Orgasms Last Six Seconds for Men and Twenty Seconds for Women


One in two people is deprived of orgasms and I’d like to understand why! Only one thing is certain: it’s a shame. However, between modesty and ignorance, the subject of pleasure and orgasm remains difficult to evoke, even within the couple.

Happy Couple
Happy Couple

Frequent Sex Can Reduce the Risk of Early Menopause in Women

To talk about orgasms is to talk about the end of the sexual act. And it is always a shame to comment on a film from the end. But you’re dealing with an audience that doesn’t always see the end and would like to understand why.

What’s an orgasm?

Orgasm is the paroxysm of sexual pleasure, it is the conclusion, in general, of coitus, a set of muscular contractions for both sexes to which one must add ejaculation for the man.

Can everyone reach orgasm

In theory, yes but in reality 40% of women do not reach orgasm every time they have sex and yet they say they are satisfied with their sexuality. On the other hand, in men, unless they have erection problems or special health problems, all men reach orgasm, usually at the moment of ejaculation.

From a physiological point of view, are orgasms exactly the same for men and women?

It seems so, according to experts, but it is not easy to measure. It is said, however, that women enjoy orgasms up to 8 times more intensely than men.  Although it is said that sometimes women come to orgasm less often.

Is intensity the only difference?

No, if a woman’s orgasm seems to be more intense, apparently it lasts longer too. There are several studies that have been published on the subject. In men, the orgasm lasts on average 6 seconds while in women, this intense pleasure lasts about 20 seconds.

Well, that’s no secret: women have greater potential for multiple orgasms than men.  For men however after ejaculation and orgasm, the party usually ends, while in women after an orgasm, there may be more in a short period of time.

 Are orgasms therapeutic?

Orgasms cause the release of endorphins, substances that have a powerful relaxing power. So, for the worried, the stressed, there is nothing like a little love and sex, of course. And I might add, it’s also good for the insomniacs.

Orgasms and Cardiovascular health

Generally having sex and climaxing at the end is not dangerous to one’s health but still for men who may have serious heart problems to where they are not allowed to take medications such as Viagra talking to their doctor is a must.

Are orgasms dangerous for pregnant women?

Women often refrain from having sex during pregnancy. It must be said loud and clear nowadays, and doctors are unanimous, that making love when both partners are healthy during pregnancy can only do both of them good.

Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD)

There’s what’s called Persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD). It’s extremely rare. For example, there is the story of an English nurse who had to endure over 100 orgasms a day as a result of a head injury from a car accident. A real ordeal for this woman, who can no longer lead a normal life, because without any kind of sexual stimulation, she has orgasms at any time of the day.

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