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Some Wrinkles on the Forehead Can Help Identify People at Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Man with Wrinkled Forehead
A French study shows for the first time a link between forehead wrinkles and atherosclerosis, a disease that increases the risk of cardiovascular accidents. Therefore, simple screening of people at risk could be implemented to prevent the aggravation of this common arterial disease. The new...

Replacement of Red Meat With Vegetable Protein Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Red Meat
A large meta-analysis, including several studies, concluded that replacing red meat with healthy plant proteins, such as legumes or nuts, would greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. For several years now, researchers have been warning against excessive consumption of red meat. Numerous studies have pointed...

Botox and Plastic Surgery Can Cut Us out of Our Emotions

Botox Injections
By smoothing our skin, Botox injections and other cosmetic procedures can make our facial expressions disappear. However, some experts point out that these lines of expression are essential to recognize the emotions of others, but also to feel them. Women smooth out fine lines and...

Premature Ejaculation, an Ever-Present Concern

Unhappy Couple
An Ifop's survey questioning men who ejaculate prematurely showed that this is a mass phenomenon that is a cause of marital breakdown widely underestimated by men, and that it remains a taboo subject in their relationship, as well as in their relationship with the...

Long-Term Safety of Growth Hormone: Very Reassuring Results

HGH Injection Pen
The use of growth hormone in children and adults is well established and clinical trials have demonstrated the efficacy and safety of growth hormone therapy. Short-term safety is considered good. The incidence of side effects is lower than expected in patients with acromegaly. The long-term...

250 Doctors Warn About the Cancer Risks of Bluetooth and WIFI

250 scientists are concerned about the cancer risks generated by wireless devices such as mobile phones, antennas, baby monitors... etc.  Coming from 40 different countries, they co-signed a petition to the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO) to warn of the dangers...

Stretch Marks: Symptoms, Causes, Types, Treatments and Prognosis

Stretch Marks
Stretch marks are areas of the skin where the deep dermis, located between the epidermis and hypodermis, has torn up spontaneously. When they appear, they have the form of lines that resemble long scars, are purple-red in color and are inflammatory. They lighten over...

Argan Oil: How Does It Benefits the Skin and Hair?

Argan Oil Tree
Just in a few years, argan oil has become a precious ally for the beauty of skin and hair. This oil has become familiar to us. However, for a long time, it was a well-kept beauty secret of Moroccan women. It is extracted from...

Extending Device Increased Penile Flaccid Length By Roughly A Third

Proextender Review
Most doctors are not likely to suggest the use of an extending device when they are approached by men who wish to increase the length of their penis. However, researchers from Italy found in a clinical study that such a device could be helpful. There...

Lead Is a Toxic Metal That Poses a Threat to the Health and Future of Children According to the WHO

Lead Paint
The International Week for Action to Prevent Lead Poisoning runs until the 26st of October to promote a ban on lead paints that threaten the health of people, especially children, and the environment. Lead poisoning is preventable, but is still responsible for more than a...