Reviews of Top Health and Beauty Affiliate Programs


With the increasing rate of affiliate marketing programs in different niches, affiliate programs for health and beauty products remain one of the best you can sign up for and you watch the fortunes that await you.  These products are widely known, and their acceptability is hinged solely on the fact that they are the best options for different levels of health and beauty problems.

Health Affiliate Programs


Affiliate Commission: this affiliate network offers commission based on the product being promoted.

Affiliate Description:

Sellhealth is one of the leading affiliate networks you can work with as an affiliate marketer. Thousands of affiliates have benefited from their affiliate programs over the years. SellHealth promotes different kinds of natural health products including anti aging HGH supplements such as Hypergh 14x, Genfx, Provacyl and Genf20 Plus, products for sexual enhancement for women like Vigorelle, products for penis enlargement such as Vigrx Plus and Proextender are equally available. The good news for other affiliates is that these products can easily be promoted and they come with high commission.

SellHealth also offers products that aid digestion, hair loss prevention and that remove wrinkles and stretch marks. Amongst its very popular anti aging skin products are Kollagen intensiv, Eyelasticity and Profollica


Affiliate Commission: this affiliate program offers 75% commissions

Affiliate Program Description:

AffiBank is one of the few companies that offers huge affiliate commissions on products that are greatly demanded. Health and beauty products are examples of these products, and you get 75% commissions on every product you promote.

Examples of high converting products you can promote through AffiBank affiliate network range from Weight Loss Diets, Training and products like Green Smoothies and many others.

Your commissions on this affiliate program are processed every 15 days through PayPal.

As you are signing up for this program you will be given $10 as a bonus

The refund rate in this program is considerably low, usually less than 0.5%

Finally, you do not need to be bothered about the safety of your commissions because there are measures and security for this

GM Health Care Group

Affiliate Commissions: this affiliate program offers and shares 25% commission with the affiliates using Bitcoins, the possibility of being a lifetime client is also guaranteed

Affiliate Description:

GM Health Care Group is one of the leading, highly respected and legally approved pharmaceutical companies on the internet. It was formally known as Gotmilk Pharmacy before changing to GM Health Care Group. Based on various publications through news outlets like International Business Times, Vocativ, Yahoo and many others, GM Health Care Group is popular simply because it offers and gives easy access to people to get connected to thousands of medications that are of high quality and low cost.

Various classes of people, groups and clients that use GM Health Care Group are; students, Pro-athletes, musicians, Preppers, Traders, Gamblers, Single Dads and Moms.

By visiting GM Health Care Group, you can easily get thousands of drugs that cannot be gotten very easily anywhere else, and you find them at affordable prices. You can visit their website through simple  Google search, or you go directly to . on this site you will see different medications from countries like USA, UK, China, India, Australia, etc.

Stowaway Cosmetics

Affiliate Commission: you are guaranteed 25% commission on every sale you make

Affiliate Description:

Stowaway Cosmetics offer quality cosmetic products that fit easily into women’s purse and thus, it can be carried all around very easily. These products are solely meant to give you a good look and make you a center of attraction for everybody. The idea for these kind of products came up when Julie, who is the CEO and co-founder of Stowaway cosmetics decided to end the unnecessary stress women undergo as they are moving their makeup products around.


Affiliate commission: the commission you get on this affiliate program is not certain, it depends on the offer. For more details on this, kindly click through

Affiliate Description:

NutraCash is an example of CPA affiliate networks that offers hundreds of trial nutra offers that are very useful for Male Enhancement, Breast, Skin, Diet, Muscle, Brain and many others. As an affiliate, you get your commissions every week, and the most commonly used payment methods are PayPal, Wire transfer, etc.


Affiliate Commission: you are guaranteed $60 per sale, and you will be given $50 for every product you sell to an existing customer.

BizProfits is one of the leading CPA networks, and it provides many high selling CPA offers to prospective affiliates throughout the world. BizProfits is a great hotspot for a greater percentage of online advertisers, affiliate marketers and others.  The huge affiliate commissions and enabling environment created could be said to be why most affiliates like working with BizProfits.


Affiliate Commission: the commission you get on this affiliate program is not certain, it depends on the offer. To get more details on this, kindly click through.

Affiliate Description:

Olavivo affiliate network focuses mainly on custom-made products and services on Health and Beauty, Cryptocurrency and e-commerce. Olavivo affiliate network offers a great affiliate commission depending on the offer, and it offers the needed resources that will give you the desired traffic. And as an affiliate, you don’t have anything to worry about, particularly on their competence and customer service.

Bauer Nutrition

Affiliate Commission: this affiliate network offers 40% commission per sale

Affiliate Description:

Bauer Nutrition offers different kinds of health products.  As an affiliate marketer, through its affiliate network, you can be granted access into a lot of multi-million dollar products in different categories like sport nutrition, health and beauty, weight loss, etc.

CLE Holistic Health

Affiliate Commission: you are guaranteed 40% commission per sale.

Affiliate Description:

CLE Holistic Nutrition is one of the leading companies that produces natural herbal products. Its offices are located in British Columbia, Vancouver and Canada. CLE Holistic Nutrition is also engaged in the production of supplements that have huge nutritional benefits to the body. All these nutritional benefits are approved by necessary authority, and these products are beings distributed and used virtually every part of the world.


Affiliate Commissions: you earn up to 50% per sale, and with this, you are guaranteed $232.50 per sale. You will also get $70 for every Trial Offer you sell. Also, you will get 25% on every cross-selling you make.

Affiliate Description:

Slimfy is a company known for its high-quality nutritional supplements that are of great benefit to the well-being of people. These products are in different levels, and they have been tested over time to be the right products for everybody depending on their age. Another important thing to note is that products from Slimfy are sourced from natural substances. As an affiliate marketer, these products are very easy to promote because they are high selling products.


Affiliate Commission: this affiliate network offers 55% commission per sale

Affiliate Description:

NaturalRevenue affiliate network is the affiliate program of Herbal Technologies B.V. This company is situated in the Netherlands. Herbal Technologies B.V is famous because they offer high quality and selling products. These products are so effective and this has contributed to the huge popularity the company has recorded. Products from Herbal Technologies B.V can easily be promoted and sold because they are high converting products.


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