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Police Launch Concerted Attack Against DAESH’s Online Propaganda

The police from eleven European countries, in cooperation with Europol, have carried out a global cyber-attack on around 26,000 accounts, websites and communication channels of the illegal group DAESH, and their online propaganda has been severely affected, Europol announced on Monday. The operation took place...

Tips That Vaping Companies Should Do to Protect Themselves

In the aftermath of the vaping crisis, it is important for companies in the vaping niche to know how can survive the imminent onslaught of coming lawsuits. The biggest event in the marijuana industry this year was the health crisis, in which hundreds of Americans...

The State’s Antitrust Investigation of Google Could Be Extended to Android

Google Android
U.S. state Attorneys general investigating Google's advertising practices are considering extending their investigation for abuse of dominant position to the group's main Android mobile operating system, said CNBC Thursday, citing sources close to the case. The investigation, which began in September by 48 US states,...

18 Year Old Man Dies from Vaping in Belgium

An 18-year-old man died of respiratory problems. "The investigation must continue to determine the exact circumstances of this death," said the authorities. This is the first case in Belgium: an 18-year-old man died in Belgium from a respiratory problem attributed by the authorities to vaping...

Researchers Discover New Method to Potentially Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Scientists at Weill Cornell Medicine and the New York-Presbyterian have demonstrated how a protein may help address a major problem involved in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. According to an estimate, roughly 30 million people in America live with diabetes. The Type 2 variant...

China Ends Boycott of American Poultry

On Thursday, Chinese customs announced the immediate lifting of the ban on poultry imports from the United States, which came into force in January 2015 due to an outbreak of avian influenza. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce announced the measure at the end of October....

China: Trade War with the US Weighs on Industry

China Decline
China experienced a stronger than expected slowdown in industrial production in October because of slowed global and domestic demand as a result of the prolonged trade war with the United States. Official statistics released on Thursday also show that other sectors are getting hurt, with...

After Apple and Facebook Google Also Wants to Offer Banking Services

Google Pay
The financial world is important to Silicon Valley. While Apple recently caused controversy with its Apple Card on social networks for discrimination against women, the Wall Street journal reports that Google's will take advantage of this opening to announce its new banking services. Google's checking...

The Who Just Prequalified the First Ebola Vaccine

Merck Maker of Ervebo Ebola vaccine
Ervebo, a vaccine produced by Merck an American company, meets the standards of the specialized UN agency for quality and safety. This decision paves the way for its use in high-risk countries. On Tuesday, the World Health Organization (WHO) prequalified the Ebola vaccine used to...

Penis Enlargement Surgery Found to Be a Complete Scam

Proextender Review
There should be no doubt that Penis enlargement surgery is generally ineffective and can be harmful to men mentally and physically, according to a new study. The analysis, published in Sexual Medicine Reviews, gives an overview of 17 studies that evaluated 21 different types of...