The Most Profitable Men’s Health Affiliate Programs


Opportunities in men’s health affiliate programs are growing every day as more and more men targeted products and services are coming on the internet and men like having the space to order what they want in privacy. Globally, men’s health market is now around $6 billion per year and it’s still growing. This niche of affiliate marketing is one of the lesser-known niches that are profitable but less explored.



Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
Make Money With Affiliate Marketing


Commissions: $80 per sale.

BlueChewTM is a tested and affordable healthcare product with the same active ingredients as viagra and Cialis. It can be used to treat Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

Erectile Dysfunction market brings in about $6 billion per year and that’s in the US alone without taking into consideration its large market in other countries.

With this exclusive affiliate program, your traffic may have the highest potential of doing well at this product since the program hasn’t been opened or made available to very many online marketers yet.

Away from the affiliate aspect, this product costs about $20 per month for the final consumers. As long as you have established a way to get the information of the product to your end-users, it is very possible to make a lot of money – and in very little time too.



Commissions: 30% commission on all sales made. $2700+ on an average of 100 conversions.

Specktra is a nutraceutical company specializing in the development of full-spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) formulas for specific health benefits. Spectra develops the most potent 96 hours CBD patch for the relief of pain in the market. Other products that are created by Specktra include vapes and tinctures to relieve anxiety, pain, sleep, focus, and a lot more health issues.

Every product has been adequately tested and they all have a 100% money-back guarantee clause. Specktra products also contain phytocannabinoids and organic essential oils to provide the utmost therapeutic relief. With their products, you can easily reach a wide range of target audiences and also double your income.



Commissions: 1st Tier Sales bring about 30% return while 2nd Tier Sales bring about 5%.

This health affiliate program is one of the best sexual health affiliate program in the world. In fact, they offer some of the most popular men’s health supplements such as Vigrx Plus, Vigrx, Testrx, Provacyl, and Genf20 Plus.  The website, caters to sexual enhancement products such as penis enhancement products for both adult males and females. Sellhealth also branches out to other health care products such as general health, acne treatment systems, digestive health systems, and anti-aging products for people of all age groups.


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Commissions: 35-75 cents every time someone clicks.

Established in 1996, Calworth Glenford creates and sells high-converting health-related products in sexual performance, fat loss, and long term health to men that are above 40 years old.


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Commissions: 40 percent on all sales.

This men’s health-related affiliate program is one of the few affiliate marketing programs that offer a lifetime cookie and has conversion rates as high as 7.1%. The brand mainly produces male sexual health supplements which can be sold easily to adult males. Lastly, it is easy to track commissions in real-time and your earnings can go as high as $150 per sale depending on your performance.


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Commissions: 15 percent commission rate on orders by new customers. 5% commission rate on orders by returning customers.

This website provides an extremely profitable affiliate marketing program in the health niche. The products you will help promote and sell are within the supplement and technology categories. What your end consumers will be buying from this website is everything they need to be fit, burn fat, and be the best versions of themselves that they possibly can be.



Commissions: 22% per sale

HRL is a men’s health care company that claims to produce everything from men’s sexual supplements to common food supplements. It has a large team of doctors, researchers, nutritionists, and chemists working on its production team to provide the highest quality of nutritional supplements for all kinds of customers. Thus, whether you are hoping to reach young people or adults in your campaign, HRL is the best choice for you.


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Commissions: 5 percent commissions.

Even iconic barbershops and men spa locations in places like Northern Virginia and D.C. needs as much marketing as they can get. With Grooming Lounge, you can easily market the best grooming places on the internet and what more? The commission is amazing.


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Commissions: 7 percent commissions – based on volume

Founded in 1973, Puritan’s Pride exists solely for the purpose of providing customers with quality vitamins and great service. For more than 40 years, this company has been making the highest quality of nutritional supplements. This means that their products are tailored to meet market needs and being an affiliate marketer for their products will both be a walk in the park and an easy way of increasing your income.


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Commissions: 20 percent commissions

CrazyMass produces natural bodybuilding supplements that are guaranteed to help anyone build a solid body mass within thirty days. Their supplements are safe, powerful, and healthy. With the use of any of their products, anyone can cut down fat, gain rock hard abs and bulk up in as little time as possible. With its amazing potentials, CrazyMass is definitely the product you want for your men’s health affiliate marketing.


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Commissions: 40% commission for every sale

Apart from men’s sexual health, one of the other things men want to buy in privacy online and within the comforts of their home are hair loss solutions. Procerin is one of the best, safe and effective solution to any form of male hair loss or thinning hair. It contains DHT blockers and it does not in any way have the negative side effects of prescription medications.



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