the reviews and also the refund rates. Don’t believe what the product creators are saying. The program could be illegitimate; MOBE is a typical example of a high-end program that turned out to be a fraud.

The FTC Action stopped MOBE—it was a Huge Online Business Coaching Program

Federal Trade Commission fined three people and nine businesses for defrauding consumers of over $125 million using a business education known as MOBE—My Online Business Education. The defendants’ Assets were frozen after the scheme was halted; this is at the request of FTC.

How To Make Money With The John Crestani Super Affiliate SystemThe defendants were specific about their target—U.S consumers, service members, veterans, and older adults. They achieved their goal using online ads, social media, direct mailers, including live events in all parts of the country. The action was a sequel to the agency’s latest action against Digital Altitude, LLC—which is a competitor and was also stopped by the court order.

From the FTC perspective, the defendants’ business education program tricked people into believing they can start their own online business and earn passive income while doing so. According to them, a proven 21-step system is in place to help them achieve this goal pretty quickly, which was the promise they made to people who signed up to the program.

From the compliant perspective, you’re sent a series of sales pitches when you join the program with the initial $49 entry fee. The defendants piled up the pressure for them to make extra purchases (in thousands of dollars) and attain the 21 steps.

Eventually, the defendants gave out the “proven system,” which was to sell the same membership to others and earn a commission.





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