Plastic Surgery: Young People Increasingly Addicted to Botox


The use of Botox exploded among young Americans, who would develop an addictive relationship with the product, according to one researcher.

Cosmetic Surgery
Cosmetic Surgery

Botox addiction

Addiction seems unusual but is slowly taking hold of American society, according to the work of a University of Louisiana researcher who is publishing a book on the phenomenon, Botox Nation: Changing the Face of America.

Dana Berkowitz, a researcher specializing in gender studies, has recovered data from the American Society of Cosmetic Surgery. The figures show the growing popularity of this product, which promises eternal youth.

The number of women aged 19-34 who have had Botox injections has increased by 41 percent since 2011, according to these data. Men are no exception to this trend as they now account for 10% of all users.

According to the researcher, who has used Botox in the past, an addictive relationship is developing among this population, linked to the false promises made about the product being sold as beneficial, healthy and able to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

“The problem is that Botox only works for four to six months. Once the lines reappear, you have to see a dermatologist again,” she says in the columns of The Observer. A spiral of desires, disappointment, frustration and withdrawal sets in. One woman interviewed by the researcher used the metaphor of crack to describe her relationship with Botox.

Lifetime users

The researcher directly blames American dermatologists, who are supposed to over-promote Botox, especially targeting young women. In doing so, “doctors are trying to make consumers for life.

The consequences of this addiction can be serious. Botox is derived from the botulinum toxin, a lethal nerve agent, “one of the most deadly in the world,” she says. The cosmetic drug was approved in 2002 in the United States; since then, 11 million Americans have received a Botox treatment, for about $500 per session.


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