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Drinking and Smoking During Pregnancy Increases Risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome by a Factor of 12

Mother and Baby
Drinking and smoking during pregnancy can increase the risk of sudden infant death by a factor of 12, the leading cause of death in the US for children under the age of one. Every woman knows that drinking and smoking are not recommended during pregnancy....

75% of Women Shave Their Pubic Area – a Practice That Increases the Risk of Infection

Woman Underwear
According to a new Opinion Way survey, three out of four French women regularly shave their bikini line. But this practice increases the risk of infection, gynecologists warn. Orgasms Lasts Six Seconds for Men and Twenty Seconds for Women A gesture that many women do regularly...

Too Much HGH Can Lead to Acromegaly or Gigantism

Acromegaly is a very peculiar disease caused by too much growth hormone. One morning it is difficult to fit in your shoes. But your feet aren't swollen.  You might think this is common because it happens during a long flight or when you're standing for...

Japanese Study: Taking Public Transport is Better for Longevity and Health

Public Transport
A study in Osaka showed that people who use public transport are healthier than people who come to work by bike or on foot. Those who have only been on a busy metro train for an hour this morning to get to work may find...

Orgasms Last Six Seconds for Men and Twenty Seconds for Women

Happy Couple
One in two people is deprived of orgasms and I'd like to understand why! Only one thing is certain: it's a shame. However, between modesty and ignorance, the subject of pleasure and orgasm remains difficult to evoke, even within the couple. Frequent Sex Can Reduce...

Bamboo Cups Are Dangerous to Your Health

According to the German Federal Institute for Toxic Risk Assessment (BfR), when exposed to hot liquids, bamboo cups release compounds classified as carcinogens. While plastic coffee cups are responsible for 36,000 tons of waste per year, more and more people are turning to bamboo cups,...

Training for a Marathon Can Rejuvenate the Arteries of Novice Runners

When a beginner trains to run his first marathon, the stiffness in his arteries decreases by the equivalent of four years. The benefits of sport are regularly praised by science. Today, a new study is once again highlighting the benefits of exercise, especially running. According...

Human Growth Hormone (HGH): Uses, Side Effects and Abuses

Some people turn to a substance called human growth hormone (HGH) in the hope that it will make them look and feel young again. But experts say that hope is unfounded. What's worse, these products can be harmful. HGH, produced by the pituitary gland, stimulates...

The Average Size of an Erect Penis Uncovered

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Many men who believe they have a small penis would be completely normal, according to a recent study. The existential question that haunts all men: What is the average size of a penis? Based on dozens of studies on the subject (the oldest dating back...

How to Grow Taller and Reach Your Maximum Height

Tall Basketball Player
Although taking care of your body can help you grow taller, your  height depends largely on genetics. After the growth platelets have fused, it is no longer possible to grow taller, which usually happens between the ages of 14 and 18. As you grow,...