HGH Supplements Versus HGH Injections: Which Should You Use?


If you are interested in using HGH supplements, which are also called human growth hormone supplements, you might be interested in knowing how these supplements actually work and what they are.

So what exactly does human growth hormone consist of?

HGH BodybuildingWell, it is what is known as a complex protein, and it is made of chains of amino acids. In the case of human growth hormone there are 191 amino acids in this chain. Amino acids are the building blocks of the body itself, and the amino acids in human growth hormone are perhaps the most important of these building blocks.

You will find if you do a little research that it is the pituitary gland that produces this hormone. The Pituitary gland is a little gland about the size of a walnut or even smaller that is located in the brain. Now, I don’t think that you are exactly interested in a medical thesis  upon human growth hormone, but you are more interested in understanding its functions, how it works, and best of all, how it gets the job done.

If you are here reading up on human growth hormone, I’m assuming that you’ve already done a considerable research and already know at least about the benefits of human growth hormone.

  • Taking human growth hormone results in a boost to cell regeneration throughout the body. Obviously, if your cells regenerates faster, this has a large number of beneficial effects. Your organs and the rest of your body will function better. Everything from the way your kidneys clean the bloodstream to the way your nails grow will benefit, and of course your skin becomes soft and elastic.
  • But that’s not all. Strength increases significantly when you use human growth hormone, because the cells in muscle tissue not only regenerate better, but can exercise better, and with more endurance, and best of all, human growth hormone has actually been seen in clinical studies to increase the number of muscle cells, something that was before this thought to be impossible.

Generally speaking, you’ll find a great many bodybuilders using human growth hormone for obvious reasons, but you’ll also find that many athletes on the  baseball circuit are also tempted to use  human growth hormone because of the highly competitive sport they are engaged in and  the edge it might give them.

If money isn’t an issue with you and you are interested in the most effective way to use human growth hormone, then I would suggest HGH injections. As  a matter of fact, many bodybuilders do just this in the privacy of their locker rooms. How ethical this is is a topic for argument, but the simple fact is that it certainly is effective. If you see someone in a gym lifting hundreds of pounds or more in weight, then the chances are that he might be on human growth hormone.

It all depends upon what you are taking human growth hormone for.

If you are looking at the anti aging effects of human growth hormone, and if you would like to take human growth hormone to benefit from these effects, then a simple oral supplement such as Genf20 Plus or Growth Factor Plus will do. The oral supplements have many advantages, even though they are not as swift to act as the injections. For example, when you take the oral HGH supplements, you will find that they are much cheaper in cost and that they are just also effective if you take them for several months or so.

Generally speaking, you will not see benefits from oral supplements unless you take them for a period of at least two months. However, I assure you that it is worth it to keep up the oral supplementation for this period of time, because after two months or so the results become obvious and are extremely beneficial.

Remember, oral supplements are legal:

Injections work much faster, but they are illegal without a prescription in the United States, and even if you could get your hands on illegal supplementation, they are best used only by athletes looking for a quick fix. Also, I would recommend the oral supplements rather than the injections because the injections, being much more powerful, are far more likely to cause side effects that you really don’t need. It is actually possible when you inject too much human growth hormone for the body to shut down production of the human growth hormone within itself. In other words, your body will simply stop producing human growth hormone, because you’re injecting yourself with so much of this hormone and your body feels that it doesn’t need any more.

Consider these facts before you go in for HGH injections, and consider going for oral supplements instead, which are much safer and much more likely to do you good rather than to do you harm.


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