How to Make Money Online? What To Sell and Where?


Wouldn’t it be nice to buy into something legitimate and proven to work? You can generate sales and make good money without guilt. Here is another truth that you need to know  to be truly successful:

Sell a product or service

Does it sound strange to you or what? Well, if it does, no problem. I’ll educate you on that idea. For you to make money online, you must have two things:

  • Something to sell
  • A market to sell to
How To Make money Online
How To Make money Online

If you can figure this two out, all that is left is to make sales. Simple and short.

If you must know, there are other things involved, but at this basic level, all that is required to succeed are those two things. With those in the kitty, you can start having a new perspective towards making money online.

So, breaking it down at this juncture means there must be a product or service to make a sale and a ready market willing to buy from you.

At this point, jettison the idea of get rich schemes; you have to put in the effort to make money, and when you hear anything contrary, know it’s a red flag.

Listen, online businesses are not any different from the brick and mortar ones you know out there—especially in principles and concept. There must always be something to sell and a market to sell to.

But we tend to shelve this truth by the side and would rather believe “if it is online, it will make me rich overnight, with little or no effort on my part.”

Undoubtedly, you can make money on the go, and very quickly too. You can even build a successful business online faster than most offline businesses. But there’s a place of effort to see it through.

For a fact, those two words—sell something—is at the foundation of your activity.

The point now is, what can you sell?

I can answer it so many ways. The subject is vast, but I will simplify it as much as possible and point you in the right direction.

Don’t get yourself thinking it’s complicated—it’s one of the easiest things you’ll learn here.

Making money: Seven ways to achieve it


This will be a perfect place if you can source products that are in demand and sell at a profit. You might have to put in the necessary work to handle request and ship products. Learning how to do this might not be much of a problem; you only need to source for a product that is in demand, list them and show it to potential buyers,  and eventually, ship them when you make a sale.


This is a platform with so much potentials and very versatile. It is similar to eBay, and you equally source for products and also sell using the platform. You can even sell your information if it is hot-in-demand by publishing your books and even video. You can even sell digital content—mobile apps and e-books.


Here is another good place if you have the skill and you can sell it as a service. You can make good money on this platform when you have the right skill.

Creating Digital Products

Certainly not for beginners; but it is a great way to be an authority in whatever niche you consider fit. There are a couple of things that must be in place to see this to fruition. Your information must be hot and practicable.

The first and one of the most important things to do is to choose a profitable niche. To make a success out of it, choose a niche of interest—I mean a niche you’re passionate about and also has experience in. So what happens when the experience is lacking? We will get to that in a bit.

E-book Creation Including Videos, MP3, Membership Sites, etc

There are endless things to do here. As long as there is a market for it, you can sell continuously. You don’t need to do it yourself if you don’t have the required skillset—hire people to do it for you.

Offer “Private Label Rights” Content

In this case, you’ll get a PLR license to some content. With this license you can go ahead to edit or even rebrand it—it automatically becomes yours. Make sure you check out the license agreement before you get it.

If you decide to adopt the PLR method, then it’s on my recommendation that you master what is within it; as long as it works for you, the experience will be valuable  to make so much gain in that niche. If you can’t master what’s in the PLR, you hope to obtain a license for, then it migth be of low-quality, and you can shelve the idea. A good PLR content must be easy to apply.

Affiliate Products

You don’t have to own a product—you can sell people’s product and make good money from it. Becoming an affiliate is not hard, but spotting an excellent product from a trusted vendor is what matters. You’ll still need to get approval for the product before you can promote it. The best way to be successful as an affiliate is to have an email list; promoting through social media channel is also a good way or through YouTube—or better still, your website

Being successful with this method requires that you own your website—you’ll have to purchase a domain name and hosting for this to happen. Having a mailing list means subscribing to a mailing service—usually called an autoresponder. You can send a series of emails to convert leads to customers. When you continuously do so, you can get a high conversion rate.

There are great places to source for a quality product, and they are:

  • Jvzoo
  • Warrior Plus
  • Clickbank

The services here may have affiliate programs to their names—it essential to check them out. Some services are evergreen and will never phase out as long as the internet exists — for example, domain name registrar, hosting company, or even autoresponder. You’ll get commissions if you can drive leads to your affiliate links. You need to look around for services that people can’t do without—hot-in demand service. Become an affiliate for such products and make your commissions.

Blog about your Passion

Blogging about things you’re passionate about is an excellent way to acquire leads. People will see you as an authority if you can provide value and solution to their problem. You can use the lead-capture form to acquire their emails using a lead magnet—a valuable gift to get their emails. You’ll provide higher value via mail when they jump on your list and also build a relationship with every subscriber; promote the affiliate product to them.

I have nothing to sell; what do I do?

Well, a lot of people have been in that space. Yes, you’re a great web developer, and the backend stuff and other technicalities are a walk in the park. You may still be stuck on what to sell, where to sell it, and how. The thought of that can make you cringe.

“How” to sell is a different topic on its own, but it all boils down to marketing. Strategy and positioning are of critical importance. Don’t bog your head! You’ll go through a learning curve so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Getting started is what matters.

There are possible options for the “where.” You can decide to sell on your website. Another option for you is investing in paid ads to get the product in the face of potential customers. You may even decide to sell on a third party website. The choice is yours.

The “where” has a connection with the “what.” The “what to sell” depends on your situation. The thing is you can sell your product on your website or use a third party site. In the case of an affiliate offers, it will be totally out of place to sell on freelancing platforms, for example.

You need to understand that you have no option than to follow the affiliate marketing model if you don’t own a product yet or a service.

It is easy making money with affiliate marketing because you don’t have to own a product. However, you can promote other people’s products and still make good money— little or no technicalities and ease of entry.

But things have changed. The model still works and it’s a great way to make money. As a newbie, you may struggle to have a foothold if you don’t have the resources at your disposal—which most newbie don’t have readily available.

I’m not trying to send fears down your spine. No! But being honest will open your eyes to the challenges ahead. So many people will not tell you the truth; they will rather beat around the bush to get money off you. So saying it now prepares your mind for it eventuality.

Don’t lose hope yet–there is a solution in sight. It will benefit you greatly as a newbie willing to start making money online even without experience as long as you’re willing to go the extra mile and put in the necessary effort.

It is a free book that will get you up to speed on what you need to do to get started with the affiliate marketing—written by my friend and mentor, Dean Holland.

It is known as “Affiliate Marketers Playbook” Grab your free copy here. All you get to pay is shipping fee to bring it down to you.

This book will teach what works in today’s world as regards the affiliate marketing model.

The book demystifies so many things. Don’t go thinking affiliate marketing is dead; no it still works, and one of the best ways to make money online. But if you need a solid footing and want to be consistent about making money online, this book will suffice.

In Conclusion

I want to believe the information put out here has been helpful, and you’re beginning to make sense of it all.

Have this at the back of your mind: making real success requires TAKING ACTION.

As I mentioned earlier, making money online requires two words:

Sell something.

In summary:

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Identify a hot market
  3. Decide on what to sell
  4. Decide where to sell
  5. Sell it!

There are many sides to having a functional business model online. Time will not permit me to get to it or sufficiently cover here.

You can contact me here if you’d like to learn more about getting started online.

Grab the “Affiliate Marketers Playbook” to get started on your affiliate marketing journey.

Next lesson: How to Start from Scratch an Online Business That Can Generate Money Quickly



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