TV Boss: A New Effective Way To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Online Business


The need for generate traffic cuts across all internet businesses including affiliate marketing. The success of any platform is determined mainly by traffic.

Expert affiliate marketers such as John Crestani are always on the lookout for tricks to generate traffic. They know that is the sure way to improve their profits for the rest of the year.

TV Boss
TV Boss

In this article, I will be showing you an unpopular traffic generating genius software that is used by the big boys including NetFlix, YouTube and Disney.

Personally, I have seen it being used to build traffic of email lists subscribers in different niches for only few weeks. Below are the results that were obtained;

27,346  subscribers in the HGH supplements  niche

108,512  subscribers in the make money online  niche

29,551 subscribers in the CBD niche

The above stats may not look impressive, moreover, there are similar traffic builder that can do the same. But here is the killer point, “all of these marketers knew nothing about their niche”. So, they can’t be expected to be strategic in their plan. All of these results were achieved using videos that do not belong to them. I know what you are thinking ― they are legally allowed to use the videos.

What Is This Untapped Affiliate Marketing Traffic Source?

Without keeping you in any further suspense, the super-efficient traffic source is TV Boss.

The product was launched in 2018. When it was launched, users were only allowed to launch and manage their own TV channel on Roku. For people that do not know Roku, it is one of the world’s renown provider of on-demand TV with more than 40 million viewers in the US alone.

Amazon Fire was developed to compete with Roku and the competition has been fierce. In response to the competition, TV Boss also updated its software to be compatible with Amazon Fire so that users will not miss out of anything.

You will have access to about 2,000 to more than 10,000 viewers depending on your niche in the first month of using this software without any promotion. With no money spent on promotion, you will be able to earn income through TV ads and traffic.

How does it work?

Remember TV Boss allows you to launch both Roku channels and Amazon Fire TV channels. That is just a tip of the iceberg. The real deal of using TV Boss is that it allows you to manage the content of your TV program and segregate your content into multiple categories on the platform. With the use of ‘Firestick’ you can stream online contents ― shows, movies, and even music from your TV.

The set-up requires minimal technical expertise. You only need to have a strong internet connection just as you would have for your normal PC or gadgets.

Why This Traffic Source Is so Valuable to Affiliate Marketers

Traffic is the main determining factor of any affiliate marketer’s earning. With TV Boss, you have access to up to 57 million customers and has the two platforms (Roku Channel and Amazon Fire) continues to grow so will your traffic.still growing.

If you are able to gather enough traffic on the channel, you can expect enticing offers from companies who will want to leverage your audience. Most of them will pay you upfront and continuously.

To start earning through TVBoss Fire, you do not need any of these;

  • Pay for any traffic or promotion
  • Use social media or content marketing
  • Create any of your own content
  • Learn the tricky SEO, PPC or any other time-sucking, expensive tasks
  • Building squeeze pages & lead magnets
  • Coding or paying for developers

How About Training?

For optimal leverage of this platform, there is a guide for you. This guide is prepared using real experiences from the use of the platform. It will accelerate your journey from beginner to expert/professional.

You need to present yourself as an expert in the niche you are promoting on the platform for people to take you seriously. This is part of the things the guide will train you for.

So, in this guide they are giving you the following:

– Teaching Worksheet Template.

– Top Tips & Ideas Template.

– E-book / Report Template.

– ‘How To’ Guide Template

– ‘Must Have’ Checklist Template..

TV Boss Fire Guide Outsourcing Templates

The truth you may never have heard from most affiliate marketers is that, to be successful in the business, you will need a team. Not just a team, a great and committed one! Also included in the guide is how you can hire the best and build your team from scratch. You don’t need to have them in-house, the guide will show you how to perfectly outsource.

You’ll also be able to have templates for project specs and project listings as well.

Here are all of what’s included:

– Hiring and Management Templates

– Constructive Feedback Template

– Evaluating Applications Checklist.

– Directory of Outsourcing Sites.

– Quality Check Checklist.

– Suggested Interview Questions.

– Project Listing Templates

– Template for Graphic Work

– Template for Virtual Assisting Work

– Template for Web Development Work

– Template for Writing Work

– Project Spec Templates

– Project Specs for Writing Work

– Project Specs for Web Development Work

– Project Specs for Virtual Assisting Work

– Project Specs for Graphic Work

​Customer service is another thing you have to take serious in this business. To make things easier for you, the guide has compiled a true working virtual assistant tips using years of experience relating with different customers.

An email templates, checklist, and customer support templates as well for you.

Customer Service Email Templates.

Customer Service Best Practices.

Customer Service Checklist.

Customer Service FAQ Template.

Customer Service Email Template.

Customer Survey Template.

Refund Policy Template.


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