Affiliate Marketing Training Day 1: Planning a Strategy And Setting Up Systems


Step 1: Day one as a Rookie Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing TrainingHere is a reminder on why you started your affiliate marketing journey

  • Affiliate marketing puts in your hands the opportunity to make passive income monthly. The choice to make it a part-time job is yours—making a few bucks along the way. You could also decide to go full throttle and make it a full-time job and earning massively from it.
  • You’re answerable to no one, and you can work from anywhere! It could be your home or anywhere convenient so long you have an internet connection.
  • The competitiveness in the internet marketing space opens up pretty well even for beginners—they can rise to the top and perform better than the “big boys” out there.
  • You can get started on a shoestring budget, taking out the entire roadblock associated with entry point when starting a brick and mortar business.

The future holds good for internet marketing; the growth rate is expected to hit 35 billion dollars in five years–with a yearly average of 7 billion dollars.

Day 1 Objectives

Strategize and Set up Systems to make money on the go

Let me go psychic on you right now and unravel your thought process.

What readily comes to your mind at this juncture is probably the need to set a goal. You may not be far from the truth. However, not goals this time but systems.

I used to be the goal-setting kind of person until my eye popped open. And it didn’t happen until I came across an article on by James Clear—a behavioral scientist, marketer and an entrepreneur.

Digest this excerpt from the article;

Goals and Systems—what’s the difference

  • Winning a championship as a team coach is your goal. Putting considerable effort at practice each day to realize the goal is your system
  • Writing a book is your goal as a writer. Following a written weekly schedule is your system
  • Winning a marathon is your goal as a runner. Your training schedule each month is your system
  • Building a reputable business is your goal as an entrepreneur. Your system is the process of marketing and making sales.

Is goal-setting overrated?  If I do away with it and focus my energy on the system, will I still get the much-desired result?

The distractions couldn’t be more. The internet is peculiar and far different from brick and mortar businesses, and you can lose focus quite easily. With the gamut of things going on, it is only a matter of seconds for the temptation to kick in.

That is where the system rears its head. Setting a goal is good, but the system shows you how to achieve it—daily activities, schedules that must be implemented and leads to the goal.

Nobody wants to trudge on their way to success—throwing away resourceful time into the wind. The system is what you need to get to your destination faster. Before you get distracted, listen up: Get discipline! Do the needful first and return to your routine. Surf the internet as much as you can as long as the task of the day is completed

The Time Start Ticking

The success may not come as fast as you wish. To compound your woes, you may even lose patience and resources before you have a full grip over affiliate marketing.

Systems will accelerate your journey—to reach your goal faster, as explained earlier. You have to put in the much-needed work and be very critical about beating deadlines until success is achieved.

Leveraging Systems with the Feedback Loop

How about having to monitor your systems to be sure you’re on track? That sounds nice, and that is what a feedback loop does—it could be positive or negative

A system comprises of several parts that work together in synergy for a particular purpose. Apply it to the present scenario: it would be your daily plan to keep your online business up and running. The system lends itself to reaching a specific goal.

If you’re right on track, then you may soon achieve your goal. Otherwise, it will be a serious time-wasting effort. And the feedback loop comes to align your activities and keep you in check, so you don’t lose track. A negative feedback loop tells you the many problems inherent in your system and that must be eliminated.

If you’re confused as regards the feedback loop; calm your nerves—I will unbundle it at the end of the week.

Using Systems to Achieve your Affiliate Marketing Goal

How do you apply systems to achieve your affiliate marketing goal? That is a good question.

Take a critical look at the 7-day course; you’d realize it is a well put together system that allows you stay committed each day, performing tasks as outlined for the next 7 days.

In this context, your goal would be to master affiliate marketing and make money off it. The system is the 7 step system which you must follow diligently—one lesson at a time, daily for one week.

Creating systems is not that hard—and I will show you how you can do so in different areas for your success. That will come through at the end of the 7-day plan. You’d have done all there is—the website created, content placed and visitors already coming in trickles.

It’s time to draw the curtains. End of day one; remember, don’t skip!

If goal-setting work for you, all well and good. The point here is that the goal-setting approach has thrown a lot of people off track—leaving them more confused than ever.

Carrying out tasks in bit-sized chunks generate more results than piling them up altogether. The 7-day plan makes accomplishing these tasks easier, so you don’t get overwhelmed

You can only get a result when you follow your system to the letter. You get ahead by consistently sticking to it each day—it takes you closer to the reason you created it in the first place.

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