Chronic Fatigue: Do You Sleep Really as Well as You Think You Do?

You fall asleep every night without any problems, but still feel the fatigue that clings to you all day? Maybe your sleep isn’t as refreshing as you think it is. Look out for signs that show that your sleep isn’t really at its best.


Signs That You are nor Getting Quality Sleep

You Can Drink Coffee All Day Long

If the first thing you do when you wake up is prepare a double espresso and you feel the real need to drink coffee during the day to focus on what you’re doing, this “need for caffeine” is probably a sign that you don’t sleep well.

Morning Tiredness

The problem is that drinking too much coffee during the day causes some people to secrete cortisol (the stress hormone), which affects the quality of sleep. A study found that consuming caffeine 6 hours or 3 hours before going to bed disturbs sleep and also reduces sleep time by an hour. In short, you drink too much coffee to sleep well, which causes fatigue and encourages you to drink more coffee again.

You Wake up with a Dry Mouth or Migraine and Headaches

No need to blame the pollen or food you ate the night before. These signs may indicate that you have sleep apnea. This respiratory arrest, repeated several times a night, gradually leads to fatigue and drowsiness during the day. It also causes cardiovascular stress.

You Often Have to Urinate at Night

Even if you have a chance to go back to sleep immediately, these short night visits to the bathroom have an impact on your day. According to urologists, people who get up at night to urinate are, on average, 24% less efficient at work than those who sleep like babies. Next time you see your doctor, have your blood pressure checked because getting up frequently at night to urinate may be a sign of high blood pressure, a prostate issue or a UTI infection.

Weight Gain Without Reason

If your weight tends to move upwards when you haven’t changed your diet, you may not be getting enough quality sleep. According to some researchers, lack of sleep reduces the level of leptin in our body the hormone that signals brain satiety and suppresses appetite and increases levels of ghrelin the hormone that stimulates hunger.

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