What Do Sales Funnels Entail and Why You Need One?


Sales funnels are very instrumental in internet marketing. A lot of online businesses depend so much on this to move their businesses to a fruitful end. Any business that has not been utilizing this is seriously lagging.

Commission Funnels
Commission Funnels

Sales funnels simply mean the arrangement of your offers to customers so that they can have the right leading as they are buying your products and services from your website. It is imperative to do this because it will help you design your business in such a way that each level will have its value. The good thing here is that everything becomes simpler once you successfully earn your customers’ trust, though it might seem unyielding at the initial stage. The idea here is that people who are at the top of the sales funnel will be willing to get to the end of the sales funnel.

Why are Sales Funnels Important?

  • Your customers’ problems on the right products to buy become sorted with a sales funnel
  • Your customers will see you as the right person to go to whenever they need anything
  • Sales funnels help in building the needed relationship with customers
  • Sales funnels also increase the total amount of money that would be spent by a customer in your business

It will interest you to know that sales funnels are not modern internet marketing strategies, even the usage of sales funnels didn’t start with the internet. An example of those who started sales funnels is McDonald’s.

It should be noted that sales funnels can be automated and that allows to use them all the time.

What Are the Possible Problems with Sales Funnels?

One of the major problems that are more likely to be encountered with sales funnels is specifically on how they can be used. This has always been a problem for businesses because it requires that you follow some processes. A good example of software that can be used for this is Clickfunnels.

Another major problem with sales funnels is that you will need to design your products and services such that you have the right ones at each level of the funnel.

Let’s look into Commission Funnels.

Commission Funnels

This is an example of sales funnels which is quite recommended for affiliates marketers who do not want to go into the rigors of the many processes that are involved in creating a sales funnel.

The following are what you stand to gain if you join Commission Funnels:

  1. More than fifteen affiliate campaigns, and each comes with the following:
  • High-selling products
  • Free products and custom bonus pages
  • Promo emails written by experts
  1. Free hosting – you necessarily do not need to pay for hosting as you are going to get it for free
  2. You will also be open to different methods to get free traffic, so that you can also start getting commissions
  3. You will also be given thorough training on how you can build your done for you (DFY) campaigns

How Do You Benefit from This?

  1. By using the page builder software, you can easily create custom bonus pages to market any type of product
  2. Commission funnels will also give you 100 bonuses on premium basis that can be handed out for free
  3. You will also be trained by experts in affiliate marketing and you will equally be granted Facebook access to other top affiliates.


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