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Genetics of Cute Babies: What Decides the Facial Features of a Baby?

Mother and Baby
Children are cute little bundles of joy that many couples look forward to. But that was not the case for a couple in China. A man in northern China sued his wife for giving birth to an ‘ugly beyond description’ child. He was so...

The Top 12 Most Trusted Medical Websites

Heart Health
“Never Google your symptoms” This piece of advice is common on the internet today. Many people give this advice because most times, you would feel overwhelmed by the result of the search. However, there are times where you just have to Google your symptoms....

Hypergh 14X Review: Benefits, Ingredients and Risks

Hypergh 14x
We all work hard to maintain good health and a youthful appearance even as we grow older, and there are many products that promise to help us with that goal by keeping us young and healthy as long as possible. Hypergh 14X does not try...

Glutamine Review: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects and Dosage

What is glutamine? Glutamine or L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the blood and muscles. It plays a role in protein synthesis, immune protection, maintenance of intestinal wall integrity and acid-base balance in the body. It is also used to produce endogenous glucosamine,...

5 Foods That Can Help You Burn Fat Easily

Diet Food
Despite a balanced diet and regular physical activity, it is not always easy lose weight. In fact, some areas of the body, such as the thighs or hips, seem to be the preferred place for the fat to settle in. Some fat burning foods...

Dietary Restriction: HGH Can Block Weight Loss

Losing Weight
Thanks to the receptors in the brain, the growth hormones, which are naturally present in the human body, prevent the body from spending too much energy during a dietary restriction. Why is it so difficult to maintain weight loss after a diet? Researchers at the...

Is HGH the Fountain of Youth That We All Have Been Looking For

Anti Aging
Thinner waist, denser bones, more developed muscles…. Growth hormone seems to have positive effects on many parts of the body. However, there are still not enough studies to recommend it as an anti-aging treatment. Aging is accompanied by a more or less sudden decrease in...

Exercises Make You Happier Than Money

People who play sports usually feel better than people who have money, especially when they have a very high income. Money doesn't make you happy if you don't make a lot of money. On the contrary, physical activity reduces the number of bad days. These...

Having Had More Than 10 Sexual Partners Increases the Risk of Cancer

Safe Sex
The link between the increase in the number of sexual partners and the risk of cancer for men and women was established by a study carried out in England with almost 6,000 people. A connection that is probably due to sexually transmitted diseases and...

One Component of Breast Milk Supports the Baby’s Cognitive Development

Although scientific studies in animals have already shown that a carbohydrate in breast milk influences the neurological development of the offspring. The first study of this kind in humans also underlines its role in the child's cognitive development. Two out of three women breastfeed their...