Provacyl Review – Could Provacyl Be the Cure for Male Andropause?


Andropause In Men

The general belief that only women go through the hormonal deficient stage with age, also known as menopause is a widespread misconception. The fact is men go through a very similar hormone deficient stage with age, termed andropause. With very few people aware about andropause, the need to spread the awareness regarding andropause, its health effects and the methods to overcome it is essential.Provacyl

Testosterone and Growth Hormone are both essential for normal growth and metabolism. After a certain age, men produce lesser amounts of the much needed HGH and testosterone. The hormone deficiencies result in reduced libido; increased fat deposition and difficulty maintaining muscle mass. In addition to this, it also results in accelerated signs of aging.

Markets have addressed this issue with testosterone and HGH supplements, which have found to be beneficial to older men suffering from declining testosterone levels. A highly efficient HGH supplement, Provacyl allows older individuals to live with same energy as a 20 year old. Made with 100% natural ingredients, provacyl contains amino acids, nutrients and herbal extracts that have the capacity to reverse many aging signs.

What are the ingredients in Provacyl?

With the perfect combination of active anti-aging ingredients, provacyl is being increasingly popular as an effective treatment for andropause. Its ingredients include:

Amino acids:

L Glutamine

L Glutamine is an essential amino acid that plays an important role in protein synthesis. Apart from its main function of protein synthesis, it is also required for lipid synthesis, regulating acid-base balance, activating immune system etc. Due to its role in protein synthesis, it is a crucial amino acid for muscle growth and maintenance. Although the body naturally produces L glutamine, during stress such as heavy weight lifting exercises our body demands a higher amount of L glutamine. Therefore, to fulfill the L glutamine demand, L glutamine needs to be supplemented via oral intake of food or supplements.

L Tyrosine

L tyrosine is one of the non-essential amino acid with an important role in protein synthesis. Additionally, scientists believe L Tyrosine increases neurotransmitters level, which may improve memory and cognitive function.

L Arginine

L arginine is a semi-essential amino acid in humans. It can be synthesized within the human body, however the synthesized amount is not enough in people seeking to gain muscle strength. It has a multi functional role in the human body with each function being crucial for a healthy physical status. It has crucial roles in cellular division, immune system function and wound healing. Its role in muscle growth, fat burning and increasing overall stamina has made it a must ingredient in all protein and HGH supplements.

L Ornithine

Research findings have found L Ornithine supplementation relieved muscle fatigue after exercise. It does so by enhancing energy consumption efficacy and promoting ammonia excretion. Some researchers believe L ornithine may be effective to boost HGH levels when used in combination with other amino acids.

L Lysine

Lysine being an amino acid plays an important role in protein synthesis, which obviously implicates its importance in the process of muscle growth and development. In addition to this, it also is essential in other biological processes such as calcium regulation and lipid metabolism.

L Glycine

L lysine is a proteinogenic amino acid that acts as a precursor to proteins. It is particularly significant in collagen formation as collagen is composed of approximately 35% L lysine. Collagen is extremely important for wound healing as well as anti-aging.

GABA analogues

Provacyl Ingredients
Provacyl Ingredients

Gamma-Aminobutryic Acid or GABA is a neurotransmitter, which has inhibitory functions and its primary role is reducing neuronal excitation. Additionally, it plays a direct role in the regulation and maintenance of muscle tone. As a supplement, the analogues increase the GABA amount available in the human body. This results in a relaxing effect along with an anti-convulsive and anti-anxiety effect. A study showed GABA injected into the brain had stimulatory effects on growth hormone levels in some individuals. Another study found oral intake of GABA to increase HGH levels in humans.

Phosphatidyl Choline

Extracted in its purest form from Lecithin, Phosphatidyl choline functions as an emulsifier and enhances nutrient absorption contained in GenF20 plus. It also aids in emulsification of fat deposits, thus aiding in the primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver disease, psychological issues, gallstones etc.

Pituitary Anterior Powder

Composed of fresh bovine pituitary extract, pituitary powder contains pituitary hormones that stimulate increased production of pituitary hormones via HGH. It may also have some anti-aging effects due to its ability to increase HGH production.

Vitamin supplements

Vitamin B6: Its role in the central nervous system in the production of neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine make it a valuable ingredient of Provacyl.

Vitamin D3: An essential Vitamin for calcium deposition and maintaining bone mineral density, Vitamin D3 can be crucial in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Vitamin K2: Some studies have reported improvement in bone mineral density and arterial health with Vitamin K2 supplements.

Herbal Extracts

  • Muira Pauma
  • Chaste Berry
  • Acai
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Panax Ginseng

Who should take Provacyl Pills?

Aging is an inevitable part of life, and all men eventually suffer from decreasing HGH and testosterone levels. However, the rapidly progressing signs of aging resulting from declining hormone levels can be overcome with the aid of Provacyl HGH supplement. Therefore, HGH supplement is recommended to all older men who wish to live a more youthful life even at an older age.

Benefits seen with regular Provacyl use

By increasing the production of testosterone and HGH levels in the body, Provacyl can be a highly effective anti-aging supplement. Some of the benefits that can be achieved with Provacyl are:

  • Increased sexual drive
  • Enhanced energy
  • Anti-aging effects

Provacyl Side Effects

Due to its 100% natural ingredients, provacyl is extremely safe with minimal side effects in contrast to testosterone or HGH injections. Regular Provacyl intake can be highly beneficial when taken in the recommended dosage. Combinig Provacyl with daily exercise and a healthy diet can generate wonders for your health.


What is male andropause?

Testosterone is the male sex hormone that is responsible for the sexual drive and functionality in men. After age 45, testosterone levels gradually begin to decline, which reduces sexual desire and libido with detrimental effects on the physical and mental wellbeing of older men. This phenomenon is termed as male andropause.

How does provacyl treat male andropause?

Provacyl does not supply the body with testosterone directly, instead it stimulate the male gonads and pituitary gland to enhance the production of androgens even at an older age.

How fast and effective is Provacyl?

With regular intake of provacyl, clients can expect to see improvements in their physical, mental and sexual health within 30 days. However, its effects are not permanent and it needs to be taken as long as its health benefits are desired.


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