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This review is part of our series on dietary supplements for weight loss. Our health and nutrition experts analyze the most popular natural supplements on the market for you to find out if and to what extent they are really effective.

Our analyses are considered to be some of the most comprehensive on the market.


We leave nothing to luck and we base our analysis on scientific facts not on junk science. Also to avoid all risks, we also focus on the dangers, side effects and dosage to be respected for each pill, before providing you with a complete shopping guide to help you make the best choice for yourself.

If you are already well informed and want to buy PhenQ on the web, click on the link below that redirects you to the official website.

Phenq Official Website

Here is our analysis of the weight loss supplement PhenQ

PhenQ: appetite suppressant pill and all-in-one fat burner

To all those who dream of getting an ideal figure and are already disappointed by frustrating attempts at a too drastic diet, who have neither the time nor the desire to spend hours sweating in the gym, who have a hard time giving up on their favorite foods and who, are almost thinking of going under the knife… wait ! Have you heard of PhenQ ?

This pill, which is one of the most popular slimming capsules for consumers, has proven its effectiveness for many people for easy and lasting weight loss.

But with our experts, suspicious of products that are called “miracle solutions” and aware of the infinite number of weight loss products that guarantee effectiveness, we wanted to know more.

Is PhenQ really effective? What makes it so different? Is it safe to consume this dietary supplement?

To answer all these questions, our experts have consulted the official PhenQ website to learn more about its composition and functioning, but also numerous scientific studies, testimonials and user opinions, in order to provide you with the most comprehensive online study you will find on the product.

Three benefits in one supplement:

This dietary supplement combines the benefits of several weight loss pills in a single product: it is a fat burner, appetite suppressant and energizer.

It is part of the family of natural fat burners and is therefore recommended for those seeking to get a slim figure and lose weight while avoiding stacking on fat and suppressing appetite.

This type of dietary supplement also provides the body with the energy needed to help the it eliminate fat.

Where does PhenQ come from?

This product, distributed as a food supplement by the Bauer Nutrition Group, is produced in the United States and the United Kingdom in the Wolfsonberg laboratories whose products are made in GMPcertified labs. It is also FDA compliant.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certifies the quality and safety of pharmaceutical products and GMP (Current Good Manufacturing) guarantees that the laboratory facilities where the products are manufactured meet health standards.

PhenQ production history :

The group of researchers responsible for the production of this product was appointed with the mission of finding a truly effective weight loss product against obesity.

The fact is that many dietary supplements that should help lose weight are only temporarily effective: people who consume them quickly regain weight after discontinuing treatment, in other words, they are victims of the “yoyo” effect.

Consumers of this type of dietary supplement are also victims of another phenomenon: the increase in their body fat index (BMI).

Researchers at the Bauer Nutrition Group have therefore relied on the results of studies of these different products to propose the creation of a truly effective alternative, which would not only focus on weight loss, but would address all the problems that cause weight gain.

How does the PhenQ weight loss supplement work?

The PhenQ pill helps to lose weight by acting in various ways on the metabolism and psychological aspect of the person who wants to lose weight. Let’s discover together all the actions that make up its overall functioning.

Increases the body’s calorie expenditure:

The formula of PhenQ is composed of a powder called Capsimax, enriched with capsaicin, an alkaloid chemical compound present in peppers.

This formula allows it to strengthen the body’s thermogenesis process. In other words, PhenQ will encourage the body to regulate its body temperature (by significantly increasing it) and thus burn calories faster during the day… and at night!

Facilitates the activity of fat burning by metabolism

With the consumption of PhenQ , fats will be more easily directed and used as an energy source..

This is due to the presence of L-carnitine, an amino acid that influences the transfer of fatty acids to the mitochondria, which are the energy centers of our cells.

In this way, it is possible to promote the production of energy by the body. This process is also facilitated by the fact that Phen Q increases the body’s calorie expenditure through capsaicin.

Limits the absorption of fat during digestion

This dietary supplement, since it contains extracts of nopal fibers, the thorny cactus, has another activity that allows the body to lose weight during digestion.

This cactus, known for its virtues in the gastrointestinal system, prevents the intestine from absorbing fat and encourages them to evacuate it during defecation.

As a result, fat is less absorbed, allowing the body to spend more and lose weight.

Regulates blood sugar levels

One of the consequences of weight gain and being overweight is excess blood sugar and insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. This is due to the fact that the body has accumulated a diet very rich in fats and sugars.

The chromium and nopal content of PhenQ will regulate and balance the blood glucose index.

This prevents diabetes, but also prevents the accumulation of fats and sugars in the fatty tissues.

Reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the blood

The piperine contained in PhenQ helps to rebalance the level of cholesterol in the blood, reducing bad cholesterol, which prevents fat metabolism and causes heart problems.

Piperine is an alkaloid found in some spices, such as pepper, and has an effect on cholesterol and excess fat in fatty tissues.

This molecule is very famous for its fat burning action which helps to lose weight over time.

When cholesterol levels are balanced, the body can more easily reuse fats as an energy source for burning.

A dietary supplement that reduces the feeling of hunger

PhenQ acts as an appetite suppressant and therefore helps to control food cravings..

Nopal fibers reduce your sense of appetite and therefore make you feel full at the end of meals. Capsomax acts on appetite neurotransmitters by inhibiting them.

Taking PhenQ will help to achieve a feeling of fullness more easily, thus promoting weight loss.

PhenQ acts as a nervous system regulator and helps the body rest

The problem with some weight loss diets is that they cause fatigue and increased stress, particularly due to changes in dietary habits.

Both of these phenomena slow down the basal metabolism, which causes the body to burn less fat.

One of the special features of PhenQ is that it contains magnesium. Magnesium is an important mineral because it regulates the nervous system, preventing depression and mood swings.

It also allows the body to recover well during sleep, promoting the synthesis of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

PhenQ Ingredients

Phenq Ingredients
Phenq Ingredients

PhenQ is a pill made of 100% original natural elements, which is what makes it so special!

Contrary to its name, PhenQ does not contain phentermine, a chemical molecule from the family of amphetamines, known to be effective in weight loss, but which can be very dangerous to health.

This molecule multiplies the production of dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline, which are the hormones of stress. Considered a psychotropic, it was banned from the market in 2012 for its side effects (nervous and cardiac disorders).

In addition, it is essential to specify that each of the components of PhenQ has been subjected to serious scientific tests.

Capsimax Powder

This powder, composed of three active elements selected by the PhenQ research teams, is another formula that increases thermogenesis and stimulates the basal metabolism.

The elements that make up this capsimax formula are:

Capsicum: pepper extract containing capsaicin, which has effects on the process of weight loss, increasing energy expenditure, reducing hunger and improving fat oxidation, according to a study by the Manchester Food Research Center.

Vitamin B3: Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is important for the digestive system. It actually helps vascularization of adipose tissue and, in other words, helps the proper functioning of the basal metabolism, so that the body burns fat.

Piperine: This molecule is very influential in weight loss. It is used in particular to balance the level of cholesterol in the blood and is very useful in the prevention of insulin resistance and thus in the prevention of diabetes. A 2006 study published in the Journal of Basic Years Clinical Physiology and Pharmacology. It shows that piperine also helps the body use fat as energy.

Caffeine: Caffeine is a stimulant known for its energizing properties and allows the body to target fats as the first source of energy to burn. It accelerates metabolism and reduces appetite.

A-Lacys Reset®

A-Lacys Reset is the slimming secret in PhenQ. The ingredients of this innovative patented formula are actually substances contained in the body, but present in greater amounts to increase its effects.

This patented formula has a dual action of strengthening the basic metabolism and activating the thermogenesis (production of heat by the body that allows you to burn fat quickly).

Fat loss is therefore facilitated by the A-Lacys Reset formula.

This formula was designed by combining for the first time three substances with different advantages for the weight loss process:

Alpha lipoic acid: is an antioxidant that the body produces and converts glucose absorbed by the body into energy.

Cysteine: this amino acid synthesizes the body’s fatty acids.

Magnesium: This essential mineral, already mentioned earlier in this article, is also present in the composition of the product PhenQ. Magnesium helps the balance of the nervous system, in particular it helps the body to recover well during sleep and regulates mood, thus avoiding stress. These two elements are essential during a slimming diet for the proper functioning of the basal metabolism.

In addition, the alpha lipoic acids contained in this mixture allow the body to eliminate free radicals and thus combat cellular aging. In addition to providing effective and lasting weight loss, a-Lacys Reset improves overall health and fitness.

Extract of Nopal fiber

As we explained earlier in the article, nopal is a thorny plant rich in amino acids from Mexico.

PhenQ contains fibers from this cactus that facilitate the elimination of fat absorbed by the body through the stool. Cactus fiber can help you lose weight by increasing daily excretion by up to 15%.

This virtue of nopal was highlighted by an American study called Effects of cactus fiber on the excretion of edible fats in healthy subjects.

Nopal also helps to control appetite and provide energy to the body. Finally, it has virtues against water retention.

Chromium: Chromium, also known as chromium picolinate, is a very important micronutrient for the body and especially for the pancreas because it regulates blood sugar levels, thus preventing insulin resistance. This mineral reduces cravings for sugar and helps to rebalance the level of cholesterol in the blood.

According to the official PhenQ website, an 8-week study by Cornell University has demonstrated the effectiveness of chromium in reducing appetite and sugar cravings in people suffering from depression.

L-carnitine: This rare amino acid in our diet enables the basal metabolism to function properly. L-carnitine is not very present because the body is not able to synthesize it.

However, this amino acid helps to transfer the fatty acids to the cells, helping them reuse them and promote their elimination. If the person is physically active, this ability to l-carnitine would be more effective. It also helps the heart function properly during physical exertion.

These effects seem to be more effective in overweight individuals, as demonstrated in this study in overweight men: “A pilot clinical study on L-carnitine supplementation in combination with motivational training: effects on weight management in healthy volunteers”.

Because, although the results of L-carnitine are (rightly) presented by the company that produces Phen Q, other more independent studies seek to minimize its effectiveness in weight loss for a public considered “normal”. These studies also question the effectiveness of these pills in terms of physical effort.

Calcium carbonate: Calcium is known for good bone health, but it also has an effect on the elimination of fat. Several studies by the University of Creighton (USA) show that it limits the production of fat cells from the body.

However, while some studies claim the role of calcium carbonate supplementation in the weight loss process and especially fat burning, such as the study entitled Calcium and Dairy Acceleration of Weight and Fat Loss during Energy Restriction in Obsese Adults, others have not shown specific results.

Who is PhenQ for?

Weight Loss

The PhenQ food supplement is designed for people who want to lose weight in a sustainable way, avoiding the inconveniences caused by diets: rapid weight gain, fatigue, mood swings …..

It is aimed at those who have been disappointed with diets too rigid and those who are concerned about having a natural diet.

The natural pill PhenQ was developed to act not only on the physical appearance, but also on the psychological and general health of those seeking to lose weight.

As a dietary supplement, it is intended for people who want to supplement a better diet and regular physical activity with a little help.

The benefits of PhenQ

Of natural origin, the main advantage of PhenQ, in addition to the fact that it helps to lose weight effectively, is that it gives the body the energy needed to train during the day and rest well during the night.

You can achieve very positive results in 5 months (provided that the detailed dose is respected in the next section). It is also an appetite suppressant that does not affect the mood of the person who consumes it, unlike other similar pills.

In general, the actions that they present (and that we have described previously in the article), constitute the real advantages and benefits of these pills.

Another undeniable advantage: their 100% natural composition and, therefore, the fact that their pills are (almost) 100% harmless to the human body.

Almost because, as we will see in the section dedicated to side effects, it is still important to respect the dosage and follow the contraindications.

PhenQ Side Effects

It’s hard to find them, but like any dietary supplement, these pills also have some disadvantages.

First, the taste of the tablet can be a real deterrent to consumption: it is actually a little unpleasant.

To mention another disadvantage, PhenQ is more expensive than other products of this type, which can discourage many.

NB: as with any treatment, you need to take the tablet regularly, not forgetting. And yes, it is essential to follow the dosage to see the benefits of PhenQ.

Finally, it seems essential to us to specify in this section that this is not a miraculous food supplement, which will make you lose tens of pounds without any extra effort on your part! In fact, to multiply the benefits by ten, it is essential to combine a healthy diet with sports.

Focus on the effectiveness of PhenQ

It is worth mentioning once again: it is not a miracle pill! Needless to say results will vary; weight gain, and the difficulty of losing weight, varies from person to person and depends on many factors.

Like any dietary supplement or food supplement, PhenQ works as a supplement to a balanced diet and its effectiveness lies in the fact that it acts as an aid, especially during the small excesses that can follow a diet.

Its effectiveness has been demonstrated by several scientific and clinical studies that have compared the results of people who have taken the food supplement PhenQ with those who have taken placebo tablets.

In addition, the people tested saw their figures, energy, motivation and moods improve.

Scientific studies: results and conclusions

Studies have shown the effectiveness of the product in terms of weight loss, fat loss and muscle mass gain.

Clinical studies have shown that taking PhenQ results in weight loss of 3.44%, fat loss of 7.24% and an increase in muscle mass of 3.80%.

Results vary from person to person, but as a general rule, the first results are seen after two months of treatment.

Special features: What is the difference with Phen375?

PhenQ is often compared to Phen375, which is also an older generation dietary supplement.

PhenQ VS Phen375

Thus, it has long been considered the world’s leading weight loss supplement due to its effectiveness and accessibility compared to other treatments. Phen375 has revolutionized the market for its ability to directly influence metabolism and the psychological aspect of patients.

Often compared, it is true that there are some similarities in their actions and benefits on the body. However, can we say that they are identical for all this? Well, no, that’s all!

Their composition is already very different: PhenQ is more current and its formula is therefore more advanced. So, we found some new products in its composition (not present in Phen375) such as, for example, a-Lacys Reset®. This substance is now patented by Bauer, so it is impossible to find it in any other dietary supplement!

As explained in the “Composition” section, lea-Lacys Reset® is composed of alpha lipoic acid, cysteine and magnesium, which have superior fat removal properties for any other natural ingredient.

As for the bitter orange (citrus Aurantium) in Phen 375, it is replaced by nopal in PhenQ.

And the particularity of the PhenQ weight loss supplement is certainly due to the fact that, in addition to its unique and patented formula A-Lacys Reset®, it combines the powers of several tablets in a single capsule.

In fact, the product is effective thanks to the numerous functions that are found separately in the different effective pills on the market. In this way, it treats weight problems on multiple levels at the same time.

As far as its overall effectiveness is concerned, it is difficult to make observations because no serious scientific study has been carried out on the subject.

However, according to our research and which has been found elsewhere on the web, we can estimate that PhenQ would get a score of 8/10 for fat burning compared to Phen375, which gets a score of 9/10.

However, PhenQ would score 8/10 for its appetite suppressing power, compared to 4/10 for Phen 375.

In terms of preventing fat accumulation, Phen Q is rated 8/10 compared to 4/10 for Phen 375.

To lose weight in general, Phen Q seems to have better results than its predecessor Phen 375, but once again: this statement depends very much on the shape of your body, as well as the efforts you put into practice to change your eating and sports habits.

Dosage: How to use PhenQ?

The basic dosage is two tablets per day. One tablet should be taken in the morning for breakfast and another for lunch.

When to start and when to stop?

You can start this slimming treatment at any time, but it is advisable to follow the treatment for 3 months to achieve the goal of optimal figure and keep weight stable.

What are the dosages to be respected?

A box of PhenQ contains 60 tablets.

The daily dose is 2 tablets per day. Although no side effects have been reported, it is recommended not to increase the doses, as this will not have any positive effect on weight loss.

What to do if PhenQ is forgotten

If you forget to take PhenQ, you should continue your treatment as usual. In other words, it is strongly discouraged to try to compensate for the missed dose by doubling the next dose. In fact, a double dose is totally useless because it will not fill the benefits of the missed pill.

It is the frequency and regularity that is important in taking this treatment (so it can work all day), not the dosage (which is perfectly measured within a pill).

What should I do if I overdose on Phenq?

Overdose does not cause any serious side effects, but it is not advisable to multiply the doses because, as explained below, it does not lead to better results and could lead to jitteriness.

In case of significant overdose, such as taking 10 tablets at a time, it is important to monitor the signals sent by the body.

Therefore, if you experience any side effects or other abnormal behavior, contact a health care professional immediately and explain clearly the medications and dosage you have taken.

Precautions to take when taking PhenQ

It is not recommended to take one PhenQ tablet after 15:00, as the caffeine contained in the treatment may affect the sleep of some more sensitive people.

It is recommended to limit the consumption of coffee or other energy drinks during the treatment with PhenQ especially for people sensitive to caffeine.

How to store PhenQ?

Capsules should be stored in their original container. After each use, also try to store them in a cool place so that they can be stored longer. Finally, our main recommendation is to keep these tablets out of the reach of children throughout the program.

Ideally, it is advisable to store these pills on a high shelf in your bathroom or kitchen, depending on the room where you are used to taking these pills.

Risks, dangers and side effects of PhenQ

Although 100% natural in composition, there are dangers with all dietary supplements if the dosage is not respected.

Side effects of PhenQ

No significant side effects have been reported in relation to the use of PhenQ .

However, since this treatment is recent, there may be other unknown side effects, so do not hesitate to contact a doctor if you feel any abnormalities in your body.

Look out for these Symptoms:

  • Stomach disorders
  • nausea
  • headache.
  • Finally, some people may feel a form of nervousness, mainly because of the caffeine content.


Taking PhenQ is not recommended for people who suffer:

  • cardiovascular problems
  • hyperthyroidism
  • high blood pressure
  • a form of diabetes
  • cancer
  • autoimmune diseases
  • kidney or liver disease

It is also not recommended for pregnant women (pregnancy or breastfeeding) and people under 18 years of age.

Non-recommended drug interactions

PhenQ does not interact with other drugs, but is not recommended for people on antidepressant therapy.

If you are taking any other type of treatment, it is strongly recommended to consult your doctor or other health care professional.

PhenQ: Reviews

The purpose of this section is to analyze the opinions of consumers who have actually tested the PhenQ.

User reviews and testimonials

The various forums and websites dedicated to PhenQ and consulted by our team for the development of this guide show very positive opinions and testimonials. Consumers seem very satisfied and this fat burner seems to be very effective.

On the official PhenQ website, there is news that more than 190,000 customers have been satisfied.

To mention a few testimonials, one of them concerns a 31-year-old man who claims to have lost nearly 5 kilos in a month of treatment after following many unsuccessful diets. Another woman said she lost 9 pounds in 5 months of PhenQ, and fell by two sizes.

Warning: do not blindly rely on reviews from users on the web. We have not found any evidence of the veracity of the latter.

Final thoughts on PhenQ

Studies and testimonials show that the PhenQ treatment for weight loss is really effective for weight loss.

This pill consists of 100% natural ingredients known for their benefits, which allows you to lose weight effectively, quickly and durably, without the common effects of yo-yo diets of drastic weight loss. In addition, it not only affects weight loss, but also the overall physical and mental well-being of the person being treated.

Although this treatment is slightly more expensive than other weight loss dietary supplements on the market, its benefits and effectiveness are worth it.

Buying PhenQ: the complete guide

To conclude this review, we propose a part that we considered essential: where can we buy this food supplement to avoid risks and fraud?

In fact, since it is impossible to find PhenQ in a traditional pharmacy (understand “Physical Pharmacy”), you will have to order it online.

However, there are many scammers on the Internet, so it is essential to be careful.

Where to buy PhenQ?

Online, then, but on which site?

Due to PhenQ success and efficiency, some fraudulent companies do not hesitate to make counterfeits.

But be careful not to fall into the trap, it can prove to be a false placebo treatment (and therefore fake products whose composition is unknown, often cut with other substances that can be dangerous) or even pills expired long ago!

So, to avoid any risk, the distributor Bauer Nutrition has decided to limit the sale exclusively to the official website accessible by clicking on the following link

PhenQ is Guaranteed for 60 days

It is the only online shop that guarantees the authenticity of the product.

Another reason not to play with your health to save a few dollars!

At what price?

Depending on the number of boxes purchased during a purchase, the purchase prices vary.

For the purchase of a box, the price is $69.95. The price becomes attractive by buying two boxes at $139.90. For the purchase of 3 boxes, the price is $189.95.

A PhenQ guarantee?

Although a guarantee of results is impossible to promise (because it is not a magic capsule that will do all the work for you), the official manufacturer offers a guarantee of 60 days.

To benefit from the guarantee, simply return the boxes of empty capsules and you will be 100% refunded without any question.

In our opinion, this Guarantee(in force worldwide) is a good sign of trust offered by the manufacturer.

Completion of this process

Scientific studies, the effectiveness of its ingredients and the testimonies of users have given us a generally positive opinion on the product.

However, we would like to emphasize the fact that this treatment is a dietary supplement, there will be no miraculous results without adopting a healthy lifestyle that involves several things, especially a balanced diet and a small effort of regular physical activity to increase its effectiveness.

All this will make you lose weight in the short term and will make you feel better in the long term.

Why do other sites lie to you?

Because most of the sites visited by our teams promise to their readers:

“to lose weight easily, without the slightest effort.”

“to lose weight quickly, 10 pounds/week! “

“miraculous results”.

In short, don’t fall into the trap! Pay attention to the reviews you read on the web and rely only on the ones that are based on serious and reliable scientific studies.

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