MobiFirst Review: Building Fast Mobile Sites That Attract Google’s Attention


Meaning of the word “Mobile” and why you should care?

It came just like any other update— “Mobile First” algorithm—that we have seen in time past—but with a difference. If your website on mobile, tablet, or desktop is responsive and loads faster, you’re in luck. You’ll get an edge on the SERPs—Google hands you the advantage of placing your mobile-friendly website above others. They want web visitors to have the best of experiences, so the best-performing sites are higher on search results. More traffic from google means more opportunities to make money online.

Mobi First

Mobile First Websites: Making them Fast with MobiFirst

MobiFirst is a leading mobile site builder which leverages Mobile First technology to create web pages. If you’re familiar with website builders, you’ll know they follow the same process— design the web page for the desktop screen, adjust it to fit well enough for a tablet. Then you can adjust it further, so it fits well to be viewed on a mobile phone. When people say a website is mobile-friendly that process defines it.

However, MobiFirst flips the process. The phone is first of all setup, and the elements come in to fit perfectly well on bigger screens. You save time, and you get an outstanding result at the end of it all. 

Benefits of using MobiFirst

  • Your website won’t drag if it was built using MobiFirst. The benefits are numerous; you’ll even get an improved site load speed. The Google search advantage comes to play for site built via MobiFirst.
  • The security of MobiFirst is watertight—it is a close source platform. It is different from the open source site builders out here, like WordPress which requires constant updates and a high-security level. But the truth is it is still penetrable. With only a one-time fee, you can build as many sites as you wish.
  • MobiFirst brings in a lot of features that are not common with others. The design flexibility is impressive alongside the several website templates that are perfect for customization and can suit any website you intend to build from scratch to finish. Beginners to intermediate designers can leverage CSS editing.
  • MobiFirst uses the widget in site development. There are several widgets to use, so choose the one that best fits your content, and it is as easy as it gets. Call it the new WP plugin—but without hassles of compatibility. You can never complain while using it.
  • You’ll get a fast editing process—it pushes a lot of routine activities to the side. There is nothing like saving changes, re-editing them, re-saving, and so much more. It is easy to clone webpages, website—even several parts of webpages are not exempted, as you can put them side-by-side to compare. Before publishing, you’ll be able to see the outcome on phone, tablet, and desktop.
  • There are two options you can take advantage of with MF—Personal or Commercial. With the commercial, you’ll have to make do with a one-time fee that puts freedom into your hands; you build as many websites as you like—you can even host them on the platform for a non-recurring fee.

Other benefits:

Detect Content Automatically

This fantastic feature is perfect to showcase content that is specific for a particular device. Once you have the content ready, MF automatically detects the device and shows it the way it should appear.

Comes with eCommerce Capabilities

If you have an eCommerce store, then you can enable a widget that allows you to start selling directly from MobiFirst. You’re not restricted by product limit or bandwidth. You can incorporate Paypal and Stripe for payment. You’ll be able to leverage information such as record sales, invoices, etc.

Customization and Style

Get high customization for your website in all areas— from backgrounds, headers, footers, custom CSS, to the font, etc. Even if you’re far into the design of your site, MF allows you to change theme yet retain your entire work.

The array of Mobile Themes

You have an abundance of website themes—over 70 themes—across different niches and you can customize them as much as you want.

Plenty of Widgets to Choose from

With MobiFirst, you can customize the widget to suit the design you want as the website builder explore the modular concept of widgets. You can get enough options to design your site and also its functionality. We are open to suggestion as regards a new element to be included to our site builder.

Cloning of Widgets

Duplicating of content and designs is an easy feat. Create sections of websites and use later by saving them and cloning the widget, that way, they’re always available on another of your MF site.

Clone Sites with Ease

There is so much you can do with MF, and cloning of the whole sites is not excluded and also creating a new theme too. You can create unlimited sites through the various means with excellent loading speed.

Constant Updates

Because we want the user to have a seamless experience, we embrace updates to improve on features and deliver excellent design value and enhance the building process. We always welcome new ideas to make our service better, so keep them coming.

Wide Array of Languages

Building a website in multiple languages is easy and fun. This feature is available in English, French, Italian, and German. There are several languages to be added soon.

SEO Capabilities

The pages feature SEO capabilities. You can play around with the pages like hiding them for the search engines to see. You can include titles and descriptions for Meta SEO, as well as Open Graph –perfect for social media.


This comes as easy as hitting a button. Customize with Ease an entire blog.

More Capabilities:

  • Cutting edge WP Style Templates with different types of customization
  • Various background options for mobile and desktop
  • HTTPS enabled
  • Well Secure and DDOS Protection backed up on different servers
  • The platform is a closed source
  • Fastest Load Speeds
  • Images are mobile optimized to enhance fast load times
  • Social Media Links
  • Mobile and desktop feature Call to Action Buttons
  • Leverages Mobile First Approach
  • Autoresponder built-in features and Autoresponder Integrations
  • Practical and insightful Training Videos
  • (Closed Captions Available)
  • Download and Share Your Sites
  • Various Analytics–Facebook Pixels, Referral Tracking, and Google Analytics
  • Pixabay Image Library Built-in
  • Geo Map Widget
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Video Placement Holders
  • Sites are password protected.
  • Sales pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Build Unlimited Page Websites

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