Tips on How You Can Make Faster and Better Decisions


Your success is largely determined by the choices you make. So why aren’t more people equipped with useful decision-making skills? Learn how to improve your decision making skills and watch your business grow. When it comes to making a decision, the ideal solution rarely exists. But that doesn’t stop many people from wasting too much efforts trying to reach the best decisions. While it’s important to be careful an obsession with decisions can have a big impact on your time and emotional energy.

Making Decisions
Making Decisions

Putting off an important decision simply slows you down and makes you anxious – in the end, the decision still awaits you. Don’t make it too complicated! Take responsibility for this decision. Instead of waiting for the moons, stars and planets to align, move on!

One of the best ways to make quicker decisions is the Quick Step approach. Imagine that you only have a few minutes to make an important decision. Review everything quickly, including the problem, objectives, consequences and risk tolerance. Then compare them to the overall benefits and outcomes of the actions taken. Do it in a few minutes. Don’t get into the details and don’t worry about the fact that everything is perfect. This can help you write a preliminary design of the elements on a sheet of paper. Work on the individual parts of the decision to see the possible outcomes more clearly. Once you have a sketch, you can come back later to tie up all the loose ends at specific points. It is often a pleasant surprise to discover that the Quick Step approach helps you make better decisions more quickly.

Work on speeding up the process of making small decisions to free up time for big decisions. When you make good business decisions quickly, you have a significant advantage over those who make decisions over a long period of time. If you need a little more time to make complex decisions, schedule a short deadline. A short delay only gives you enough time to make sure the decision is correct before it is implemented as an action plan.

How to hang up

Of course, there will be times when you can’t decide. You may not know where to start because of an obstacle that is bothering you. Another time, despite analyzing your decision, you still can’t make up your mind.

If this happens, don’t forget to focus on the facts. Don’t let your emotions get in the way! Successful people recognize when their emotions are at involved and can weigh decisions as objectively and rationally as possible. Remember that every decision you make comes down to focusing on your vision and goals. Every time you make a difficult decision, think about the one that supports your vision. Here are some tips to help you make better decisions:

Stop the cycle of perfectionism. Instead of seeking impossible perfection, you’ll often have to take the first leap without having all the answers. Then trust that you are on the right track.

Find a solution to your decision-making problem by asking the person you trust. Once you’ve shared the information and brainstormed, you’ll be able to make contacts you’ve never seen before. Choose your counselors wisely to help you make decisions that go beyond your experience level.

Learn to turn off your overactive mind for a while. Often your insight can come when you least expect it. By keeping your mind still, you can switch to a new thinking process that will lead to a different outcome.

If your decisions are wrong, admit it, correct the mistake and move on. Even making the wrong decision will help you learn something. And if you admit to yourself and others that you were wrong, you will gain respect for being humble, honest and truthful.

Don’t try to solve the problem, just decide. One decision can help solve a problem, but not every problem can be solved by making a decision. Instead, decision making is often based on intuition rather than excessive analysis. The solution is often a gut reaction or what appears to be the right decision.

Just trust your intuition.

Psychologists define intuition as a process that allows us to know something directly, without analytical reasoning, and that fills the gap between the conscious and unconscious part of our mind, and between instinct and reason. This is an automatic, effortless feeling that often motivates us to act when we make decisions. Intuition is confidence in the sum total of your subconscious experiences. It is based on everything you have experienced in all the years of your life, which means it is constantly growing and evolving, just like you.

Some scientists have come to call your instinct or intuition the other brain. Like your conscious mind, your gut absorbs and reacts to information. You know how it feels to have an empty stomach when weighing decisions. It’s your gut that speaks to you loud and clear. But can it really compare to your conscious mind? Yes! Your instinct and intuition cannot compare to the mind alone – they compete with it!

Intuition is also the result of many processes that take place in the brain. Research suggests that the brain is a great predictive machine that constantly compares incoming sensory information and current experiences with stored knowledge and memories of past experiences to predict what will happen next.

It may surprise you that intuition is a conscious skill that you can learn to develop. Start by paying more attention to it. Once mastered, it can be used in many situations, from developing a plan of action to making quick decisions under pressure. When you have a question to answer or a decision to make, trust your intuition. You can disappoint yourself with limiting thoughts, but your intuition will never disappoint you. Learn to take advantage of it and trust it more!

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