What’s the Future of Affiliate Marketing?


As it stands, it is still difficult for anyone to conclude on the possible outcomes of affiliate marketing in the years to come, but nonetheless, there are still some indications from which significant deductions can be made. Think about the amount of wealth you would amass if you could time travel back in years while armed with the amount of knowledge you have today

Affiliate Marketing Future
Affiliate Marketing Future
  1. If you are in the 1980’s, you could purchase a one-word domain when they were not yet taken.
  2. Buying Microsoft’s stock just after their IPO in 1986
  3. Making huge investment in Gold when it was just around $400 per ounce in the late 2000
  4. Mining bitcoin in 2009 when it just began

It’s thinkable that with one or two of these, you can be many millions rich over and over again, but except you are able to travel back in time, you almost certainly can’t come near being that rich through any of these again. However, you still have some opportunities to explore if you will quickly latch on the new and emerging trends in the market.

Affiliate Marketing Trends

Just at the end of the 1990’s, a lot of people delved into the mortgage business as it was all the fad in the market and was really booming. Interest rates are declining to very drastic and ridiculous lows just as real estate values were rising quite astronomically. It was just the right boom time to amass and make big money hits with just little investments and efforts.

But quicker than expected, everything abated and the rush was over. The real estate market has risen to such ridiculously high untenable levels and it took a downward turn just like almost all market bubbles eventually burst.

What’s Trending Now In Affiliate Marketing?

  • Lengthier Authoritative content
  • Marketing Bots
  • Push Notification
  • Retargeting
  • Mobile-responsive Technology
  • Voice Search Optimization
  • Compliance

By chance you make a quick entry into an affiliate marketing trend just as it launches, you sure can earn huge sums online. Taking the currently trendy CBD market for instance, a lot of people who entered the market just as it launched, who are also vast in marketing their products efficiently on the internet made massive profits. A rock-solid cue to follow is the ‘money’ especially if you are keen on making it big online.

Potential Affiliate Niches to Watch

When asked which market to delve into, I often advise new marketers to go for a niche online which already has a track record of income generating potential rather than launching into a new niche which little or no one has treaded before. The justification for this is not far fetched: it takes away the risk, expenses, and time needed to test your assumptions as to whether the online niche can possibly fetch you a lot of money or not. It’s different for already established markets because they are already tested and proven, and you are aware of the fact that money is being made there on a daily basis.

However, there is this side of the coin where you could be an experienced entrepreneur who is not risk-averse and always on the lookout to latch on the next big things as early as possible. Besides, it is usually at those points where the big bucks can easily be made. If you are such an entrepreneur and you are ready to take the risks that come with being an early adopter of a market, here are a couple of industries you can look out for massive booms in the coming decade:

Marketing Trends To Look Out For In Affiliate Marketing:


Artificial intelligence involves the building of computer systems such that they are able to execute commands and tasks which normally demand human reasoning and intelligence. AI is an interesting field which is full of prospects and comes with every sense of intrigues especially for people who are die-hard fans of The Terminator movie series.

The robotics scene is also improving very quickly and is projected to fill up manual works normally done by people in the coming years. As soon as robotics and artificial intelligence get mutually intertwined, they’re definitely going to change the world and the way we live.


This certainly is going to be of significant impact and the market that will be formed around it will have the highest influence on the digital marketing arena.

IOT is network of physical entities that are linked to the internet. These include smartphones, circuits, sensors, electronics and wearables and will provide an exquisitely intelligent experience for the user by sending data through the internet to the cloud. For instance, assuming the streetlight in front or a few meters off your house breaks down, if it is connected to the cloud via the IOT system, it will alert the maintenance unit of your city that it has sustained a malfunction. This kind of smart and intelligent technology is no longer new in the world and has now been used in many places; it will soon become rampant in the coming years.


Beyond its applications and use in gaming, virtual reality is such a sophisticated technology which uses headsets in synchrony with some other rendered or multi-projected environment to develop realistic illusions, sounds and other perceptions that coordinate with a user’s physical appearance in an imaginary space. In this sense, a user is able to look at a created artificial environment as though being present at that instance of time. As virtual reality continues to take roots, its certain to cut across other aspects beyond gaming such as exploring, filmmaking and other areas driven by entertainment. It is believed by the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg that the future computing platform may turn out to be virtual reality itself.


It is not a new thing that drone market is already popular and is increasingly expanding, yet, most of the drones available in current times are more of recreational types. Talking about drones here, I am referring to drones which are built particularly for commercial purposes which are really yet to hit the market with full blown.

With commercial drones, product deliveries wouldn’t be the only thing to expect but they will find a lot of usefulness in other fields such as real estate, farming, as well as construction. They will also prove very valuable for search and rescue purposes. The importance of drones in the wild and on the hills or mountain tops can be so huge especially when trying to locate lost campers and hikers. It will be a lot of hassle if rescuers are all out to search for them without having drones as a technical resource to support the search. Drones can also transport rescue kits which may contain survival tools such as food, water, inhalers and lots more for the hikers before the rescue team arrives.


The word Genomics might probably sound alien to you but it isn’t anymore. Genomics is the genes as well as their functions and associated techniques. The future of this technological trend will possibly allow alteration of our DNA such that we can eliminate or ‘repair’ gene related problems. Although, it’s a field laced with a lot of controversies, it is sure a good one to be on the lookout for.

The affiliate opportunities to except in the future in genomics are still based on tentative assumptions but the potential in such a field of topics associated with health are very sensational.


Although the expanse of this industry has been truncated by the administration of Donald Trump in the United States, the possibility of it to reverse back into full effect is still very much likely. Rain, waves, tides, geothermal heat usages as well as solar and wind energy are of high tendency to blow up in the next one to two decades.

Renewable Energy is a source of power to these four major sectors:

  • Generation of Electricity
  • Air and water heating and cooling
  • Off-grid energy
  • Transportation


Just as it is with the drone market, the technology innovation of 3D printing is up and trending but it is yet to become fully exploited. It has the potential to give a significant boost to ecommerce and create exciting opportunities to explore.


The wireless technology is already widespread but it is projected to grow rapidly into new levels just as the dominating players in the broadband market develop more sophisticated infrastructure that will usher us into the IOT era. Also, the acclaimed “mesh networks” are purported to form a series of connections of local devices together in designated grids and this will usher in a whole new pedestal of wireless technology.


I suppose in the coming decade; we will be transported about by self-driving automobiles. With this amazing and mind-blowing technology, there is certainly going to be numerous digital prospects to exploit especially when combined with IOT.


Just like the drone market and 3D printing, the wearable technology is up and just starting off. Wearable tech seems like the best scenario of the IOT given above such that objects interact with themselves and transmit data via the internet. More progresses are certain to unfold in the wearable tech industry and will definitely continue to shake the world like wonders.


The mobile payment space is of course still in its early stages but is one of the fastest growing emerging markets. In the near future, you will have the ease of making purchases just as you pick what you need in the store and all expenses will be paid directly from your account. This kind of market model has been in operation in some markets but are limited and are still being tested.  This is certain to transform the way we shop and open us to myriads of prospects and opportunities to explore.


Given the fact that the use of AI and computer bots are on the rise, ever wondered what might turn out for affiliate marketing especially in the coming decades? Have you also thought about high tech which is still yet to be developed or invented and how it ma affect affiliate marketing in the coming years? Does it have the potential to annihilate the influencer marketing at its current prime and will it get increasingly strange to cultivate personal relationships on the internet? Will it yet make available numerous untapped opportunities for tech oriented marketers in an astonishing way?

Fact still remains that there’s almost no business structure that stays and exists forever. Considering the astounding change that hit the newspaper industry just as the internet came to live and raved the market.

Affiliate marketing is certain to be hugely affected by the advent of these new techs but no one knows just how much it is likely to be. However, if you stay informed and constantly evaluate the trends sponsored by these modern technologies, recognizing arising futuristic problems as well as market opportunities will come easy.


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