Is Inbound Marketing Really Effective?


Are you hesitant to embark on an inbound marketing strategy? Is it really effective as a method? Is it a worthwhile investment?

Some facts about inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing has proven its value and effectiveness. 92% of companies that implemented an inbound marketing strategy increased traffic to their websites.

In addition, this strategy will give you positive results very quickly: 85% of these companies achieved results in just 7 months, and half of them in two or four months.

Several companies that adhered to the inbound Marketing strategy experienced the following results:

  • 42% reported an increase in their conversion rate
  • 49% reported an increase in sales
  • 54% more leads generated than when using the outbound marketing method

The acquisition price of the prospects is also affected by this strategy. Organizations with an effective inbound Marketing strategy have shown that acquiring leads costs them 61% less than using an outbound strategy. Consumers are also sensitive to this strategy, as 70% of them favor a brand discovered through a blog post rather than an advertisement.

These figures demonstrate the benefits of using an inbound marketing strategy. So don’t be afraid to start, even if you have to be careful not to lose the success of your strategy already in place.

How do you achieve success with the inbound Marketing?

Of course, to execute an inbound marketing strategy, it is necessary to analyze the market, the demand, the competition…. And be patient, because it is a strategy that seeks long-term results. Success, therefore, depends on the time and investment you devote to it.

Analysis is the key to this method, which allows you to understand what your prospects are like, what keywords they are using, to analyze the results of their actions, their scope and those that will be implemented in the future.


The success of such a strategy depends on each of the following steps:

1- Attracting the individual

This is the essence of this methodology: with quality content, relevant information that satisfies the needs of your customers, you will be able to attract your target customers. It is necessary, in the ideology of this method, to give all possible answers to your consumer’s questions so that they have no need to look elsewhere.

2- Becoming a prospect

Once you have succeeded in attracting the type of person you are targeting, he or she should be able to contact you. Once they get the information they were looking for you must get their contact details in order to establish a contact and turn them into potential customers.

3- Involve your prospect

This is the step when your prospect will become a customer.  The selling process must be smooth to allow for a pleasant experience that maintains the image of your brand.

4- Satisfying your customer

To avoid wasting your past efforts, success in this step will be of great help in the future. In fact, your customer must have a positive shopping experience so that they are not only loyal to your brand, but also recommend it to their friends and colleagues. This last step represents all the advantages of this method, which will then represent an excellent return on investment.

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