Is HGH Safe to Use For Anti Aging?


Growth hormone therapy is not new. Legal, FDA approved synthetic-HGH drugs have been in use to treat hormone deficiency in adults and children and muscle wasting in HIV+ patients since 1980s. In recent years, the rise of anti-aging clinics in the country has led to the rise of many women in search of the ultimate fountain-of-youth treatment. This is a series of off-label HGH injections reportedly capable of erasing years from your face and taking off inches from your body. It is, however, illegal to use it for anti-aging in the U.S. This is according to Rocio Sala-Whalen.

Case study

HGH Injections

The treatment, which can cost up to $1,000 per month, works by bringing back levels of human growth hormone to how they were when younger. Once we enter the middle age, the pituitary produces less of it, making it difficult to hold on to muscle mass and easier to pile on the pounds. Once injected, synthetic HGH can help to reverse those changes. For more on HGH benefits go here!

There is a long and scary list of possible side effects. Patients may suffer from excessive joint and water retention issues and also enlarged hands and foreheads. It may also increase the risk of cancer. Richard Firshein cautions that growth hormones stimulate all your body cells and you may not want to promote the growth of cancer cells.

According to Paul Jarrod Frank, once the medication is stopped, the body starts making less of the natural hormone. This can make the patient worse than they were.

Habib Sadeghi agrees that if HGH is taken for elective purposes, it could backfire.

Many people still refuse to heed to the doctors’ warnings. There are dodgy clinics in Mexico and Costa Rica where the drugs are readily available and inexpensive. There are also upscale practitioners in L.A. who sell it. Erika Schwartz suggests that wealthy people take the drug unequivocally.

A better solution?

Some doctors claim that there is a new type of anti-aging drugs that are safer that HGH and produce same benefits. Theses synthetic injectable peptides increase the body’s natural growth hormone production. They include ipamorelin and tesamorelin. They are a bit more affordable.

Researchers Josh Trutt and Erica Walters claimed to have been using them on patients for the previous two years with good results. Heather Wyse from Manhattan said that she felt more energized immediately Trutt put her on the peptides.


There are other ways of getting the body to produce more growth hormones naturally. This is as opposed to using a lot of money on whittling your waistline. High-intensity interval training, strength training and even laughing can boost growth hormone levels. You can also use  supplements such as Genf20 Plus that contain L-arginine and L-glutamine.

HGH is not the only hormone women should put focus on if they want to feel and look good. Progesterone, estrogen and testosterone need to be balanced.


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