Fiverr Affiliate Program Review: Should you Join?


Fiverr is among the most significant online outsourcing websites in the world when it comes to online freelance platforms. This marketplace online was founded in 2010 by Shai Wininger and also Micha Kaufman.  Users online who are in need of Graphic artists, IT tech support, blog writing, video editing, etc. finds their way to fiver to look for them and it is no surprise why Fiverr choose to introduce an affiliate program so to help in promoting the services been offered.

Fiverr Affiliate Program
Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr what it is?

Fiverr is among the world’s top marketplaces for rendering services and you can afford to get a job completed for you for as low as 5 dollars, hence the name.  Freelancers across the globe make use of the site to render various services to customers internationally from illustrations, funny introduction videos, logos, business cards, user tests, and voice-overs.

Fiverr as a giant is more than a freelancer market which elevates offers short classes as well as exclusive discounts for organizations at every stage. However, it provides business software for proposals creation, contracting, invoicing, and expense, tracking time and reporting.

Fiverr features a small catalogue of online courses starting from 19 dollars. The ClearVoice enables companies to create great content by initiating the process of content production inline with a talented pool of creators.

Fiverr Pro is a batch of top quality, hand-picked professionals and also verified who are trusted by the biggest brands in the word. Pro freelancers experienced application processes that are extensive and only one per cent of applicants are accepted.

Fiverr Affiliate Program & How Does It Work?

Fiverr Affiliate Program enables Fiverr clients to refer other individuals to Fiverr and acquire a reward for simply doing that. You send them a connection that guides them to Fiverr, which tracks if the referrals make a request for some Fiverr assistance. The framework consequently recognizes the order as your referral, and you get paid some measure of cash for promoting the administrations accessible on Fiverr.

Fiverr’s affiliate program is worldwide, which implies that they acknowledge traffic from all nations, and they utilize the ever-solid HasOffer’s for their following stage. It is one of the few affiliate programs that have gotten me excited this year, and it ought to be both fun as well as rewarding to promote. Their affiliate program is here and affiliates are starting already to crush it.

For those of you who don’t have the foggiest idea, Fiverr is a commercial center that enables anybody to purchase or sell administrations or “gigs” as they call them, for $5. Propelled in 2010, Fiverr has been a raving success and is one of the most prominent classified boards in the world.

As a matter of fact, individuals appear to cherish Fiverr, and a selected number of members have been overwhelming Fiverr’s new affiliate program. The size of Fiverr’s affiliate potential is enormous, and a few individuals are as of now making 5,000 dollars per day.

Fiverr’s affiliate program works this way. Refer another client (somebody who purchases a service for 5 dollars), and you get paid. That is it! Payouts go from 7 to 17 dollars depending on the nature of your traffic. In any case, you get paid more than 5 dollars when somebody buys just 5 dollars 😉

What I adore about Fiver is that the points to promote Fiverr are endless. Since all the services on Fiverr cost 5 dollars only, you can make some truly convincing promotions and drill down some laser targeting.

Fiverr Why Is it Like An Affiliate Network

Before we get into Fiverr affiliate program excessively, we should discuss what Fiverr brings to the table first. Fiverr is an online independent website which unites consultants from around the globe either full time or in their free time work on projects for customers from across the world.

The site is like an affiliate network because you can sign up to one portal as well as simultaneously get access to different products and services to promote.

Fiverr attracts either two types of users: Clients and Freelancers

Clients: If you are somebody who needs work done and need to locate a specialist to do it for you, at that point you would join as a customer. By then, you would have the option to post jobs for consultants to apply for. As a customer, the items can be hit and miss, yet it relies upon what you’re searching for, and what level of value you want.

Freelancers: If you have a particular skill and you are searching for some jobs that are part time or full time work to do, you need to join as a freelancer. The kind of services that Fiverr offer is extensive.

Here is an overview of services that you can either work or hire freelancers for:

 Digital marketing, graphics design, video and animation, writing and translation, music and audio, programming and tech, Business, Fun and Lifestyle.

Regardless of what you need assistance with; Fiverr will have a few choices accessible for you. You can likewise take a look at their advisers for assistance to get you indicated on the correct way kick off your business and going the correct way including structuring your logo, constructing your site, improving your internet based life nearness, and so forth.

Fiverr gigs tend to be a low cost, hence the name “Five”-RR. Low cost items could in any cases make you money, but it is much better to promote high ticket items to your traffic.


When you sign up as an offshoot on Fiverr, you will immediately get your affiliate link to add to your website and your blog. It is only the equivalent with some other affiliate programs. Your links will then be tracked, and Fiverr would know when a client arrives at their site through your work. The commission they pay relies upon the rate determined by Fiverr according to different administrations.

Fiverr can be very liberal, paying commission for referrals going from 15 to 150 dollars. The huge rate can be earned when somebody buys a pro plan from them.

Fiverr Affiliate programs, There are three types including:

Direct – this is a self-facilitated affiliate program that can be enjoyed by joining directly from the Fiverr site.

Through Hosting Network – Hosting systems additionally make provision of affiliate programs. But you stand a chance to get a better offer when you sign up legitimately with Fiverr, in addition to it’s free.

Sub Affiliate Program – This is the place you can refer others to join Fiverr as sub-affiliates. Although, you will get 10 percent of each commission your referred person make. This gives you a wellspring of repeating pay.

On the Fiverr Affiliate Program it procure a level rate Commission Per Action (CPA), implying that once a customer does a particular activity, you get a commission. As such, when you refer new customers to Fiverr services and they effectively purchased, you will gain a one-time installment after the individual completed their order for that specific service. This strategy for marketing is more helpful for organizations more than it is valuable for subsidiaries.

The following list demonstrates the Commission Per Action (CPA) depending on various categories on the Fiverr affiliate program.


Explainer Videos & Whiteboard: 50 dollars

Modeling & Animated Characters: 40 dollars

Music & Lyric Videos: 30 dollars

Testimonials & Spokespersons: 25 dollars


Research & Summaries: 40 dollars

Creative Writing: 25 dollars


Word Press: 25 dollars

Website Builders & CMS: 40 dollars

Web Programming: 25 dollars

E-commerce: 25 dollars


Presentation Design: 30 dollars

3D & 2D Models: 30 dollars

Web & Mobile Design: $30


Online Private Lessons: 30 dollars


Local Listings: 25 dollars

All other sub-categories not mentioned above are priced at 15 dollars.

You should take note of this is a one-time commission for new customers only and it is not repeatable for any customer. Likewise, clients who have made earlier purchase on Fiverr don’t get you a commission.

Compared with other market place online affiliate pay rates, the commission structure offered by Fiverr is fantastic.

Fiverr Affiliate Benefits

Most extreme Earnings

Get paid for each first-time purchaser with no referral limit and a lifetime attribution

Expert Support

Access professional help, instructional exercises and a committed Affiliate supervisor

Dashboards that is intuitive

Simple to-utilize dashboards to dispatch, oversee and screen crusades

Imaginative Resources

An arrangement of high-performing imaginative advantages to assist you promote


Freelancing is bit by bit turning into an enormous industry, and more work is being done online rather than the standard physical office setting. In this way the Fiverr Affiliate Program is an incredible market to get into.

Fiverr is known worldwide by numerous individuals, so getting individuals to visit your links and purchase services on Fiverr isn’t that difficult.

The level rate commissions are not too bad.

Fiverr offers huge amounts of services for various specialties/ventures. Subsequently there is a great deal of gigs to browse. From nourishment, travel, hospitality to marketing digitally and different organizations like music and advert, you can choose which can offer best to a great many people today.

The commission isn’t evaluated dependent on the cost of the order, which means there is a standard rate to pursue regardless of whether the purchase cost is least, as 5 dollars. Obviously, there is a detriment to this as well, say for instance, when assistance is worth 500 dollars, however you get just 15 dollars.

The User Interface is direct, so it will be easy for you to deal with your member account.

There’s a database of blog materials like info- graphics and standards you can use for promoting.


This program doesn’t permit gaining of repeating commissions. You’ll possibly get if your client is new.

In spite of the fact that they have assets for promoting, their subsidiary gateway doesn’t have adequate devices, for example, modified URLs and flags, which may promote Fiverr’s services better.

While level rate commissions are average like I referenced, it tends to baffle when the purchase made is costly.

Although Fiverr is an awesome source of services, there are yet some who can glance through their strict review and only give crappy services.

The Fiverr Affiliate Program, How to Join

As the giant marketplace it is specifically a portal, where you will find many freelancers who are willing to provide you exceptional services at a cost.

At this giant market place, you will find services online such as content writer, web designing, Facebook pager artists, SEO executive, WordPress developers, and many more.

Steps on how to join the Fiverr affiliate program and some pro tips to maximize your affiliate earnings.

Step 1: Visit the Registration page of Fiverr Affiliate then fill the form as shown:-

Make use of your original and valid e-mail ensure you add your Skype id, this will enable you link your affiliate manager more easily.

Ensure you fill the details correctly then click on reCAPTCHA to verify then Click on the button to submit.

At this point your application will now be reviewed depending on the situation and some cases you may get direct approval but in some situation you don’t. Do not worry, they are not very hard on blogs, and they get it approved very quickly.

Moreover, to join Fiverr as an affiliate, you are required to have a relevant blog or website that is dedicated to providing tips on online services.

Step 2: now it’s time for you to add affiliate links on your website If you have been approved for Fiverr affiliates,:-

Sign in to your dashboard and Go to the Menu, locate marketing tools option and then click on the default link option. The window will display to you the default link you can as well use to drive visitors to Fiverr.

Ensure you click on the account settings and update your PayPal or Payoneer account to ensure you receive your payments without any issue.

Pro Tip

With a link cloaking plugin always remember to cloak your affiliate link. We also suggest ThirstyAffiliates plugin as well for link cloaking and management.

When the whole procedures have been completed, it’s then time for you to earn money.

Five tips to help you perform better

  1. It is advisable to link maximum services you can. For example, link to Fiverr rather than a company.
  2. Connect your writing skills. You can also use Fiverr to link an article to give credit to a paid writer at Fiverr.
  3. Suggest people take professional help.
  4. Write a Review about Fiverr to attract a large number of people.
  5. Make a mega list of services so that people can get what they are looking for more quickly.


Is Fiverr worth joining? Can you make $2,000 a month as an affiliate?  Definitely you can and more. Fiverr is the giant market leader with a significant and rewarding affiliate program. Nonetheless, thousands of good services to promote, which produces numerous promotional opportunities. It pays a reasonable and satisfactory commission rates and performance incentives are made available for high-volume affiliates.


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