Crazy Bulk Winsol: Is It a Dependable Alternative To Winstrol?


Winsol is one of those so-called legal steroids. It is a product that is intended to give you the benefits of illegal steroids without the issues associated to the latter’s use.

Being a product of Crazy Bulk, Winsol has mostly positive reviews. This company is known for quality bodybuilding and fitness supplements. But should you believe all the great things you might have heard about it? Our review should help you answer that.Winsol

What Is Winsol?

Crazy Bulk says Winsol is a legal and safe alternative to the steroid Stanozolol. You are more likely to know this banned bodybuilding substance under the brand name Winstrol.

The steroid is well known for promoting explosive performance. Professional bodybuilders use it during cutting cycles for visible lean muscle mass and well-ripped body.

What’s the relevance of Winsol then when you can just use the same steroids some pros use? You may ask.

Winstrol, like many other steroids, do give rise to unpleasant side effects. It could, for instance, lead to sleep problems, ankle swelling, and changes in sexual desire.

Featuring a blend of natural ingredients, Winsol offers a safer alternative to the potent steroid. It aims to mimic the effects of the latter with its organic formula. Interestingly, it is suitable for both male and female users.

Who Should Consider Winsol?

Crazy Bulk proposes using this supplement for tremendous boost in performance. It actually promises “herculean strength and superhuman performance.” Winsol may be for you if those sound like what you need.

The ultimate aim is obviously to give you a body you can be proud of. You get a promise of well sculpted body you will be eager to show off in public places.

The benefits you can expect to enjoy from Winsol, according to its maker, include:

  • Loss of body fat
  • Retention of lean muscle mass
  • Explosive strength
  • Super endurance
  • Improvement in speed, agility and power
  • Better vascularity

These are benefits that will certainly entice many people. It may then be assumed that Winsol is for everyone.

But for you to truly find this beneficial for that ripped body, you must be ready to do regular workouts. A suitable diet is also required. Do not expect anything spectacular if you cannot take these steps.

How Does It Work?

Crazy Bulk didn’t say exactly how Winsol works to deliver the benefits of Winstrol. It merely described the supplement as being capable of producing massive strength and superb performance as the steroid. A closer look at the ingredients, which we do below, should give a better idea.

Winsol will make you stronger and faster, according to its manufacturer. It cuts body fat and help retain lean, hard muscle. The company says there is no problem of water retention.

Winsol Ingredients

Product label reveals the following as the active ingredients in Winsol:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Wild yam root
  • Choline bitartrate
  • DMAE
  • Safflower oil powder (linoleic acid 25mg)

Let’s examine the purposes some of these ingredients serve.

Acetyl L-Carnitine – Having highest amount in Winsol, this acetylated form of L-Carnitine helps to promote that cut, ripped body. It is believed to help you shred body fat by causing your body to use it for energy. This ensures lean muscle is preserved.

Acetyl L-Carnitine is also thought to improve androgen receptors in the body. This matters the most because of how it amplifies the effects of testosterone. This can get you ripped faster.

Wild yam root – Winsol contains 100 mg of this ingredient. It is a great source of diosgenin. This chemical can be transformed into different types of steroids. It is a precursor to DHEA and estrogen.

Diosgenin matters more in this case with regard to DHEA. This is one of the steroids with the highest circulating amounts in the body. It is thought to help with muscle growth, sex drive, and anti-aging, among other benefits. DHEA prevents muscle loss during cutting.

Although the body produces DHEA naturally, levels drop as people get older. This is where taking supplements, such as Winsol, can be of use. It may even help increase your testosterone levels.

Choline bitartrate – Here is another ingredient that helps to prevent fat from accumulating in your body, promoting visible muscle growth. Choline bitartrate produces a lipolytic effect on the body, making your body to use fat as fuel.

It is thought that the ingredient may promote muscle function during intense workouts.

Safflower oil powder – You may have seen this one in products offered for weight loss. It has several benefits, but it appears to be gaining traction more for its usefulness in dealing with belly fat. Bodybuilders may therefore find it helpful during their cutting cycles.

Directions For Use

Winsol is one of those Crazy Bulk supplements that require you taking three capsules each day. You are to use it with water when having your main meal of the day.

Aim to use the supplement for at least two months for significant improvement. Crazy Bulk advises you to take a break of one and half weeks after every two months of use.

You need to combine Winsol usage with regular workouts and a proper, healthy diet for maximum results.

You can stack Winsol with Anvarol, Clenbutrol and Trenorol for “crazy results,” according to its maker.

Does Winsol Work?

This supplement shows signs that it can potentially help when trying to sculpt an awesome body. The ingredients it contains give room for optimism – at least, based on what they are supposed to do.

There are also positive reviews attributed to users who got significant results. It appears those who take Winsol as part of a stack got better results.


Crazy Bulk sells a bottle of Winsol for $61.99. This price might appear a bit on the high side. But that shouldn’t really be an issue, if you find the product indeed beneficial.

However, there is room for saving some money on your order when you buy in bulk. You get the third-month supply free when you pay for two bottles!

These price and discount are available only on the official Crazy Bulk website. That is the advisable place to buy when you are interested in getting only genuine product.


Overall, Winsol is a product you can find useful during your cutting cycle. It could help you get that great, ripped beach body. The supplement is a decent alternative to Winstrol when you want something legal and with little or no side effects. But do not expect the efficacy to be on the same level with that of the steroid.

The product features natural ingredients, which make it a safer option. It does not require a doctor’s prescription or use of needles. This can help you get the most out of the efforts you put into workouts and maintaining a healthy diet.




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