Easy Tips on How to Speed up WordPress Websites


The performance and speed of your word press website are more essential today than ever before, because the expectations of users have grown, and their patience has been decreased.

Website Speed
Website Speed

The steady slowness of a word press website, therefore, makes the users to quickly move on to another site instead of waiting for another second or two. Even if users do not run away, a slow website will leave them disappointed, frustrated, and likely to abandon your site even while shopping.

Moreover, it has been stated clearly by Google that the speed of a site will affect the ranking of the site in the search results.

In other words, to keep both your Google and your users happy, it is essential to pay attention to the speed of your word press site.

While the intentions of this blog post imply that speed optimization of your word press website is simple and to share with you the most useful things you can do to speed up your site.

Unique Ways to improve your word press Site Speed

Good Web Hosting Plan should be adopted

Choosing the right WordPress hosting plan with the right hosting services. Even before you talk about speed, you need to have a stable and reliable company with such hardware to host your word press website.

Caching Enabling

Caching is the technical term for data storage temporarily. This improves a website’s performance since a lot of content pages are already prepared as well as available and doesn’t need to be processed and fetched to be displayed for a user.

Adopt a Content Delivery Network

Nonetheless, the next most effective method to speed up your word press website is to utilize a content delivery network.

It is a worldwide network of servers that enables you to store and duplicate your word press site’s static components/files.

These components are then delivered to visitors from a server closer to their physical location.

Optimization of your images

As clients generally expect more magnificent images on sites, image size turns out to be a higher amount of an issue for website speed.

Most models can be diminished in size, utilizing either plugins or graphic-editing tools without a web client seeing any decrease in quality.

Minify HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

The new websites and web applications are progressively reliant on CSS and JavaScript, so it’s critical to decrease the size of these content documents.

Minifying them is an incredible method to do that. This implies disposing of remarks, additional spaces, additional line breaks, as well as block delimiters in the code to make your system lighter in size and the measure of information that should be moved reduced — in this manner, decreasing the time it takes to load up a page.


Individuals continue to advise you that you need your WordPress site to load quick… however, how would you figure out how rapidly your site loads to know where it stands? Simple – make use of one of the WordPress speed test devices that I’m going to share with you in this post.

Best WordPress speed test tools


A decent alternative for… easygoing clients and designers who need to test a desktop version of their site.

Pingdom is presumably the most prevalent WordPress speed test device. It figures out how to work admirably of both:

  • Making the outcomes open to amateurs
  • Giving propelled clients a lot of supportive information if they need it

To utilize it, you head to the Pingdom tools site and:

  • Paste in your site’s URL
  • Pick the area to run the test from
  • Click Start Test


GTmetrix is another apparatus that offers the correct balance of information.

To make use of it, you plug in your site’s URL and click on analyze. At that point, it will spit back an itemized examination of your website.

At the top, you get an excellent rundown like Pingdom, including:

  • Loading time
  • Page Speed score
  • YSlow score (this is a similar thought as PageSpeed Insights

Nevertheless, speeding up your website is of great importance and cannot be overemphasized.


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