Top Paying Health, Fitness and Beauty Affiliate Programs


Health and beauty related affiliate programs are popping up everywhere. The market spans across a massive area and if you look enough, you can easily find products for any problem related to health and beauty.

Highest Paying Affiliate Programs.
Highest Paying Affiliate Programs.



Website: Click Here

Commissions: 30% commission on all sales.

SPECKTRA is a nutraceutical company established for the sole purpose of creating full spectrum CBD formulas for specific health benefits.

SPECKTRA creates vapes, patches and tinctures for pain relief, reduction of anxiety and treatment of insomnia. The products they develop are 100% guaranteed and they use both phytocannabinoids and organic essential oils in the development of their products for maximum therapeutic relief.If your target is to reach a wide range of people with a wide range of products, then you may want to try SPECKTRA.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: 25% revenue share for the affiliate. Payment can be made in bitcoins.

As reported in periodicals and news outlets, GM Health Care Group, formerly known as Got Milk Pharmacy, is one of the most trusted and respected licensed FDA approved Pharmacy that can be found on the internet.

Along with saving human lives, GM Health Care Group is known for offering its client access to around 2000 medications at very low costs.

GM Health Care Group provides quality medication for people from all walks of life. With GM Care Group, no medication is too hard to find.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: 25% Commissions

Women everywhere have at one time or another gone through the frustration of lugging around makeup products that do not fit at all in their bags.

STOWAWAY Cosmetics provide a solution to this problem by creating beauty products that can fit into a woman’s purse or bag easily.

With the affiliate program of this company, you can easily earn 25% on sales


Website: Click Here

Commissions:  Payouts are dependent on the offer.

When it comes to high paying affiliate programs in the health and beauty niche, NUTRACASH is one of the best with more than 300 offers in skin diet, male enhancement, breast enhancement, brain and muscle. Payout is weekly and the program runs a CPA network.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: $60 CPA. $50 CPA for cross sellers.

BIZPROFITS is a premium CPA network with the noble objective of helping their affiliates earn as much as possible by providing advertisers with really high traffic.

For every campaign, advertisers receive high-quality leads due to the strong nature of their affiliate base.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: Depends on offers. Click link to learn more.

OLAVIVO is a beauty and health related affiliate network that focuses on boutiques. It promotes cryptocurrency verticals and e-commerce. Its unique technology cup abilities carpool with its transparency gives a result of the ass level of professional and personal service.

Join today, if you need a way to bulk up your income.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: 40% commission.

The beauty and health niche is a family of the bodybuilding niche. With BAUER NUTRITION, there is a merge of niches and you stand a better chance of getting a huge chunk of the two industries through affiliate marketing.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: 40% commission.

With its main offices in Canada, Vancouver and British Columbia, CLE HOLISTIC HEALTH is one of the biggest companies for affiliate marketers in the health and beauty niche to explore.

The company majors in the creation of natural herbal remedies and all the nutritional supplements are licensed and sold in the whole of North America. All CLE’S natural supplements have been verified and adequately tested.

With the huge spike in taking natural products and the nature of the market, CLE’S products are guaranteed to be a hit with their final consumers. What this means is that big bucks are coming for you.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: Up to 50% for straight Steel company campaign. 25% for recurring commissions.

SLIMFY is a US-based brand that manufactures health supplements for people of all age and race.

Dedicated to healthy living and helping others achieve their goals, SLIMFY is known for manufacturing supplements with balanced formulas which are inspired by nature since its inception in January 2012.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: Up to 55% per sale.

Herbal Technologies BV is a health care company located in the Netherlands. It is responsible for the production and distribution of top-quality products. These products are highly effective and their huge client base makes affiliate marketing easy for affiliate marketers.

A recent study by the company has shown that customers that buy a product from the company remain loyal to the brand for a very long time.


Website: Click Here

Commissions: Up to 40% per sale.

NUTRIPROFITS is a platform created by affiliates for the benefit of other affiliates. The platform boasts of the wide range of high-quality food supplements and great cosmetics for half that marketers who want to promote these products on their websites through one marketing technique or the other.

The affiliate program has been in place since 2013 and it is still getting better.




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