Tips You Can Use to Help You Grow Taller


Confidence can make so much difference in your life – it is a hallmark of a successful life. Feeling of insecurity about your height, or any other seeming “flaws,” can hurt this greatly.

Grow Taller
Grow Taller

Perhaps, you are desperate to do anything to add one or two inches to your height. Before you consider something rather drastic, such a limb-lengthening procedure, here are some things you can give a try to grow taller naturally.

Increase Growth Hormone

From the name, growth hormone (GH or HGH) sounds like something that will make you tall. But it is not every person that wishes to grow taller know much or anything about it. But having the right amount in your body can make increasing your height easier.

This natural substance is produced more while you sleep soundly – which means you need to get sufficient, quality shut-eye every night. A balanced diet and regular exercise will also help boost growth hormone levels. You can as well get help from using HGH injections or supplements, depending on your age.

Do Yoga and Stretching Exercises

It has been found that yoga and stretching exercises can make it easier for you to grow taller. They enable you attain and express your full height potential.

Yoga helps to relieve muscle tension capable of having adverse effects on your height. Stretching assists in reversing the effect of gravity on your ability to look sufficiently tall. You can get support in boosting your growth hormone levels by doing these.

Boost Your Immune System

This is a piece of advice you may not often come across when talking how to grow taller. But the state of your immune system matters. When it is healthy and functioning well, it can help you ward off certain conditions that can have undesirable effect on your height.

Growth Factor Plus BenefitsEating a lot of fruits and vegetables will assist in bolstering your immune system – variety also matters. Steer clear of processed foods as much as you can.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the unhealthy habits that may make it hard for you to grow taller, aside other health issues. Researchers have observed that young people who smoke, or are exposed to second-hand smoke, tend to be shorter than counterparts who aren’t. So, it may help to avoid smoking and exposure to cigarette smoke.

Do Breathing Exercises

You may also be able to increase your height by doing deep breathing exercises regularly, especially before going to bed. This can help with spinal decompression, proper circulation and good posture.

Inhale slowly through your nose for about five seconds and then hold your breath for another 3-5 seconds. Next, tighten your stomach muscles a little and then exhale slowly for about five seconds.

Emphasize Your Height

It might help doing certain things to fake your height or appear taller. These include wearing shoes that make you look taller and making hairstyles that give impression of more height, such as topknots. You can also wear clothes that are believed to make people appear taller, including those with stripes or vertical lines.




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