4 Proven Sales Tips for Introverts That Hate to Sell


Do you hate cold selling to strangers? Follow these easy to follow tips to make sales without going too far beyond the comfort zone.

Hard Sales
Hard Sales

Raise your hand if you are not a natural seller! You are an introvert and talking to strangers is not your favorite pastime; the idea that your livelihood depends on it gives you cold sweats.

I was in your skin once. I developed my first business by calling potential customers cold from my home office and leaving them messages on their voice mail. When they called again, I answered in a different voice, as if they had contacted a frightened office worker. No matter how good of a deal I was offering none of the customers I was talking to were buying my pitch because of the awkwardness with which I was delivering my message.

Everything changed when I studied sales techniques that had already been tested. Anyone can master them, but the easiest way to understand them is to use a simple script. Pretend that you are selling an orange and apply the following four rules:

If you Help them, they will help you

You know that the customer wants to buy an orange and the customer knows that you want to sell it. Each of you is able to do yourself a favor.

The customer needs to see in you an impartial advocate. They need to know that you are ready to go the extra mile for them. Never propose a deal until they specifically ask for it or at least wait until they say it openly or provide enough hints to ensure that you are both moving to the right direction.

At this point, we suggest that you act on their behalf and suggest that you ask your boss if he can give them an extra discount. Don’t act sure that you will get it, but tell them that you will do your best for them. If you manage to make them feel special they will in return want to make you happy as a result.

Look at them the way they want to be seen

Never underestimate the power of an old-fashioned compliment. This has an interesting and predictable psychological effect in the sense that the person congratulating you somehow wants to meet your expectations.

It is so refreshing that even when there is so much junk food out there I can still meet people who prefer to eat healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s like someone on the subway reading a book instead of looking at their iphone, and that’s one of the small benefits of my work that allows me to meet with people like you every day.

Really who wouldn’t want to buy a delicious orange if it can quench hunger and  boost self-esteem? This is a particularly effective move if you can get the customer to agree with your assessment of his character as you describe them.

Silence is gold: Shut up and listen.

An entrepreneur who can talk about a product or service with eloquence, passion and trust is impressive. An entrepreneur who can do all this and feels completely at ease in the subsequent silence is a force to remember. Learn to feel comfortable with this silence. Let the buyer think about what you said about the orange and then let them think a little more. If they raise an issue about the orange, don’t be tempted to give a detailed answer. Keep it short and sweet and wait for confirmation.

Most importantly, listening creates rapport. Having a good rapport with your client allows for harmony and empathy. Finally, silence puts pressure on the client to make a decision.

The longer you remain silent, the greater the chance that you will hear what you want to hear. It is not an easy task; as a beginner I sweated quit a bit but with persistent training and practice I was able to get it down..

Be an authority in your field

It’s not enough to be an oranges expert; you have to be an authority.  Indeed people are more likely to submit to the advice of an authority with ease.

The easiest way to build authority is to get a complete picture of what you are selling. You need to be able to provide the customer with all your options and then carefully help them choose the one that meets their needs best.


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