More Information Has Been Disclosed on Facebook’s Video Streaming Portal Box


There are already rumors that Facebook is preparing a new portal device, which broadcasts multimedia content to the TV, and the new report completes some details on the gadget, which will be published before the end of the year.

Facebook Portal
Facebook Portal

Sources that turn to Variety have confirmed that the multimedia streaming device is already on the move, which does not have its own screen, but connects to the largest in the living room.

The original Facebook portal and Portal+ devices have focused on audio and video calls via the Facebook platform, and the new box is expected to add additional features while retaining the original features.

Image and sound

Third-party content such as Netflix and Disney can be combined into a central interface, called Variety, using perhaps the same approach as the Oculus TV application that works on Facebook’s  virtual reality headset.

Depending on the source, It may be supplied with its own built-in speakers, so you don’t have to depend on the speakers built into your TV.

Finally, the augmented reality filters – such as those available on Facebook Messenger and on the original devices of the portal – are going to be included again which should improve the attractiveness at least for children.

Now, it seems certain that more and more of the portal’s equipment comes from Facebook – and no matter what form it takes, it should be ready for the Christmas shopping season.


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