ProExtender Review – Can it Really Increase Penis Size?


Is ProExtender System Just What You Need For Penis Enlargement?

When it comes to issues affecting the privates, people tend to be more sensitive about them. You don’t discuss such with just about anyone – they’re embarrassing, you may say. ProExtender seeks to help deal with one such issue: smaller than normal penis.

Proextender Review

This system comes across like a popular one as well – you may have noticed that already in your searches. But popularity may not always translate to efficacy. Let’s help you with this review to determine if this is an ideal choice.

What is The ProExtender System?

ProExtender is a system that plays on a method that involves the use of traction to achieve bigger penis size. The technique makes the most of the body cells’ ability to expand from stretching of tissue. It has been argued by some that traction devices, such as the one here, offer the only “reasonable” means for penis enlargement.

The ProExtender device is the result of brainwork by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana. The Danish plastic surgeon developed the first model in 1994. Since then, the device has gone on to rise in popularity and is now recommended by physicians in 29 countries, according to the manufacturer.

You will find in the system components from the stable of Albion Nutraceuticals and Dana Medic. In addition to the device, you get quality male enhancement supplements.

Solution to Peyronie’s

The ProExtender System isn’t merely for increasing penis size and girth. It is also for dealing with a condition known as Peyronie’s disease. This basically describes a curved or bent penis. It causes the organ to have a “U”, “J” or another shape that makes intercourse painful, awkward or impossible.

Penile curvature surgery is usually the final resort for Peyronie’s when other options have failed. But this doesn’t always help and can worsen things. For instance, the popular Nesbit procedure may cause your penis to become even shorter. This means surgeries may have undesirable side effects as well, including loss of function.

This is why the ProExtender System is marketed as a better choice for Peyronie’s. Consistent traction helps to deal with scar tissue buildup that causes the penis to have a curved appearance. The device is supposedly free of side effects.

Proextender Clinically Proven To Increase Penis Size

From the look of things, the ProExtender System is not one of those that are merely based on theories and assumptions. You can find on an official website the results of a clinical study that involved its usage.

The results of the study were presented at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in 1998. Subjects of the trial were 18 men aged 23-47 years. It was found that 1,100 hours of traction force caused average length of the penis, when erect, to increase by 1.1 inches. The improvement was 0.75 inches for flaccid penis.

There were no reports of complications from the trial.

How to Get the Best Out of ProExtender System?

You can improve the efficacy of this system by also using supplements that are known to enhance penile health. Some men are said to get better results by taking vitamin E while using penile traction devices, especially for Peyronie’s. Potassium aminobenzoate, also known as potaba, is another proven supplement.

VigRX Plus is yet another supplement that is thought to enhance results. This popular herbal male enhancement product is known more as a safer alternative to Viagra and similar ED drugs.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

As with any other product, the time it will take to see improvement from using ProExtender System will vary. The promise is that you should notice this within six months of use. There are some “Before and After” pictures online showing the quality of result you can look forward to.

In addition to male enhancement supplements such as Vigrx Plus, Provacyl and Genf20 Plus you may boost the efficacy of ProExtender System by also doing certain penis exercises. These include kegels, jelqing and penile stretching.

Proextender Guarantee

In case you’re concerned about wasting your money on this one, you don’t have to. This is because the maker of ProExtender System offers you 100% money back guarantee that is good for six months! You get enough time to see if this can really help your situation.

You actually have up to 187 days, which is over six months, to return the product if you’re not satisfied. The company making it says it’s so confident that you are going to like it. This is why it could allow such long time to test risk-free.

However, you need to note that each customer can get refund only once. That’s fair enough, though.

The ProExtender System looks like one to help if you are in search of a good natural remedy for a tiny or curved penis. We can say the clinical trial makes the product look more credible. Plus, there is a 187-day money back guarantee to put your mind at rest on possibility of losing your money.


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