How To Drive Traffic To Your Website


Step 7: Your Affiliate Website Traffic

What are your goals and plans? Get right to them by doing a review of what they are. You have to constantly review them to stay on track, and for adjustment, so your goals are as fresh and relevant as possible.

Website Traffic
Website Traffic

Day 7 Objective

Your site is all set up, and you’re pretty excited about it. Do you fold your arms and do nothing? Absolutely not; get traffic! Traffic is the name of the game—without it, nothing happens on your site.

Traffic from search engines is not magic. If you’re trying to optimize your site, so it appears on the SERPs, you have to understand that it doesn’t happen overnight—your website will not be anywhere on the first page. The best way to approach this is by focusing your effort on other traffic-generating methods for now.

If the traffic is not coming as much as it should, never bog your head. Your website lacks the right amount of content at the moment—you can’t even monetize right now. The most important thing right now should be letting people know you exist. You have to keep getting people to your site.

 Evaluate your Site’s Traffic

Your website at this point is like a kid on the block waiting to do exploit. Start attracting recognition by spreading the word. Before going ahead to spread the word, set up your site in such a way that you know your traffic source. Not to worry, you can get it done, easy and hassle-free—and it is free!

Set up accounts with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tool. You’ll get valuable information about how people are reaching your site and the activities going on there.

Google Analytics will furnish you will the necessary details about traffic—the amount, type, and source—be it daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly traffic too. You’ll have a clear idea about visitor’s behavior like click-through path, conversion rate, bounce rate and the time visitors spend on your site

For Google Webmaster Tool, it will avail you details on how the search engines perceive your site. If you have coding issues, broken lines, or dreaded malware, you’ll get alerts as to that effect. Even essential information as it concerns top search queries will be revealed, including search results and linking structure.

If you want to be successful with your site, you cannot relegate your traffic data to the background; you can take certain decisions based on available facts—the traffic to focus on and the one to push aside.

You may get lost in the midst of it all. But everything will soon become clear as you consistently drive traffic to your site.

Driving Traffic to your Affiliate Site

Initial Traffic Sources:

Getting your first traffic will be via social media. What you should be doing right now is connecting with people and making new friends—and one of the fastest ways is through social media—and letting them know you have something going on.

Social Media

Leverage Facebook and Twitter. There are tons of videos on setting up social media profiles and accounts. The first thing to do here is get started by following other marketers in your niche and liking their posts while making valuable contributions to them. Observe the kind of posts they’re churning out and sharing.

Share your content when posted on your site. You can also make use of LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. To make good on each social media, observe the people flooding the sites. You’ll understand if they’re your target audience. If they’re not fit for your niche, search out where they go.

Content Marketing

If you want to get people’s attention—and fast, too—post consistently. The search engines embrace fresh and quality content, and if you have it on your site regularly, it will get indexed faster than you know it and crawled by their bots as much as possible.

Let your content be rich with quality information. People will always share quality content. Needless to say, you don’t have to be an award-winning writer to generate quality content on the go. Be original and post what matters

Link Building

Over the years, link building has taken different form and shape. It is still regarded as one of the best ways of getting noticed.  Generating great content and people linking to it has remained the best strategy— they will do it even without your knowledge. It means you’re doing something they like.

Another thing you can do is leaving comments on other people’s blogs with your URL directed back to your site.

Paid Ads

You may want to stay away from paid ads at this point. The truth is you’re still trying to navigate your way into the thick of things; there are so many things you may not understand right now. To avoid losing money, stay clear! Free traffic will be your best bet.

 What should be your Next line of Action?

Let me take you down memory lane. Still remember systems?  At this juncture, your first system is complete—your 7-day tutorial. The goal of getting your internet business up and running has been achieved. The next hurdle would be a new set of systems as we proceed forward. We’re making progress, which is paramount to our journey.

Use this 3 minutes video to get a hold of using systems.

Put together a Sustainable System to be Successful on your Affiliate Journey

You’ll have to decide on the amount of time you wish to spend each week on your online business. Do you intend to do this full-time or for just a few hours and do other stuff with your time? The choice is yours.

Come up with a daily plan—you could call it system if you like—that will work perfectly with your schedule. Trust me, even if you falter at it point, relax, no perfection this time. Your plan should be flexible with the feedback loop in place as explained on Day 1.

Here are the following tasks to incorporate into your schedule

  • Consistently add quality content to your site –to garner trust and build authority
  • Focus on List building and grow your audience
  • Engage with other people’s content and share them too
  • Learn how to use SEO techniques to improve the visibility of your site
  • List affiliate products that matter to your niche

Have a great system up and start working on your plan. Review your plan, strategize to make sure you’re not losing track—but most importantly, learn.

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