5 Foods That Can Help You Burn Fat Easily


Despite a balanced diet and regular physical activity, it is not always easy lose weight. In fact, some areas of the body, such as the thighs or hips, seem to be the preferred place for the fat to settle in. Some fat burning foods can be of great help. In this article, discover the top 5 fat burning foods!

Diet Food
Diet Food

Top 5 Fat Burning Foods

In the diet, some active ingredients stimulate the burning of fats, their oxidation or their elimination through intestinal transit. Foods that burn fat have the particularity of having a positive effect on the body. Here are the 5 most effective fat burning foods.

Eggplant, a food that burns stubborn fat.

If you are used to cooking eggplants, you may have noticed that this vegetable behaves like a real sponge that collects oil. Even in the body, it captures the fat and traps it, thus helping its subsequent elimination. This fat-burning effect of the eggplant is mainly due to its high content of dietary fibers and, more precisely, pectin, which makes it a slimming ally of choice. For an optimal effect, steam or bake your eggplants.

Green tea, a drink that stimulates the oxidation of lipids

This is now scientifically proven: green tea is one of the most effective foods for fat burning. In fact, in addition to its record content of antioxidants and active ingredients, green tea contains catechin. In particular, epigallocatechin, also known as EGCG. EGCG stimulates metabolism and significantly increases fat burning. Thus, normal green tea drinkers are generally thinner.

Lemon, to help the body digest fat

The main active ingredient of lemon is citric acid. In the body, citric acid has many benefits. Its antioxidant power stimulates the immune system and fights cellular aging. To lose weight, citric acid also has some advantages. It stimulates the production of bile and digestive enzymes, awakens the digestive system and facilitates the digestion, reuse and elimination of fats after their metabolism. As a result, lemon is a very interesting food for fat burning.

Oatmeal, a food that traps fat in the body.

Oat bran has two main advantages when it comes to losing weight. These two advantages are directly related to the very high content of soluble dietary fibers in oat bran. Firstly, oat bran has a powerful satiating effect. Its integration into the diet allows you be less hungry. Secondly, the soluble fibers trap bile salts and cholesterol and help to eliminate them.

Apple, a pectin-rich food that helps burn fat better

Like oatmeal, apples are a food that effectively burns fats thanks to their content of soluble fibers and pectin in particular. In the digestive system, pectin actively participates in the elimination of excess fat through intestinal transit. Proper consumption of soluble fibers can also regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This is very interesting in the context of a weight loss program.

What should we think of pineapple as a fat burning food?

Pineapple is certainly the most popular fat burning food. However, we must be careful! In fact, pineapple owes its reputation to its content of bromelain, an enzyme that stimulates lipid burning. However, bromelain is mainly contained in the stem of the pineapple, which is an inedible part. Therefore, one should not rely blindly on this fruit to lose weight, as sometimes happens in some diets. However, pineapple remains a fruit rich in fiber and micronutrients that finds its place in a healthy and balanced diet.

How can fat burning foods be integrated into the diet?

A fat-burning food can be a great ally to promote weight loss and give a boost to overcoming stubborn pounds. However, no food has miraculous powers. The consumption of foods that burn fat must be accompanied by a varied and balanced diet. In other words, rich in plants, dietary fiber, micronutrients, lean proteins and quality fats.

Finally consider adding an HGH supplement such as Genf20 Plus and Growth factor plus as they are able to raise HGH levels naturally. HGH is a very powerful fat burner.


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