The Benefits of Being Taller Than Average


Does being tall really give a man an advantage in real life? If so, what exactly are the benefits? How great are these benefits? In what areas of life does he reap those benefits? Why does growth benefit a person? How can the same benefits be achieved even without being tall enough? The information in this article will answer these questions based on historical facts about height and real statistics about how people relate to people who are tall.

How to Grow Taller and Reach Your Maximum Height

Does being taller than the average person really benefit a person in life?

Yes, being taller really does benefit the people who are taller in life.

Taller Man
Taller Man

What exactly are these benefits? How big are these benefits? And in what areas of life?

Being taller can give a person many benefits:

1) Better job and career opportunities.

    1. a) Each additional inch of growth gives a person an extra $700 a year.
    2. b) Employers choose the tallest man in 72% of cases.
    3. c) Promotions and pay raises are faster for the taller man.

2) Better dating/marriage opportunities.

    1. a) Women find tall men much more attractive.
    2. b) Extensive research shows that only 2 out of 79 women are willing to date a man who is shorter than them.

3) More respect and support from others (it is much easier to take leading positions).

90% of company presidents are above average height.

19 of the last 23 U.S. presidential elections were won by the taller man.

Why does Height benefit people?

Height gives people an advantage because:

All animals including animals start small, so powerlessness and weakness are often the result of being small or short. Therefore, lack of height or size is naturally linked to weakness and fragility.

2) Humans are often intimidated by the size of others, so greater height gives them a basic physical advantage. This becomes the basis for any discrimination based on height.

3) Increasing height makes us feel stronger and better. So most people want to be tall and prefer being tall than short.

How can you become taller?

In most cases a permanent increase in growth after puberty is very unlikely, unless you decide on a growth enhancement operation, which is a very expensive alternative. You can also consider some stretching exercises or taking an HGH supplement, such as Growth Factor Plus. For those who don’t want to bother with the above options, they can consider wearing height increasing footwear.

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