The John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review


Hi. It is a pleasure to have you here. And you didn’t make a mistake landing on this page. You’re lucky. Why? Because I want you to succeed so I veered off to get my hands on Super Affiliate System. I want us to examine the content together and decide if it is worth it or not.

How To Make Money With The John Crestani Super Affiliate System
How To Make Money With The John Crestani Super Affiliate System

Disclosure:  Results are not guaranteed, except you’re dedicated and can take ACTION. Mind you; it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme—it is about putting in the work required to build a sustainable online business. Never take my personal opinion as advice. If you eventually decide to buy via the link, then gets a commission and put us in position to leverage other courses and give our opinion about them.

With that out of the way, let’s get into the crux of the matter—Super Affiliate System Review.

It is a 6-week course that takes you through affiliate marketing and how you can hit the ground running and also build an online business using this model.

Weekly,  the course takes you through a particular topic—the nice and slow way is the preferred way, but you can go faster, which I do not recommend. Never skip any part of this course.

John Crestani is an experienced affiliate marketer with up to 10 years under his belt. He experiments with several offers, ad network, and landing pages; all of these will be poured out into the Super Affiliate System.

Launching Campaigns– Taking the Short Route to Success

 Running your Campaigns—what you need

  1. Landing Pages Proven To Convert
  2. Affiliate Networks to Use
  3. The EXACT Offers To Run
  4. Ad Swipe Files
  5. High CTR Images To Use
  6. Best Performing Headlines
  7. Top Performing Ad Copy
  8. Which Offer To Run On A Specific Ad Network

I’m yet to get a go at all the swipes, images, offers and network. I must admit that John’s material worked.

My experience online comes handy, but even at that, I’m not into PPC. I use Facebook to generate impressive results with this offer. In one campaign I spent $2,150 running the ad and eventually made $3,390, so approximately, you can say I profited $1240. I’m expecting more ROI as I optimize the campaign.

The John Crestani Super Affiliate System Success Stories of Others

Well, you may think that my results are not real—but, honestly, I’ve got nothing to gain doing that. Now, what you will see next will amaze you—and is 100% REAL!

The results below are from ordinary people like you and I who took the bull by the horn and decides to venture into affiliate marketing by learning from John.

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Testimonial
John Crestani Super Affiliate System Testimonial


John Crestani The Internet Jetset testimonial
John Crestani The Internet Jetset testimonial

These are perfectly ready-to-launch Campaigns:

  1. Business Opportunity
  2. Probiotics
  3. SkinCare
  4. Diabetes
  5. French Muscle
  6. German Muscle
  7. German Diet
  8. 8. Brain Enhancement


Targeting Data – Short Route to Succeeding According To John Crestani

The member area is rich with loads of resources; there, you’ll find about 25 files of buyer targeting data that you can download. The offer I ran via Facebook became an instant hit because of the resources available in this member area. Well, though it took $500 in testing, eventually the first sale came, and ever since then, I have never looked back. The point is you must test or have a testing budget to get a hold of what works—don’t lose hope. If I had followed the training religiously, I won’t have made several mistakes along the way.

In summary, with this data, you can access any buyer in any niche as laid out in the training. I must warn it is not 100% certain, but it is very close.

Super Affiliate System Week 1 – Creating a Workable System

The journey starts now! You could skip if you want, especially if you have a hang it. I, however, do not recommend this.

Week #1 Outline

  1. Having your goals
  2. Building your website
  3. All you need to know about presell pages
  4. How to set up your Facebook ads account the right way
  5. Registering with the best affiliate networks

Week 2 – What are Systems and how they work?

This module is packed with nuggets, so don’t skip it! With the right mindset in place, you’re on your way to succeeding in whatever endeavor.

Week #2 Outline

  1. Having the right mindset for success
  2. Super Affiliate Niche Research
  3. Where to Get Niche Data and how to speak your niche Language
  4. Networking in the industry
  5. Leveraging user intent and its essential in advertising

Week 3 – Learning Marketing Skills

John Crestani’s copywriting formula comes to the fore in week 3. You will learn how to appeal to a specific part of the human brain using proven psychology secrets.

Week 3 Outline:

  1. Excellent copywriting and what it should contain
  2. [GUEST] Ronnie Sandlin, 7-figure copywriter
  3. John’s 17-step copywriting formula that delivers results!
  4. Optimizing ads to improve ROI
  5. Optimizing ads and what you should know

Week 4 – Mastering Facebook and Google Ads

This is one of the most important parts of this training. Every piece of information about Facebook and Google Ads is all embedded in week 4. These are the two biggest names when you talk of ads; master them, and the cash will flow uncontrollably.

Week #4 Outline

  1. Facebook Ads + Case Study
  2. Facebook Ads Compliance
  3. Essential Metrics to watch out for
  4. Google Ads 1
  5. Google Ads 2
  6. Facebook & Google ads case studies
  7. [GUEST] Brian Pfeiffer on FB Ads – Anatomy of a $100k per month FB Ad

John Crestani Free Affiliate Training

Week 5 – Conquering Native & YouTube Ads With john crestani

These are yet another “big boys” in the online advertising space. You can’t imagine the number of buyers you can reach on these two platforms. You’re guaranteed a great opportunity when your ads are broadcast to a large number of people—and that means bigger pay.

 Week #5 Outline

  1. Creating MGID Native Ads correctly
  2. Outbraing Native Advertising
  3. Voluum DSP Native Ads
  4. YouTube Ads creation For Maximum ROI

Week 6 – Scale & Automate the Process with The Super Affiliate System

At the juncture, setting up a profitable campaign shouldn’t be that hard. When the results start coming, know it’s time to scale and automate for higher revenue.

Week #6 Outline

  1. Leverage Survey Funnels
  2. $240,000 Case Study – Solar Niche
  3. What you should know about scaling up a Campaign from $1k – $20k
  4. Using Media Buyers
  5. Student Loan Case Study

Weekly Q&A Session with John Crestani and Bonus

As a bonus to the 6-week course, you’ll get their weekly live training where the latest happenings in the industry will be available for your consumption, including news and working campaigns.

Final Thoughts On The The John Crestani Super Affiliate System

Perhaps you have always wanted to get started with your affiliate marketing journey and want to make it to your destination quicker, and then look no further than this course. The value and resources packed together are out of this world. Every part of affiliate marketing is well treated.

John Crestani wants you to make money and succeed. Hence, he “poured” out his mind into this course.

John Crestani wishes to change the status quo in the online marketing space, so he bears it all; however, gurus will always guard their secrets and release them for a price even when they’re no more delivering results.

=>Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Risk Free<=




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