How to Start from Scratch an Online Business That Can Generate Money Quickly


The internet has changed lives, with its wonderful discoveries and applications, we couldn’t agree more.

Generations before us couldn’t enjoy all we have today—an abundance of information on the go and on every subject.

How To Start a Business Online
How To Start a Business Online

Information is among the many benefits that the internet has brought. What about e-commerce? You can sit in the comfort of your home and order for whatever you like without stepping out of your house. Brick and mortar businesses are practically shutting down to leverage the online space.

We can count them; from Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg to Larry Page and Jack Dorsey, all their lives were transformed by the internet–they became wealthy.

These are the successful ones, but what of the struggling Mike or David out there? Making a few dollars online has become a challenge.

You’re reading this right now, and you’re thinking, “That’s me right there.”  Well, this is a familiar terrain, so it’s okay to feel that way. If you’re about getting started online a lot might be going through your mind.

It is erroneous to think that without a product you can’t make money online. That is not true.

The perfect course: No product No Problem

You can fast track the learning curve as a beginner; there is a new course that takes care of that. This course will also help intermediate experience people so they can start making money pretty quickly with affiliate marketing.

The course is ideal for folks who are starting in the online space but can’t seem to pull the strings together—no good monetization plan for their platform.

The No Product No Problem works in these areas:

  • Affiliate Marketers (Beginner to Intermediate)
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Entrepreneurs and Netrepreneurs
  • MMO (Make Money Online) Modelers
  • Online Businesses
  • Platform Builders
  • Podcasters
  • Speakers
  • YouTubers

The course fulfills great purpose in affiliate marketing with nine modules that take care of all aspect of introduction, preparing for promotion, promotion, and post promotion. Other things included are evergreen promotions, and promotions of affiliate offers.

Some of the benefits that come with this course are:

  • Private Facebook community
  • Monthly coaching calls to help you gain a foothold with affiliate marketing

The content

  • Affiliate Marketing and how it Works
  • Increasing your income without your product
  • How to Fast Track Your Affiliate Marketing Success: A Proven Step-by-Step Method
  • 10 Reasons why you Should Start Affiliate Marketing Now
  • How to be Acceptance into Any Affiliate Program– Copy/Paste Email Templates to use
  • How to be part of our Community and Register for the Masterclass

Online Business Owners: The two Types that Exist

Online business owners are classified into two. The first type of business owners are the ones with a mission—they want to create an impact in the world they live in

They create a blog; fill it with content, and the list building gets underway. The idea is to create content and make people subscribe to their email list—and they do it for a year or thereabout to have a big enough list. That should provide enough income for them.

Over time, an online course emerges from their library. During this time, they continue to pay for hosting, email, website theme, an autoresponder. They invest countless hours putting together a script, videos, and also invest in equipment. At the end of it all, they will be able to generate income and cover the expenses, making a profit eventually.

If things don’t go as planned, the expenses weigh down heavily on them, and it becomes a case of spending so much with little or nothing to show for it. That is not an unfamiliar territory; I know what it is to be in that space.

They continue with an aorta of hope. “Next month I will breakeven “they assert to themselves. But one thing is sure, they cannot hold on for much longer.

Their thought process becomes eroded, and they start believing success is not for them.

The second type of business owners do not relent in creating an impact too.

In the same vein, they create a blog, build a list, and also put up content. Incur the same expenses and also have the same plans going on to put out a great product out there.

However, this online business owners do things differently.

So what’s the difference? Monetization started right off the bat!

The first month generated enough income to cover the expense and get all other parts of the plans and goals moving.

What is the reason behind these analogies?

I want you to open your eyes— open it clearly! Emulate the second business owners; they knew what they wanted  and ran with it immediately.

Even as impossible as it sounds, it is REAL. The only thing standing in your way is a SYSTEM that shows you how to realize it.

And I have what you need to get there—Matt McWilliams three-part video workshop. The first part has just been released.

The title is “It’s Time: How to Start Monetizing Your Platform Today.” It is available for free here

The video is an eye-opener to what is possible when it comes to generating income right from the start.

One thing about Matt’s system is that you need not create a product.

What is the content of the No Product No Problem Course?

Going by what we have within our fingertips, we can say the course is rich in value regardless of your skill level. It features nine modules with each broken down to bite size chunks that will be easy to implement.

 The 9 Modules are broken thus:

  • The Basics
  • Your Mindset
  • Looking for Affiliate Programs
  • Stay by the Rules & toll the path of legality
  • Promo Preparation
  • Selling
  • Finishing
  • Post Promotion
  • Types of Promotions
  • Bonus – Coaching Calls

With the coaching calls put together in here, that makes it ten modules.How To Make Money With The John Crestani Super Affiliate System

Here is the content

Module #1 – The Basics

Module 1 brings to the fore the basics of affiliate marketing with seven separate lessons to go with. You’ll gain insights from the short history of affiliate marketing, how the business works, and why the model is regarded as the best in the online space. It presents an introduction into the world of affiliate marketing for both starters and advances learners—it covers several topics that others wouldn’t.

Companies leverage this business model to reduce the cost of running their businesses. They don’t have to pay for a salesperson—they only make payment when sales are made. You’ll learn why these companies love it. The prominent players in the industry will be revealed, including how you can make money.

Module #2 – The Mindset

Everybody wants success, but it doesn’t come easy. So the right mindset is a must along with patience and the ability to persist. You’ll learn the roadblocks often on beginners’ path–even the setback too. A beginner‘s journey is not easy; they start with nothing—no list, no website, no product to promote, etc. You’ll become privy to what works, the best strategies to use to get off the bottom rung of the ladder.

Module #3 – Looking out for Programs to Promote

It is okay if you’re confused about the right market or product to promote. Know for sure that not all affiliate programs will accept you because you’re just getting started. Don’t get discouraged. In this course, you’ll learn how to be accepted into the best affiliate programs and the products you need to promote.

Module #4 – Playing by the Rules and tolling the path of Legality

You must understand compliance when it comes to affiliate marketing, so you don’t get yourself into trouble. It is important you don’t jump on any affiliate program. You may feel bad if you’re booted out because you didn’t play by the rules. If you’re promoting products using email marketing or paid advertising, the rules and guidelines come in their numbers, and you have to keep up with them.

Module #5 – Promotion Preparation

In this module, you’ll learn how to setup campaigns, run them, and also track promotion. From promotion preparation, goal-setting, to conditioning and getting your audience in the right mood, you’ll become knowledgeable in that regard. You’ll also learn the correct sequence to use.

Module #6 – Selling Online

Selling is critical to affiliate marketing—without a sale, the goal is defeated. Even if you can’t sell at the moment, the process will be revealed to you in this module. The best practices will be made known, like email messages, blog posts, video, use of swipe copies, along with some secret hacks.

Module #7 – Finishing Strong

Making sales is one thing, but scaling it up is a different kettle of fish. You’ll know how to stay motivated so you can get results with scaling up to reach your goal. You’ll learn to use paid traffic rather than the free one you have been used to; how to leverage email opt-ins, the next line of action when you make a sale and how to close even more sales, popularly known conversion rate optimization is well explained here.

Module #8 – Post Promotion

Here, analysis of campaigns and using them to improve the future ones will be demystified. Also, analyzing of results will be discussed too. Others things are building relationships, getting paid, and how to invest less time with more promotions.

Module #9 – Different Types of Promotions

With affiliate marketing, you talk of a sea of products and services that ranges from digital courses and eBooks, physical products, seminars, webinars, etc. You’ll learn how to strategize with your promotion to suit your product or service —increase conversions and invariable ROI.

Module #10 – Bonuses / Coaching Calls

You’ll get value live calls. All your questions will be answered on the go. Again, there is access to a bonus section which comprises of different things—case studies, resources, how to network and several strategies, etc.

To learn how to make money online checkout our free 7 day affiliate marketing training lessons!







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