Paris and Berlin Want to Promote Local Cloud Players

France and Germany want local cloud companies to accelerate their development so they can compete with giants like Amazon and Microsoft says a statement released Tuesday. Europeans are increasingly concerned about managing sensitive data and fear they may be spied on.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

According to a Tuesday’s statement published in Reuters France and Germany want local cloud players to accelerate their development so they can compete with giants like Amazon and Microsoft.

Europeans are increasingly concerned about the management of sensitive data and fear that it will be spied on.

Amazon’s cloud division won a $600 million contract with the CIA, while Microsoft won a $10 billion contract with the Pentagon.

“We want to create a secure and sovereign European data infrastructure in local data storage centers and also develop data interoperability,” said French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire.

His German counterpart Peter Altmaier, also quoted in the statement, spoke of the need to regain “digital sovereignty”.


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