The Original Home of Modern Man Is in Northern Botswana According to Study


In the north of Botswana Where the Okavango River gets lost in the sand of the Kalahari is apparently where all Homo sapiens originated from.


We are all Homo sapiens, descended from African ancestors who wandered sometime in history to colonize the planet. But where did these ancestors live before they left? A research team found the answer: in Botswana. Their study is published in the renowned journal Nature.

Is Botswana, the home of modern man? It seems so, according to this research team. To be able to come to this conclusion, they used genetics. DNA can indeed preserve the traces of migrations of our ancestors.

The researchers concentrated their tests on the populations currently living in Namibia and South Africa. This is no coincidence: this region of Africa has long been regarded as the cradle of modern man.

These tests then showed the presence of very old sequences in the DNA of these people, who are so old that they are actually traces of the first Homo sapiens. That was 200,000 years ago.

Through further research, the researchers were able to find out who our common ancestor who was an old Khoisan from hunter-gatherer tribe that still live today.

200,000 years ago, they lived in a large area south of the Zambezi River, which covers much of modern Botswana. They stayed there for 70,000 years, but the climate began to transform this then humid and fertile region into a desert Рthe Kalahari of today Рthat forced our ancestors to move.  According to the study all of us, all over the world descend from this migration.


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