Content Marketing: 5 Ideas for Generating Traffic


Creating content can generate extra traffic for you. Here are some tips that will speed up the process of attracting visitors to your site when you publish content.

Content For Your Website
Content For Your Website

1) Create content on time and deliver it to the right platforms. Develop new content that is relevant. Link the content in question to a trending  topic – Google Trends helps you find the right trends – and share it on social networks to maximize its spread.

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2) Know the purpose of your content. If you focus on Google’s limitations and/or optimize your articles to get clicks, you can go part of the way, but it won’t be enough to keep users interested in your content. It has to be dedicated. Create content that lives, breathes, has a point of view and serves a purpose.

3) Use content generated by experts. Your audience listens to the experts in your field. This type of content can take the form of expert interviews, summaries, webinars, podcasts, guest messages, and video content. The idea is to have the experts in your field create content for your site and then let them share your content with their audience to maximize their reach.

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4) Create content that speaks to other recognized websites in your domain, such as:

  • Test and write a complete overview of their products
  • Offer comparisons of their products with those of their competitors
  • References to other articles on your website

By publishing content that adds value to other websites in your domain, you create an additional source of traffic in addition to the organic search.

5) Write what your readers want to read. If you’re on social networks, ask your target audience what they want. And get suggestions from comments, email responses, reviews or comments from past customers.

Put yourself in the shoes of your readers and make a list of the topics they want to read. Then use SEO tools to identify the right keywords for that content.

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If you expect your readers to get involved, you should. That means responding to comments, asking questions, starting or resuming conversations and being receptive to their ideas. You can even open up your platform to content provided by third parties.




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