Closing a Deal: Six Tricks to Deal With Objections


Objections are part of the selling process like seeds to an apple. They should be seen as opportunities to better understand the potential customer’s needs and to convince him to make a deal.

Hard Sales
Hard Sales

Brian Tracy lists in his book “Psychology of selling” some very effective tricks to counter objections.

Here are some of them: The keys to dealing with objections:

  1. Determining whether it’s a condition. A condition is a real reason why a person can’t buy his product at all. Or a reason why a person cannot go ahead and buy your product. You can’t sell a diaper to someone who doesn’t have a child, for example. That is a condition.
    Many people, when they raise an objection, think it’s a condition. Your job is to find out if it’s really a condition or not. For example, say, “What do you mean you can’t afford it What if you pay in installments? ยป
  2. Let the objection come out in its entirety. Let the person speak until the end about their objection. Don’t interrupt, even if you’ve heard the objection 100 times.
  3. Ask them to elaborate. “What do you mean exactly? “Better yet, you can say, “As I understand it, that’s what you’re asking…” and repeat the objection in the form of a question.
  4. Praise the person on the question. “Mr. Prospect, that’s a very good question and I’m glad you raised it. “People appreciate being complimented on their objection. It validates their thinking and their concerns. And then you answer it.
  5. Using the “empathy, feel, answer” method: you start by expressing empathy, you recognize the validity of the objection by expressing the feeling, and you answer the objection.


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