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How to Make Money During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Affiliate Marketing Future
Our lives have been disrupted by the global pandemic in more ways than we can ever imagine. Everywhere, millions of people have become jobless and those that haven't are forced to work from home under a mandatory quarantine indefinitely. With the state of the world...

Resources for Your Business to Stay up and Running During the Pandemic

2019 Coronavirus Epidemic
The Coronavirus has now hit most parts of the world. Aside from health, businesses are suffering too. If your business has been unfortunately affected by this pandemic, here is a list of resources that can help you. Monetary Support for Businesses Main Street Business Lending &...

Airbnb Review: How to Make Money by Renting Your Home

Planning a trip is quite difficult, especially when you cannot afford to waste all the money in the world on food, accommodation and the activities you plan to do. Many people find out that they cannot travel as much as they want to. This is...

Dakhla, From a Military Post to a Kitesurfing Paradise

Kitesurfing Dakhla Morocco
Niche tourism has developed around kitesurfing and is now attracting a rich clientele of all nationalities to this area that is still waiting for the resolution of its international status. In the lagoon of Dakhla, in the heart of the Sahara, it is teeming with...

How to Overcome Past Failures and Embrace the Future

Failure is part of life. It is inevitable, but failure is only a loss if nothing is learned from it. Most entrepreneurs have failed in their lives - some more seriously than others. But those who make it to the top only do so...

Tips on How You Can Make Faster and Better Decisions

Making Decisions
Your success is largely determined by the choices you make. So why aren't more people equipped with useful decision-making skills? Learn how to improve your decision making skills and watch your business grow. When it comes to making a decision, the ideal solution rarely...