Those Who Do Not Follow These Five Simple Marketing Rules Fail


To use your marketing as a powerful engine for your business, you must follow clear rules. These are not new rules. Although they are well known most often they are left out.


And to tell you the truth, there are two types of marketers. Those who follow these golden rules without deviation. And those who go out into the world. And in a few years, you’ll never see them again. Think of Wonder batteries, Pontiac cars or Wisk laundry. All those brands are sunk.

What are these five rules?

In order: relevance, consistency, focus, duration and repetition. Let’s go through them one by one.


Your product or service must be relevant to your market. It must be seen as superior, as unique. It should stand out. But beware: it must be relevant to a property that counts for your market. It won’t do you any good to be relevant to something that nobody cares about.

And how do you know what’s relevant? By analyzing your market in depth. You need to know what motivates and inhibits your customers.

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What is relevant? A Nintendo Wii console that offers a unique and unprecedented gaming experience with a remote that detects position, orientation and speed of movement in space. It was relevant in a market where the gaming experience counts above all else.


This is probably the most neglected golden rule. Your efforts, marketing means that everyone must converge on one goal, never deviate. And above all, they must maintain the same message, the same philosophy in all their media: print, online, TV, newsletter, posters. An example of consistency?  Dyson. A vacuum cleaner brand with technology that eliminates all suction loss.


Why doesn’t Coca-Cola make cookies or other foods? Because it’s not their brand. Coca-Cola needs to keep all its energy and resources to strengthen itself where it has the most legitimacy: in the soft drink market.

The sharper the knife, the better it cuts. Be extremely sharp on one characteristic. Concentrate like a laser. Only one advantage per product. Not two, not three: one. For example: a Vanish detergent that removes stains. All communication is aimed at removing stains from clothes, carpets and furniture. the brand is concentrated on its becoming the leader in stain removal.


Some people say to themselves: “I’ve been campaigning for 2 months; it’s good  enough the people understand, I can move on”. ». NO. You can’t move on. Otherwise, you’ve spent money for nothing.

The Duracell campaign, using rabbits to express the benefit of its batteries was a good example of the duration needed to get the point to stick with the consumers.


Repetition No one will be convinced of your services or products by seeing your message only once on a poster, web banner, TV ad or email.

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On the other hand: repeating your message (at least 8 repetitions) to your market will convince them. Use repetition: wherever your customers are, repeat, repeat, repeat your message, always the same. By the way, did I tell you to repeat your message?

Even better: be where your target does not expect you with surprising and cheap ways to maximize your cost per useful contact (this is called guerrilla marketing). You will stand out even more at a lower price! But always with the same message you repeat.

If you’re not tired of your own message, it’s because you haven’t repeated it enough. Customers need to feel that your product, your brand, your service is part of their world.

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