Choosing a Good Domain Name to Launch Your Site


Day 3 Objective:

Choosing a Good Domain Name to Launch Your Site

  1. Know the Search term and Phrases in your Niche Market

Domain NamesIt is vital to be conversant with the phrases and keyword people are searching for to reach products and services by using Google Keyword Planner to your advantage. Using keywords and phrases create your domain name. You’ll have to put into consideration the part of the word you choose that is frequently searched.

  1. Ensure Niche Keyword Appears in your Domain Name

When you include niche keyword in your domain name—the search engines love it real good—it will immediately alert searchers what your site is all about. Whether the keywords appear at the beginning or the end, it does not matter as much as I know; what matters is to include it somewhere in the domain name.

  1. By all Means go for a Name carries so much weight. It is natural for people to end whatever keyword they typed into the search bar with a Finding a name is not easy but very possible. You’ll have to put in the necessary work to find one that best suits you.

  1. Ensure you go for a Short Domain Name

You might say, “what about your domain?” “It is long while advice others to do the opposite.” Let me add that there are few that don’t go with short domain structure. My domain name gives searchers an idea of what they will expect on my site. The rule of thumb is to go for a short domain name.

  1. Go for Names that Narrow down your Topic.

Going for a broad domain name for your site may be like shooting yourself in the foot. Don’t choose a broad domain, somewhat narrow down and be specific, so searchers have a clear idea of what you’re doing. That will perfectly position you to make money in your sub-niche.

  1. Never use Hyphen, Number or any Unique Character

The truth is people will always have problems including special characters when they’re searching for a specific site. That will work against you if you include them; more so, they do not rank well on the SERPs. You’ll benefit a great deal when people type your website with ease. 

  1. Let your Domain be simple to spell

Imagine having a complex domain. How do you think people will type it in the search bar? You’ll lose potential customers if you make it difficult for people to find your site. Finding your website should come with ease the first time.

  1. Using Copyright Names or Brands is against the Law

Avoid copyright infringement. Using a brand name of an affiliate product or service could get you into trouble. Never go that route; it is illegal. If you’re not sure about a name, seek clarification by contacting the company. Better still, use trademark to get you informed.

  1. Avoid Going with the Domain Name Trend

You want your website to last the test of time, so why go with the trend? It will not be beneficiary to you. Yes, the trend may work well at some point, but experience has it that trends come and they go—even though some last longer than the other. Google is smart, and they’ll have it thrown away, and you’ll biting fingers. Never follow the trend when it comes to domain name selection.

These tips are easy to follow, and they will help you get started on your affiliate journey . One school of thought says, don’t go with the flow; do the exact opposite. That way, you’ll stand out of the crowd and be unique. Soon enough, others will want to copy your exact strategy since it is working for you. The journey has just begun.

Step 3 – Part 2: Launching Your Domain and Affiliate Website

Buying your domain is a very simple process, even launching your affiliate website. To make things easy for you, I have put together a step-by-step tutorial to get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

There are not technicalities associated with the process, so relax and watch the video. I have practically used this method to launch so many websites from start to finish without any prior experience. And I trust you’ll also do the same.

For a clear understanding, there are screenshots attached to each process. Don’t be confused if the screenshots are slightly different from the actual process—there could be an update. But the flow will still be the same.

Day 3 – Step 2 Objectives:

Start Your Affiliate Marketing Website:

3 Simple Steps:

  1. Acquire Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Initiate the process of personalizing it

Step #1: Acquire   Domain and Hosting Account

To get your hosting account, click Bluehost. You’ll have a great experience using Bluehost, and you don’t need any technical knowledge by the way.

Follow this link and get a discount from Bluehost. Click on the big green button as seen below. A new tab will open, and you can always come back to continue the building of your affiliate site.

Right in front of your screen is a page with plan selection. Go with the Starter plan since you still a beginner, and it is the cheapest; the upgrade may come later. With the Starter plan, you can get started.

  • Hosting
  • Domain Name
  • Email Account for Your New Site

Have it at the back of our mind that the billing is annual; you’ll be saving some bucks rather than the usual monthly payment.

By hitting the green Select button, you’ll be lead to the domain page and that’s where it all starts.

In part one; you had the benefit of choosing the perfect domain— short and not difficult to spell—for your affiliate business. And lest I forget, you can transfer your registered domain from another company to Bluehost. All for free and get an additional one year of registration included on the current term.

Even if the domain you intend to use has been taken, not to worry, you can always go with a different one. With that out of the way, click on the Next button, which leads you to the account info page which is here

There are several services you can go with. You can return to this part later; they’re as follows

  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • Site Backup Pro
  • Search Engine Jumpstart
  • SiteLock Security

After making payment for the package, you’ll be required to choose a password

At this juncture, Step 1 is done and dusted.

Step #2 Your WordPress Setup

Your next stop is to select either Business or Personal for designation of your site

Click the blue Launch button:

It’s time to give the site a title and description. For instance, your Title could be “Trending Fashion across Europe.” While description is “Selection of Trending Fashion styles Across Europe

On the final stretch, log into your new website, and you’re good to go.

The final step is personalizing the site. Set it up and make it yours. But that concludes step 3; we’ll have to continue tomorrow

The next lesson teaches customization of your website

Step 4: Setting up Your Affiliate Website

At this point, we are gradually getting closer to the end of this training, and thanks for coming this far. You’re on track!



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